Sunday, October 7, 2012

the boob job. wait, that's wrong. the chest lift. yeah.

I found myself in project mode again.  Hubby was gone for the weekend, and I always find some trouble to get into when he's away.  This was fairly benign, however...merely painting the red wall in the living room.  (The red HAD to go since I just painted the adjoining kitchen wall a lovely eggplant.  Now the red was just blecchhhh....)  The only real difficulties in this project were moving the incredibly heavy TV from the corner, and painting around the piano, since it can NOT be moved.  It's a mere 4 inches from the wall at its closest, and folks, 4 inches just isn't much to work with.  (nyuk...)

But this isn't really about painting a wall.  Or climbing atop my piano (which makes me about as nervous as a whore in church), or crawling under said piano and banging my head about a gazillion times while at the same time, wishing my arm were just that mere 4 inches longer so I could reach that spot in the corner.

It's about my sweet little ice chest I've had forever that now needed a serious facelift.  It was still the same color as when I purchased it some 15+ years ago and was really out-of-place after painting my wall back to a neutral color and changing up my wall decor.

As usual, hubby was a tremendous help.  He started sanding her down for me and got me going with the power tools and I finished up the sand job.  Then he thought he'd be quite helpful and spray the primer on for me.  Philly is genius at 99.9% of the tasks he sets out to accomplish.  This was the .1%.  He was a bit overzealous with the spray can and ended up with puddles of primer on the top of the chest, and drips down the sides.  I now affectionately think of him as my Big Dripper.

I didn't take pictures of this because he managed to get it all sanded down again.  I don't know if I would have done that to him anyway.  'Cause let's face it.  When it comes right down to it, I screw up WAY more stuff than he does, and he almost always has to fix it.  Plus, he's pretty much a saint.  Well, sometimes.  <3

Anyway, here's how my sad little chest started out:

And dull hardware to boot...

Then some sanding, priming, and some paint. 

 A little buffage on the hardware (thanks Philly!!).  He's a GREAT buffer...

And the finished product!

Okay, not TOTALLY finished...I had one more little touch to add...

So, here's the overall wall...Before:

And after!

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  1. Haha, the title of your post really cracked me up. And great job by the way.. Really impressed by the make over and do keep us posted with more great posts :)


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