Sunday, November 9, 2014

master bath update {pottery-barn-inspired medicine cabinets}

We've lived here pert' near a year and I'm already moving my stuff into the master bath!  Amazing!

The delay is totally my fault.  We could have slapped mirrors up over the sinks, but I have the visual acuity of a mole, which means my face has to be right up to the mirror in order to see.  And my back isn't as limber as it was when I was 12.  I find it an inconvenience to bend way over to see my face just to apply makeup in an attempt to remove hide 10 years of my life.  In short, I need a mirror that will at least meet me partway.  Thus, medicine cabinets.

And I wanted "us" to learn how to make things out of wood. 

I really really liked this Pottery Barn medicine cabinet:


I really really didn't like the regular price of $449.  The sale price of $349 wasn't very comforting either, especially since we needed 2 of them.

Do you remember where we left off in the bathroom?

You can see some earlier master bath updates ==>HERE and ==>HERE.

But this is what the sink/vanity wall has been looking like (I cleaned up the dirt and hairs first).

We started the medicine cabinet project a long time ago so I don't know the exact amount we ended up spending.  It wasn't much.

And I did a horrible job of documenting the building of the cabinets, so there's no tutorial.  I do have one in-progress shot though.  Impressive, no?

We bought select pine boards from the Home Depot for the frames, birch plywood for the backs, and some 1/4" pieces of oak for the shelves.  I think we spent around $65 for all the wood and I stained everything in General Finishes Antique Walnut.

Phil put everything together with the Kreg Jig because I cast a spell on him and made him buy one.  ;) 

The mirrors came from Hobby Lobby.  With the 40% coupon, I think they were $9 each.  I also bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby for $5 for the pair.

All in all, we spent less than $100 on both cabinets.

Here they are!

Wow.  It's a face.  You see it too, don't you....

Why are they stained instead of painted to match the cabinets?  Well, let me first take a moment to thank me for asking.

I wanted to add some warm wood tones to the bathroom since everything else so far is white or gray and a little chilly.

And let's face it.  I always have the option of painting them if I really want to.  But I don't.  Yet.

But I did have some fun with the back of the mirror.  It started out that ugly gray back-of-mirror color.  Philly was the one who suggested we dress it up.  He wanted white contact paper.

So I did this (remember my backsplash stencil nightmare?).  This time the stencil project came out much better.

Not only did he not freak out, he actually wanted me to the same to the mirror in his cabinet!

What do I keep in my cabinet?  Don't grab the wrong one.  You'll be sorry.

Yes, that's vodka in the lower left.

It IS a medicine cabinet.

And a little finishing touch:

If you missed what that was all about, you can read about it HERE.

After all his hard work, Philly has definitely earned the ANGEL towel.

For now.


  1. I see a beautiful gray in the future for the liquor cabinets....I mean, medicine cabinets. Can't go wrong with GRAY.....and I am not letting you inside my house when/if you get down here. We'll meet at Lowe's. They think I live there anyway.

  2. Doesn't everyone have vodka in their cabinets? Geez, some people.

    So glad you mentioned the Kreg jig, I got one for Fisherman last year and he's yet to take it out of the box. Thinks it's a 'contraption'. Of course, he's completely forgetting about all the times he's tried to put two items together that ended up looking like a five year old had at it.

    I get what you mean about the cabinets being wood. I kinda like it and yes, if you get tired of it, grab a brush and go crazy.

    Oh already are. 😁

  3. This whole remodel has been brilliant and these "liquor and lube" cabinets are wonderful. Beautifully done and such perfection in the accessories! Yeah, let Philly be the angel for a little while. He did good. They became awesome when you painted the inside, Andi Banandi. Love!

