Sunday, December 2, 2012

you....light life....

We have a great thrift store in town.  I went in a few weeks ago looking for some lace panties and a toilet brush, and I saw a pair of brass lamps sitting high atop a shelf.

I'd been wanting to play with a brass lamp.  Opportunity presented itself.

These particular lamps were $3.50 each.  While at times I'm willing to blow that same amount on a Diet Coke and 6-pack of chocolate wax donuts for breakfast, I thought that was too much to spend on an actual working lamp, let alone $7.00 for the pair.

So I walked away.

I went back into the shop a week later for a matching bra and toilet plunger.  My lamps were still there.

AND, it was half-off-anything-electrical week!  

I walked out of the shop with both lamps AND 2 back issues of Better Homes & Gardens for a nickel apiece.  Grand total for the shopping excursion:  $3.82.  Score.

I sanded best I could and was perfectly happy to mask and tape before priming and painting.

Instead, I headed out for work the next morning and found Philly sitting at the table looking like he was part of a bomb squad that was searching for a weapon of mass destruction within my wee little lamp.

It turned out to be a bomb-free lamp, but now I had to get clever about priming my pieces.

Then I blasted those babies with some Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

It's a good thing Phil knows how to put crap back together.

I picked up a burlap lamp shade for 10 smackers, and Bob's Your Uncle.  For a grand total of about $15 (lamp, shade, primer, and paint), Philly has a new bedside lamp!

It can't be wrong when it feels so right.

Here's the lamp that used to be on his nightstand.  I'm not even kidding.

The happy couple:


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  1. So glad someone knew how to reassemble the lamp. Will you do the other the same way? Love that finish and it sure beats the baseball lamp in style points.

  2. crack me up! Underwear and toilet stuff at the thrift store...ew. Nice score on the lamps and you certainly made them look all lovely! Nicely done girl!

  3. I Love the lamps, is Philly a new man with his big boy lamp? What a bargain, ill be waiting for the pantie and toilet plunger post, you'll be modelling both wont you?

  4. Love the result, may i ask what you used to sand it down?


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