Thursday, August 29, 2013

#^%#@*$ wood doors!! {delusional rant #2}

Long post.  Short fuse.  Read on.

For those of you who have been playing along for a while, you know hubby and I are very involved in building a new shack.  A home of our own design.  Now folks...that's pressure.  Sometimes it makes us a little crazy about with each other.

In fact, there have been times that Philly has mentioned in passing that he's afraid I'm going to lace his food with arsenic.

I would never do that.

Because he sometimes shares his food with our Schnauzer (Eddie) and I would never do anything to hurt my dog.

And this isn't Flowers in the Attic.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

living room {the farewell tour part 5}

In the beginning, there was the super-sexy builder-white paint.

And a countrified couch and chair.

The best I could come up with was some Christmas stuff.

I have no recollection of that lamp in the corner.  We're going to say that Philly brought that to the party.

I carried the watermelon.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

holy crappiversary!

I just realized it's my bloggerversary.

Or would that be bloggadversity?

Mr. Sandman is systematically ripping away layers of my eyelids so I'll make it quick.

Happy one year to me.

Now I have a celebration to blame all those chocolate chip cookies on.

I love all of you I've met along the way and thanks so much for finding me interesting enough to stick with me!

Well, except those of you who dumped me.  I don't love you quite so much.  But thank goodness I don't have a high-school mentality.

I'll try and come up with something better for next year.

Good night, and happy blogging!


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Saturday, August 17, 2013

she's a brick - - - - house

Mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out...

I'm having nightmares about the exterior of our house looking like crap.  Perhaps I'm drinking too much wine.  Or not enough.

Definitely not enough.  

A few posts back I alluded to the fact that the brick is up on the house, but I didn't show you any pictures.

Magali at The Little White House accused me of being a tease.

Yep.  That's me.  I'm a brick tease. 

Here's my bird-shit brick.  You like? 

Here's the info.  Kasten K05 Flint Rock.  Basic every-day mortar.  Here's the site:


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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

how to cut insulations batts and shove staples in your knee

I'm not an expert.  I don't even play one on TV.  And this isn't a very good tutorial but there is some trauma and hilarity involved.

So if you're even the tiniest bit squeamish, I give you fair warning.

Anyway!  Philly's kind of a genius and he got me all set up to be useful.  I like being useful.  It makes me feel...useful.

We're working on stapling up insulation.  That means I cut and Philly staples.  It also means that I get sweaty and stinky and covered in fiberglass.

I did learn a few things though.

It's MUCH easier to cut insulation with the fluffy side up and the kraft-paper side down.

First, Philly screwed down a piece of OSB right onto our existing subfloor.  That's pretty darn cool.  I wouldn't recommend doing this on your current living room floor.  You might end up having to buy a new floor.  Of course, if you're looking for an excuse to get a new floor, then by all means, proceed.

The pieces needed to be forget how long exactly, but we measured that, marked it on the board, then lined up the mark with the subfloor seams. 

Like this:

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

celebrating adversity



Difficulties; misfortune.

misfortune - disaster - distress - calamity - hardship

I never really understood why people celebrate their adversities.  It seems like such a strange thing.  But we get dressed up, go out to a fabulous restaurant, drink some wine, and maybe even get a little...uh...amorphous.

Well, Philly and I have officially had 14 adversities as of today. 

It sure feels like way more than that.  Like 15 at least.

Philly was so thrilled to be married.  Again.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

family room {the farewell tour part 4}

Oh, this room.

It was the boy cave.

The dumping ground.

The room I wished never existed.

I don't have any great pictures to share, but here goes.  

I think this was our first Christmas in this house.  We had the whole fam damily over.

See the ugly gray breaker box on the right-hand side?  Remember that.  I will magically make it disappear momentarily.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

please push in my stool {and some visitors}

I have IBD, so yes, that IS a little potty humor for those of you who recognized it as such.

For the rest of us, I got some stools!  My friend Pam (you know...Chair Fairy Pam) saw an ad in the classifieds and immediately investigated for me.  That woman can spend other people's money like nobody's business.

So I got 4 stools for $50.  They didn't exactly fall off the Amish buggy or anything, but they're in like-new condition and have a pretty cool design.  And it was $50 for all four.  Did I mention that?

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