  4. Ack! "Liquor and lube"! That's hilarious!! Do love your cabinets.....and of course the towels! Nice job, kiddo.

  5. Oh they look so bloody good, I like the look of them.....................wouldn't mind those towels either

    1. Oh, you said bloody. I bloody love it when you say bloody.

  6. Your bathroom has SO much freaking storage!!! Oh, I am jealous!! And, those cabinets are beautiful, you saved so much money! I actually purchased a basket shelf wall shelf from PB for our Master Bath and it was not cheap! Your husband is awesome for building TWO of those. My hubby is handy, but it takes a lot of begging for me to get him to 'make' me stuff. :) And, hahaha. Gotta love what is in your cabinet, now what is in Phil's?? haha!!

  7. Urrrmmm....that's a lot of lube and icy hot you got in the cabinet, girl. I am thinking they go in this, lube then icy hot. You're so naughty!!! I love the natural wood combined with painted wood and grey. Def. warms things up, not that it looks like you need help warming things up. ;) ;) ;)

  8. Oh my gosh, how you never cease to surprise (and entertain) me! Love the cabinets and they really do add a touch of warmth to the space. Yes I saw the face...funny and I love rugs you have in there. Looks like you have the perfect date night all set to go in your cabinet and now I must go read about the towels...can't believe I missed a post! XOXO

  9. Hmmm...I think you should do a tutorial about the INSIDE of the cabinets.

  10. Well now you have everyone interested in what you do with the contents of those cabinets! LOL! They are beautiful and you sure saved yourself enough bucks to buy more icy hot, lube and vodka! Tina's towels are the bomb!!

  11. Wow, great job on the medicine cabinet! I also have the vision of a mole, but I use one of those round stand mirrors so I can bring it right up to my face! We're also working on a master bath renovation, not a big one, but just enough for me to not hate the room ;)

  12. vodka in the medicine cabinet? I am not even going to ask...

    I love that you stained them, it does warm the room up rather nicely! Good job!!

  13. Isn't there a little too much information there?!? I share the same problem as you as for the distance to the mirror and I'm trying to find a witty solution for when I remodel the bathroom... Might steal your idea! I think there should be a touch of wood in every room, so this is perfect!

  14. OMG you are hilarious Andi......I mean Angel! Cheers to the vodka!

  15. BTW I LOVE your medicine cabinets! Excellent job.

  16. These look awesome Andi! The wood does warm up the bathroom! Nicely done!

  17. LOL! I have to use a magnified makeup mirror to get ready in the morning. I'd hate to think what I'd look like if I didn't. Your cabinets turned out great!

  18. I DOOOOO see the face. Knob eyes. That's now your new name, Knob Eyes. And the cabinets look wonderful, and I was impressed you put a backing in them, I probably would of used the wall, and the mirror back, well you set a trend on that one, excellent idea.

  19. Umm Philly really earned his wings with that one, absolutely gorgeous!! My mum gave me her old embroidery machine, think I've found my first project....

  20. I have been living with the same inadequate bathroom for 30 years, so what is a year for getting what you want?

    That silver on the back of mirrors needs to be covered with something a little more sturdy than paint. If it gets scratched, the "mirror" is scraped off and the front of the mirror will have a place that no longer reflects. A really thin piece of wood would be best to back the cabinet and cover the mirror. However, paint is better than leaving the back unprotected.

    This is a beautiful bathroom!

  21. I love them!!! Yes, you can always paint them but I think they look fabulous in the mix of elements! Wood, tile etc. The knobs are perfect too. Looking great Andi!! xo

  22. Oh my! The transformation is just simply amazing. I love the look of the pair of medicine cabinets and your mix of colors. The vulgar displays of affection, as exemplified by your bath towels, are just adorable and sweet. Hahaha! Thank you for sharing that update! Wishing you guys all the love and happiness in the world!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass

  23. Awesome cabinets! I love how you stock your medicine cab! You are too funny!!!!

  24. Stalking again on this post Andi to wish you a Happy Gobble Gobble day!


  25. That shithead towel would be a great gift to a few people I know.

  26. Are you alright? I'm a little worried when you don't regularly make me laugh!

  27. LOVE the cabinets! And the towels! Just stumbled upon your site - educational and delightfully hysterical! Thank you!!


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