Tuesday, March 4, 2014

i can't believe it's not butter

Philly and I spent most of Saturday running around shopping.  This is not a normal pastime for us.

On a whim, Phil says, "Hey...let's run into the Lazyboy store!  I know you want to look for a recliner for me."

Me:  Okay.

We walk in and I immediately make a bee-line for the--you know--recliner section.

Phil: No no...we don't want one of those frumpy-looking, poofy, floofy, ugly, traditional, yet comfy rocker-recliners that will make me look like an old girly-man.  We want to find something stylish--like a club-style chair that doesn't look like a recliner, but is.

Me:  Oh.  Okay.

We walk and walk and walk and Phil is becoming exceedingly disappointed.  And then he spots it.  A gorgeous black leather recliner with nailhead trim.  It's perfect!

Me:  Wow.  $2000.  They're really proud of it.

Then Philly looks just a bit further and sees the exact chair in a very soft, buttery yellow leather!  He swoons!!  It's a closeout!  It's on major sale!  It's a major award!

Phil: And look at that gray fabric I set on there!  That's the color the new couch will be!  And the patterned fabric will be the pillows!

Me:  We can't buy that chair for you to sit in.  It's yellow.  What is that thing anyway?  Spiff of the month?  What's the name of the color?  Buttercup?

At this point the saleswoman explains the history of this chair (whose color is actually Butter).  A woman ordered it and paid well north of $3000 for it.  But the store screwed up and ordered it with the wrong nailhead trim, so they had to reorder it for her and put the original one on the floor to sell.

For waaaaaaay less.

Me:  See?  They can't give the turd away.

Phil:  Are you kidding me??  It's gorgeous!  It's their very best line of leather!  And I paid more for my extremely ugly orange leather Lazyboy recliner almost 20 years ago!  

Me:  That wasn't ugly.  That was a beautiful chair.  You can't sit in that yellow chair.

Phil:  Yes I can!  We don't have any friends anyway, so no one will ever see me in it so it doesn't matter that it's not a masculine color.  It's fabulous and I love it!  I want that chair.  And omigosh...can't you just see it in our family room with our beautiful dark floor and a soft gray sofa?  The room will be beautiful!

Me:  If you say so.

Since I love nothing more than to make Phil happy, I finally gave the nod to the saleswoman and she wrote it up.  Then Phil picked out the most incredible sofa to round out the experience.  We didn't want any poofy pillows for the dog to destroy, so we decided on this one with very clean lines.  We have to order it, so it will take a couple months before it's in.

It's called Dolce.  Because Philly's so sweet.

Now Phil wants to look for a different area rug for the family room.  We'll move the current one into our bedroom.  He's SO picky when it comes to area rugs.  Heck, I go for pretty much anything, even if it's hideous and tacky, but he thinks he has better taste.

But here's Phil's new chair!  And he LOVES it!  It's called the Dane Low Profile Recliner.  I'm sure I'll have a napping picture soon.  :)

*****I may have inadvertently gotten the Andi/Phil actions and dialogue bassackwards.  You be the judge.*****


  1. I think it's beautiful!! The color seems neutral to me...and on major sale. Score!

  2. Okay as I was reading this post I was for certain that you got the dialogue backwards but now seeing Phil on that gorgeous couch, I am thinking you did write it up correctly! Phil, you have impeccable taste!!

  3. I love it too Andi! I think it will be gorgeous with your color scheme. I WAS beginnning to think your husband was not of this world... glad you cleared that up.

  4. A major award! LMAO! It's gorgeous. Yeah...I wasn't really seeing Phil laying that fabric on the chair and all! I am looking forward to getting rid of Sam's Commander Kirk recliner and getting something a little more sensible!

  5. Why is Philly not pictured with the shirt off...after all, that is your trademark.

  6. Haha, love how you went in for a chair and came out with a chair and sofa! That is how it ALWAYS goes for me. It is pretty neutral, you could put a cover and pillow on it and it could go with any sort of decor you want for the room! And, if he's happy and if you got a new sofa out if it, I think its a win win!!!

