Thursday, January 23, 2014

hey! you! get off of my chair!

My friend Pam gave me 2 of her ditch treasures.  A cute little pair of wooden chairs she was longing to get out of her basement.

Phil was ecstatic.

Originally I thought I'd sand and stain the seats and paint the frames, but upon inspection, Philly realized the "water damage" to one chair was really from cat pee.

Thanks Pam!  :)  I love cat pee.

He discovered this when taking the belt sander to the seat to remove the yuck.  It was evident in the smell.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

the benefits of being an a$$hole

I was an asshole twice last week.  No, no...I can admit it.  You know what Philly got for his birthday?  Convinced to buy me a laptop.  Am I a great wife, or what?

Then I was super-lucky and won a giveaway.  I'm a lucky asshole.

The lovely MOV over at Mothers of Brothers Blog was giving away her book.  I discovered MOV via Marianne at We Band of Mothers, (who I discovered via Kirby at Kirb Appeal) on the same fortuitous day. 

When MOV said she was giving away her book, I "ass"umed she meant Epic Mom, which she co-wrote with Marianne.  I have no idea why I assumed that.  Wait.  Epic Mom shows up at the top of her blog page.  Okay, I'm going with that excuse.  I think she was actually giving away Mom's Had A Rough Day.

But I gushed on about how I love both her and Marianne and can't wait to read more from both of them.

Here's the envelope they arrived in:

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

dirt is the new clean

I figured I'd better brave the basement and write a post.  Phil's birthday is on Tuesday and I know he still hasn't ordered me a new laptop yet. So here goes.

Dear Dyson,

My new floor is beautiful, but it's a maintenance rhinoceros.  I realize once we've finished constructing, have grass in the yard instead of La Brea Tar Pits, and stop having mud wrestling matches in the family room, the dirt situation will improve.

Look.  I can draw sand hearts on my floor.  It's just like being on the beach.

No it's not. 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

liar, liar, my pants are a blazing inferno

I've been playing Sudoku instead of blogging because it's cold in the basement where I create my blog sensations.  

Right between the freezer and the furnace.

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