Thursday, February 6, 2014


Okay, Janie Junebug.  You threw down and accused me of being too bottled-blonde to play Chopin's Prelude in C minor.

I'll have you know I'm mostly auburn with chunky blonde highlights this week.  Not that you can tell by this video.

For those of you along for the ride who don't know the connection between Barry and Chopin, you can see the video on Janie's page.

By the way, I love both Barry and Chopin.  Brothers from another mother?

It's actually quite scary.  The resemblance.

I knocked the rust off my fat fingers and sat down at my out-of-tune piano.  I recorded this on my phone so it sounds pretty tinny.

I'm no Barry Manilow.  Or Chopin.  My boobs are bigger than theirs for one thing.  And the girls didn't put on a bra this morning.

Who knew that damn shiny, sparkly, fabulous Yamaha would catch my reflection so well? 

My ode to Chopin and Barry.  And a loving slap to Janie.

Janie?  This One's For You.  Could It Be Magic?  I don't think so.

Geeze.  Those boobs.


  1. Thunderous applause! Look at you go mostly auburn, chunky highlights and all! The tatas are looking just fine, don't you fret your pretty little head over it. And, I am thinking I need to threaten you to get a concert dedicated to me. :)

  2. Bravo Bravo!!!! Boobies and all!!!

  3. Got a standing O going on over and the cats! Wow. I'm impressed. Dona

  4. I got hung up on the comment about a standing O to think of anything else.

  5. That's actually decent. I think you can get a job at the Copacabana.


    1. I'm thinking about my revenge on you for showing off the Yamaha.

  6. I am impressed...but I kept waiting for you to switch gears and start singing and shaking those boobies!!!
    Excellent! Excellent! :)

  7. Very artsy with the shiny and reflection...and the boobs, of course!

  8. Wow - can I be your agent?
    We can get you in the New York Bathhouses - that's where Barry ( and Bette ) got their start !!!
    I'm impressed girl !

  9. Arrrrgggh I can't see the video on my iPad I'm going to have to wait till Monday when I get the computer again.

  10. Fab! I only play the radio and have no boobs. I am so jealous! And I do believe you look a bit like Barry Manilow. He is so pretty. Some girls have it all. I haven't actually opened my fingers to comment in a bit but I read your every post. Thanks for the smiles... <3

  11. Very impressive! And the music was nice too!

  12. Amazing! And I love how we can see the reflexion of your hands... and your boobs!

  13. Oh, you KNOW this made me happy!

  14. The girls did their job...I meant your fingers.....Awesome keyboarding skills my friend!!

  15. Bravo, Andi! I imagined myself sprawled across your piano in my pj's sloshing my NyQuil all over you as I croak out the song. Can we play Mandy next?

  16. :) Just read a certain blog post of whiskey. I don't always read the previous comments, glad I did, now I'll go to bed and have sweet, sweet dreams of a certain, handsome Scot.

  17. Whaaaaaaaaa! Why am I the only one who can't find the video?! :(

  18. Now I see it on my Mac! Look at you!!!! I couldn't really see your boobs though :(

  19. Wow, that was awesome!! I am in awe. I always wanted to learn piano (I played violin lol) ...and even attempted lessons at the age of 29. Sadly I had no patience for learning! Oh well....I will just sit back and admire those that do! Thanks for sharing. :)
    (and wow, Barry and Chopin...who knew they looked so similar!!)

  20. Dang, girl! The first time I saw this was from my iPad and I wasn't able to hear it. I am so impressed! For some reason I haven't ben able to leave comments from my phone or iPad boo, glad I got to get all caught up! Have a great weekend! XO


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