Sunday, February 22, 2015

onward, kitchen soldiers! {mighty morphin power range hood!}

I wouldn't blame Phil if he locked me in the basement forever.  I've insisted demanded sweet-talked my way into all kinds of fun gadgets he's never heard of or ever cared to install.

One of these gadgets is my Mighty Morphin Power Range Hood.

And I have my own Power Ranger to install it.  Isn't he sexy??  Yep, this is my Philly!

And because I don't like to be shown up a whole lot, this is was me.

He was moving a lot faster than I was.  In fact, I don't appear to be moving at all. 


Phil has been measuring, reading useless instructions, and cursing quite a bit.  He's been throwing out all these technical terms like "molly," "stud," "blocking," and "shim."

Occasionally I'll glom onto one of these terms.  Poor Phil.  He says "shim" and I instantly start to serenade him with, "Shim-shimminy, Shim-shimminy, Shim-Shim, Sharoo...."

He is not amused.

Thankfully, I am!  And that's all that counts.

Nothin' sexier than a man on a countertop.  Except, perhaps, a man doing dishes. 

The tile is completely grouted (Silverado unsanded by TEC, purchased at Menards), and sealed.  I'm now free to splash chili, spaghetti, and projectile vomit (it could happen) on my tile sans worries.

And let me say that sponging the grout off the tiles was the Shittiest.  Work.  Ever.  I totally get why people keep illegals.

Dropping followers in 3 - 2 - 1....

Of course, we most likely could have saved ourselves some trouble if we'd grouted and sponged in phases.  Not these gluttons for punishment.  Philly started packing in the grout, and about halfway through, I started sponging.  Neither of us imagined how long it would take to sponge the grout off, or how freaking hard the grout would get so freaking fast.  I wore off 2 complete fingerprints and my shoulders are permanently hunched.

what hump?
So, here's the range hood going up in stages:

And finally...

Stainless steel and glass are so sexy. 

Sexy is the word of the day in case you were wondering.

He had all the measuring and anchoring in place before the tiling began, so it was quite magical when the time came to hang it on the wall.

Magical and sexy.

And here's your BONUS for the day.  Do you remember this post, and do you know what this is?

Why, it was the fitting for another gadget that made Philly question my sanity.

My pot filler in action!

And here's the wall put together (so far).  See those holes in the tile?  Those are by design and will be addressed in a future post.

Coming up on Kitchen Soldiers!:

Pot Farm!

Stay tuned....

(If you missed the backplash post, you can catch up HERE.)

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  1. I could seriously move right into your house, it's like you built it for me!!! That is the same hood that I wanted. :)

  2. I have seriously never seen a sexier range hood!! And, is that seriously Phil on the bike in the first photo? Dang! A man of many talents!

  3. That is one sexy range hood! Loved the step-by-step unveiling. And a pot filler--OMG! I am so jealous. Now you have me wondering what future goodie/goodies the four holes are for. You are going to have the most awesome kitchen go along with the awesome biker outfits. ;)

  4. First of all, you may not be moving in your bitchin' motorcycle pic, but you do look like the Black Power Ranger (that was its name I think...they were ever so creative).

    Oooh a pot filler. I bet that is awesome (like the rest of your sex-ay sex-ay kitchen!)

  5. You should have called me. I know lots of ilegals. We had a cleaning business, remembet? Of course you dont. No matter. What's done is done. Now you know for when you get tired of ceaning your sexy range hood. And we can loose followers together. All 3 of mine.

    (Looks fab!)

  6. Hmmm....I see a new feature in your future. Cooking with pot(s).
    Glad to see Philly is at home on the range.

  7. Damn it looks nice and that pot filler very nice indeed

    1. The pot filler works perfectly...I used it to make pasta that very same night. :)

  8. That hood is gorgerous...and, dare I say it? Sexy!!! You are so right! And you, all in black? On a motorcycle? You appear to be not only not moving, but INSIDE a house! Unless you have an insanely clean garage. I suppose that's possible. I remembered what the hole was for before you showed your pot filler!! Do I win a valuable prize??? Dona

    1. Hmmmm....valuable about the Ducatis?? Oh wait...we don't have them anymore. :/


  9. I remembered the pot filler, sort of. I knew it was a special gadget that had something to do with water. If Philly's Done Hooters locks you in the basement, I shall save you. For my perfect house in Maryland, I had a downdraft. It was nice. Very nice. Yeah. Super. I have to stop now before I cry because I lost my house forever and although I live in a cute little house where it doesn't snow, I miss the house of perfection. Stupid X.


  10. What a sexy hood! I'm wondering if Robin is jealous? And the pot filler, hot! Or maybe it delivers cold water to calm down all the sexiness?

  11. Well I am certainly impressed by it all girl! Mostly I'm impressed by that hot pic of you in the sleek leathers! Your hood is divine and your tiles are awesome. I'm insanely jealous of your pot filler...mine was one of the first things to go during the budget cut summit.

  12. I know the pain of cleaning of grout on tiles, it takes forever! But man does your backsplash area look fabulous!

  13. If you get rid of the other 8 fingerprints you can be incredibly successful with a life of crime. Just add a black outfit and a speedy getaway vehicle. Hmmmmm.

  14. OOH, it all looks so nice. I must tell you that I actually laughed out loud when I got to the "hump" photo!

  15. Stainless steel and glass put me in the mood, too. Back in 5. JOE????

  16. You got that right about nothing being sexier than a man doing dishes!! It looks fantastic and my hubby would be so jealous of your pot filler.

  17. Hi, Andi...came over from Janie J's site this afternoon, and loved your dialogue on the sexy man installing the hood and other sexy things. My daughter has one of those pot filler faucets in her new house. It's awesome!

    1. Thanks for coming over! I love Janie. :) And I love my pot filler, too!


  18. I so want a pot filler!!! I hate the exercise my arm muscles get when I have to heft my pots from the sink to the stove. Sigh. I now have two songs fighting for dominance in my head, "Onward kitchen soldiers, marching as to war, with the..." And "shim shiminy shim shiminy shim shim sharee" you are officially fired.

  19. That is a thing of pure beauty!!!! as is the pot filler...lucky!!!!

  20. SEXY !!!
    GORGEOUS !!!
    I'm so happy you went with it - I was one of the YES voters on this one - and it's on my list of things to do in my kitchen - perfection Andi - what a beautiful kitchen !

  21. Wow, it looks great! I have never seen a pot filler before but now I want one.


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