Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a house upon thee!

Hi there!  Welcome to the real reason I started this blog.  I want to keep a detailed account as my hubby and I plow through the adventure of building our forever home together. 

Forever home?  I sound like a rescue dog.  Oh wait...Here's OUR rescue dog, Eddie!

Anyway, Philly built houses back in another lifetime, plus he just naturally has an engineering brain.  Thank goodness.  Me...not so much.

The house we live in now was quasi-custom built for us.  I say quasi- because it's basically a spec house on steroids.  Our neighborhood consists of roughly 5 or 6 basic floorplans that our very own Mr. Potter rearranges and dresses in varying shades of vinyl siding.

We needed a suitable home for our family of five where our kids could grow up and then, of course, out.  We chose to build a split-foyer since it was the most economical way of getting the square footage we needed.  We added a bit here and there to the basic plan and picked out some of our own furnishings.  The whole process was somewhat overwhelming, but came together fairly quickly.

We knew this would only be a temporary home, since we both wanted to grow old and crustified in a one-story.  Fewer stairs to push him down.  Oh wait...we're building a basement too...

Well, 14 years later, the kids have all disappeared (really...I don't know where they went!), and after years of planning and saving, we're finally taking the plunge.

Philly and I designed our new home all by ourselves!  (Well, we DID have some help from some design software...).  Here are some basic preliminary shots.

The front:

The rear:

And a dollhouse view (that's a really weird pergola in the back):

And the floorplan:

And the room I'm soooooo excited about.  My kitchen!  I can't wait to cook here!

The software we purchased is called Home Designer Architectural 2014, and it is a total Rockasaurus Rex.  We never could have gotten it right without it.

Do you like my design?

And we've only scratched the surface of its capabilities.  I'm still totally playing around with the interior finishings.

Stay tuned for updates, because ground-breaking will be coming (hopefully) soon!

Damn Groundhog... 



  1. I may have to have you design our house some day. :)

  2. Very cool--love the dollhouse view. I'll look forward to the pictures of the groundbreaking. Of course our first day of spring up here is bringing 5 inches of snow.

    An Anonymous Michigan PhD

    1. Well, Dr. Anonymous, we don't have snow here, but we did have 20-degree, super-windy conditions here. Yuck. Still, I prefer that to snow. :)

  3. how exciting! good for you guys! and does that look like a fabulous kitchen.

    1. Thanks! We have plans for a very energy-efficient home and will be doing most of the work ourselves to save our pennies!


  4. Oh, this is such an exciting project! I had already followed, but I'm going to suscribe by email to be sure not to miss one post! I can't wait to see how the new house will be!


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