Wednesday, August 31, 2016

get drunk and paint a picture night

Do you have those paint-and-drink studios where you live? You know, where you can have an artist walk you through the steps of creating a masterpiece, all while imbibing your favorite tasty alcoholic beverage? My daughter calls this the "get-drunk-and-paint-a-picture thing."

She's a girl after my own heart.

Meet Emma. I love this picture of us. She doesn't always dress up in leopard spandex with pink and green sprouts in her hair, although she should. In fact, I like the look so much, I think I'll run out and get my own similar combo.

This picture was after her unforgettable performance as Paulette in Legally Blonde this summer.

She. Was. Awesome.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

checkerboard accent table


If you'd warned me you were coming, I would have put on a bra.

Quite a few of you told me recently that you'd gone back and read some of my very early posts. Let me tell you the pain and humiliation I'm feeling right now.

I'm feeling pain and humiliation right now.

True confession: When I started this blog, I had never read a blog. I didn't follow blogs. I had no idea what a blog was, beyond the fact it was a "web log," which eventually became known as a "blog."

I wanted to document the building of our new home, and I knew if I didn't do it electronically, it was never going to happen. I am not a scrapbooker. That would require organizational (and artsificational) skills beyond my ken. Therefore, I took tentative steps into the unknown and breathed life into delusions. (As a side note, this little slice of heaven just had its fourth bloggiversary!)

I posted some projects to get my feet wet and learn the ropes. One of my earliest furniture makeovers is still one of my favorites. This sassy accent table lives right next to my sofa, which, in turn, lives right behind my Neurotic Buffet.

The original post makes me cringe. Thankfully, it hasn't received much attention or adulation. The original post blew chunks. But I feel this table deserves a second chance at notoriety. Won't you help a table out?

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Friday, August 19, 2016

i like big decks and i cannot lie {part one}

Well, hello there!

I thought I'd catch you up on Phil's Summer 2016 project:

The $437,000 Deck

I may be exaggerating a wee bit, but it certainly has been pricey. Perhaps we would have gone with a more conservative plan had we realized how much of our kids' inheritance we were going to be spending.

Maybe something like this:

That would have been totally affordable. 
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Sunday, August 7, 2016

DIY wedding date sign


I have a fun little project today that will segue (at a later date) into a larger project that's been in the works for several months. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, m'kay?

Right now it's all about Adversity Day. Because it's today! 

Today marks seventeen years of Phil and Andi avoiding death at each other's hands. If you missed my other Adversity Day posts, you can see them here and here and here!

Remember when I stole a bunch of rough-sawn cedar from our neighbor and we made amazing things out of it? Like our Pot Farm? And our DIY Headboard? And our Trellis of all Time?

We still have scads left over, and since neither Phil nor I can ever remember when or why we got married, I thought I'd make us a little sign to mark that blessed event.

At least it will remind us of when we got married, if not why.

Phil cut four boards and used his Kreg jig to screw them together. I slapped together some type I liked and printed it out. I'm pretty sure I got the date right. I sure hope so, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of the project, and this blog post can go straight into the "fail" column.

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