Monday, October 29, 2012

am i Blue? --- no i'm GRAY!!

I love my Mom.  I also love that she was impressed enough with my kitchen backsplash to trust me to do hers as well.

Unfortunately, I'm more of an earthy-tone-brownish kinda girl...whereas Mom is into cooler grays.

Gray is not my friend.  Whether we're talking about the hairs multiplying with increasing voracity atop my head.....or paint.  Grays like to turn blue.  (Again with the hair...You've seen how old-lady-gray hair can, indeed, turn blue, if not properly processed...)

And let's face it.  50 Shades was the WORST. BOOK. EVER.

But I digress.

Mom has a gray quartz countertop and blonde-colored maple cabinets.  Hmmmm...grays and creams living together in perfect harmony??  (I'd like to buy the world a Coke?)  Inconceivable!

But this is my Mom we're talking about, so instead I'm thinking, "As...You...Wish...!!"

After painting the gray tones on one wall THREE different times, they finally started looking less blue.  The tiles still appear somewhat blue in the photos, but in person, they actually do look gray.

Well, most do.

I'm rethinking wanting to do this as a side business.  It turns out I'm not much of a contortionist, and you really NEED to be one in order to properly mask everything off and paint in the corners.  I'm seriously considering looking up the local chiropractor after this one.  I could see any money this kind of work might generate would go straight to the Back Quack.  Well, the masseuse, anyway.

Blue or Gray, Union or Confederate, I still think the backsplash turned out okay. Was I successful in uniting the two different colors palettes?

Here are the before shots...ignore the miscellaneous crap lying around...that's mostly my mess.

Here are some interim shots:

Eddie supervising.  (Like it could possibly get cuter than THAT.)

After some paint:

Eating some of Gramma's cheerios:

Some more paint:

 And there you have it.

So, once again, the before and after...

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  1. What a beautiful back splash you have now! You did a wonderful job!

  2. I think you did a great job of putting those colours together. I'm earth tone too, I did not get on board the gray train, even if I am going gray. I'm totally with you on 50 shades - boring, lets be honest no one read it for the story! I was canned in my circles when I said I hated it, everyone kept saying how great it was...wt??

    Thanks for linking with me!


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