Sunday, January 25, 2015

nights at my round table

Greetings fellow dragon slayers!

I have been totally antisocial lately, which is not a great quality in a blogger.  I won't try and make excuses because excuses are BS.  I'm owning my misanthropic behavior.

So, let's forget my dereliction of duty and move forward, for crying in your beer cheese soup.

I've been searching for an end table to reside next to the sofa and the Butter Chair.  It couldn't be a piece with an unfinished (or hairy) back, since it will be seen from all sides (not up against a wall).

My Jeep was on autopilot the other month and we ended up at the Goodwill.  My Spidey senses started tingling immediately and I walked straight up to this beauty and promptly shat myself.

It was in amazing condition, and the old price of $10 was scratched off and it was marked down to $5.

Seriously?  $5 for all this walnutty goodness????

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