  7. Are chairs really $2000 or $3000? Oh my, I obviously haven't bought one for many, many years. I like the yellow butter chair, but I'm confused if you wanted it or Phil?

  8. Wow!!! Phil is one heck of a guy!!! Not only is he willing to sacrifice his comfy man chair for the gorgeousness of your new house, but he wants to make sure you are not hideous and tacky with your rugs. You're at least going to put the orange recliner in the garage or something, right? I'd hate for you to lose such an heirloom piece.

  9. No woman EVER makes a beeline for the recliner section, PhilAndi Filante.
    Great buy, though! It's like butta.

  10. Oh yea, that chair IS like buttah!!! I love it! What a great find. And I just love that he loves it!! ;)
    Now the orange one....lol...yea, it's orange. ;)


  11. I don't know who chose that chair, but it's gorgeous. Have you told Philly that everybody on Blogland will see him on that chair? And why does Eddie have a bigger heart drawn on him than Philly? Wait, was it actually Eddie who found that chair?

  12. Well, ya sure had me going there. I was falling seriously in love with Phil....still, it felt a little unnatural......but hey! It's POSSIBLE a man could love that chair, right? Then the kicker. The fly in the ointment. The switching of dialogue. I feel so used. So gullible. So stupid! But at the same time, so entertained.....the whole experience curiously satisfying.....

    And you have a beautiful new sofa and chair in colors I'd die for. You go girl! Dona

  13. Philly's Done Hooters certainly is fussy. Or maybe it's Little Myoo who wants poor Philly to sit in a yellow chair. Willy Dunne Wooters would never sit in a yellow chair. He's too manly.


  14. All I can think is the colour will get dirty easy but that is me my armchair is covered to stop the grandchildren spilling stuff on it and it is a grey colour...........but if he is happy with it that is all that really matters

  15. Well sorry to say I'm with Phil all the way on this one - I'm absolutely in love with it !!!!!
    I'm having slipcovers made for the couch and chair in white - but I was ohsoclose to having them done in " butter " - now that I see it I wish I'd have gone with it $*&@#(*&
    LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!!!!!!!

  16. I was just beginning to wonder if he was actually a male! Excellent choice ummm Phil!

  17. I had a preconceived notion of LazyBoy furniture, but I was in one of their showrooms in recent years and was so impressed with their beautiful, not-old-recliner-looking choices. It's pricey but how wonderful to get a great discount on that chair!

  18. the butter chair! I like it. Good job Lazy Boy store for messing up the order so you get a DEAL! And wow, Phil is PICKY! He must be a pain to shop with ;)

  19. Hahaha! We don't have any friends anyway.... That sounds exactly like us. ;)

  20. Love the chair and the couch. Phil has great taste! Can he teach my hubby...lol

  21. I thought the new house and all was making Phil a changed man LOL...and I was wondering why you were finding fault with such a gorgeous chair!! Love the chair and that nail head trim. Swoon.

  22. All of my Indiana furniture (that we brought to Florida) is Berkley. Magnificent. But when they went out of business we had to go Lazyboy. "OUR" store was the size of a bathroom. The expensive sofa we bought went downhill so fast that, within two months, looked worse than the ten year old Berkly we replaced. I love both chairs, but any upholstery called "butter" is for admiring - not sitting in. It's too purty to use. Buy both!!

  23. I thought it was backwards!!!! LOL

  24. I was about to nominate your husband for some kind of award until you spilt (spilled? spoiled?) the beans. Love the new chair and couch! One day I hope to develop an eye for decorating. Until then, I'm going with my blind grandmother picked everything out.

  25. A computer for you on his birthday..."he" totally deserves a butter chair ;)

  26. OMG! Im reading this and thinking 'this does NOT sound like a normal married couples convo and sure enough...

    You had me going though :)


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