Monday, February 16, 2015

onward, kitchen soldiers! {backsplash!}

Let me first thank everyone for their kind words after Nancy's passing.  It meant so very much to me and Phil!

Now....onto the post...

We've been lazy bums.  No more!

When we last encountered our home-building heroes we were...I have absolutely no idea.  It's been that long.

My poor kitchen has been stagnating like a blocked colon.  Time for a cleanse!

Here's where we left off.

Let's not forget the embarrassing failure that was my attempt to paint my backsplash.  It worked out in the old house, and my mom's house, but this one?  Not so much.

I blathered on about our countertops (and had a really great fart story) HERE.  And HERE'S where I unveiled my awe-inspiring hardware for the cabinets.

That was over a year ago, people. 

And yes, I still love my choice of countertops and I do still, occasionally, lick them.

In the meantime, I fully settled on a backsplash tile that I never showed anyone and it doesn't really matter because I changed my mind again anyway.

You want to see it?  Okay, here it is.

Too bad if you love it because I'm not using it. 

These were the original 3 contenders (if you recall):

Anyone want to guess what I picked?  Anyone?  No?

Fine then.

Clean, classic, white subway tile wins! 

When the tile started going up, Philly asked me if I was going to cry seeing all my paint work being covered up.  I said the only thing that was making me cry was having to look at that debacle for what felt like an eternity.

Goodbye, hole in the wall!

Why did I pick plain old subway tile when there are about a million other choices?

Because I never get tired of looking at it, no matter how many kitchens I see it in.

I was quite sure if I picked a mosaic I would tire of it and let's face it: the only way the backsplash is ever going to be replaced is if we both have lobotomies (at which point it might seem like a good idea to tear it out), or someone steals our house, has a lobotomy, and tears it out.

Not this dynamic duo.

The tile isn't grouted yet, but I'll show you that soon.  I hope.

Kind of a side-by-side comparison in the fact I have dirty dishes in both shots:

So, what do you think of my decision?

Not that your opinion is going to change anything at this point.  But I'm a mammal that cares.

The kitchen is so much brighter already.  It was the backsplash I had to have with those dark cabinets.

And this picture of Eddie just because.  You know you've missed him.  He's missed you!  He's going deaf, so if you want to say hi to him, yell really, really loudly.

In fact, he's so deaf, he didn't hear me in the foyer and could only see my silhouette.  He started barking.  Even after he knew it was me, he kept barking because there MUST have been some stranger danger, otherwise, why am I barking?  I let him out to go potty and he just kept barking.  I laughed and (subsequently) coughed so hard that I went potty too.  Yep, I peed my pants a little bit and Eddie thought that was pretty funny. 

Coming up on Kitchen Soldiers!:

Grouting the Tile and a Mighty Morphin Power Range Hood!

Stay tuned....

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  1. This was my choice all along....I'm sure of it...Or was it to keep the hexi paint job. Can't remember, it's been too long. I agree completely with your choice as I also never get tired of looking at pretty subway tiles.

  2. I think it's pretty fuckin' funny that you peed your pants because the same thing happens to me all the time--sometimes I'm not even laughing. I love you, Eddie. I missed you. I missed your mom, too, but don't tell her I said so. Her head will get even bigger. Now, as for the tile, I said all along that I have the plain white, and I think it's boring. I wish some tiles had splashes of color. If The Hurricane ever came to visit and had time to do something for me, I would ask her to figure out a way to put small The Hurricane paintings on some of the white tiles. I'm glad you're happy. I am not asking anything about licking the counters because it might get me started.


  3. Yep! You're right as usual! Can't go wrong with white! Myself, I'd be happy with ANY tile in my kitchen. We still have just walls. Huh. See what you've done? Made me notice what I"m lacking. Now I'm dissatisfied. Well. This stinks. (must end on a positive note) Thanks for the post? Dona

    1. This is the first time I've ever had a tile backsplash. I'm loving it already. :)


  4. EDDIE! HEY, EDDIE!!!!! I liked the stencil, but definitely like the tile better!

  5. I love Eddie! He's going deaf? Well, with you as his mommy, that could very well be the best thing that's ever happened to him. :/

    As for the tile, it's classic and bright and just what the Dr. ordered.

  6. As long as you love it, who cares what anyone else thinks! But I do think the white is nice against the dark cabinets and you probably won't get tired of it as fast. You can add colors in lots of ways around the kitchen.

    HI, EDDIE!!! ;)

  7. Subway tile. I never get tired of seeing it either. So smooth, so sleek, so easy to clean. I still love mine every single time I walk into my kitchen. I haven't tried licking it, but I might. I have to admit, I did just a stripe of mosaic tile, which pissed off my tile guy because I made him cut strips of it (just 3 rows high) which obviously pained him but satisfied my desire for a touch of mosaic in my subway tile.

  8. Subway tile is always a good choice. We're putting it in the bathroom that will take a thousand years, as well.

  9. Your choice of white subway is perfect and timeless, love it! Poor little Eddie, but he looks so cute as always!

  10. WOW! Looks freaking awesome. You live in a showhome Andi. Bless Eddie and you for all of your little accidents.

  11. I wish I knew how to tile. To me, tiling is as scary as sewing. Or getting married.

  12. that tile is classy and fabulous, it's a clean look you will never get tired of! good job.

  13. I love it! I especially love that you extended it all the way up to the ceiling above the range!

  14. Excellent decision! RIGHT, EDDIE? I had it in my previous house. I miss it sometimes. I'm glad to have you back and in fine form. I missed you. YOU TOO, EDDIE!

  15. I probably wouldn't have picked this when seeing your 3 samples, but now when I see it up I am in LOVE with it, it is a great contrast to the dark cabinets!! Love your kitchen and I can't wait to see what you plan to do in that one empty area on the wall.

  16. Your choice to go with the classic subway tiles is perfect! The gorgeous counters have enough movement in them, that you really needed something simple to compliment them, and they go perfectly together! I can't believe it has been a year already?? Can't wait to see all the fun stuff coming to the empty space. Please don't make me wait another year. :)

  17. I have plain white ceramic tile in my kitchen ... and last winter, when I remodeled it ... I opted to keep the tile and made the carpenters work around it ... It was 40 years old ... and I think it will last another 40!

  18. J'adore! So much lighter. I really loved the painted backsplash, but the white looks "more right" somehow in your kitchen!

  19. I love your choice of subway tiles Andi! Fresh, clean and classic. I'm so glad you linked up to the party :) I'll have to go check out the fart post. You always make me laugh!

  20. Looks GREAT! Almost makes me wish I cooked. And I didn't think I'd like the subway titles, but they totally complete the look.

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    We love your work! What a great corner of the internet :)

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  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. You made the right tile choice. I hate multi color glass tile with busy granite counter tops. Always drives me crazy. Way to busy and they never march. Just one thing, please turn your pots etc. to face the wall. Believe me they will look better and the inside of the pots will stay clean even if you never use them to cook squash.


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