Friday, March 14, 2014

master bath {pseudo} reveal

Do you remember our master bath in the old house?  It was a nice enough bathroom, but it was very small.   And nothing says "time to move" quite like your husband peeing less than 2 feet from where you're trying to brush your teeth.

And when you blow bubbles in the tub and you think your husband is out of earshot, only to find out he's not?

You've never done that?



I'm far too impatient to wait for our new master bathroom to be finished to show you what's been going on in there. 

I fell in love with the quartz we put in the kitchen.  I loved it so much that we ordered a remnant for our master bath. 

Here's where we were just a bit ago:

Next we had this:

And then this:

And now this:

Yes, the water is running because I think the faucets are cool.  But it kinda makes me hafta pee.

And now because I must make you even more jealous, I'll show you the rest of the bathroom.  Did you notice it's still subfloor?  Yep, you're super-jealous now.

Here's a shot with the shower sporting my Coke curtain from our old basement:

 And around the corner:

I'm completely in love with my bathroom except for the fact (my fault) that I ordered the cabinets in a creamy white instead of a bright white.

The vanity top, sinks, and backsplash all have bright white, and it's making me cranky having creamy cabinets.  I voiced my unhappiness to the love of my life and mentioned in passing that we could always paint them.

He called his divorce lawyer and told him to be on standby.


I guess it really IS easier to get forgiveness than to ask permission.


Another shot just because it's cool:

Now go take a bath.

And blow some bubbles.


  1. LOVE the quartz! It would look great in my bathroom, too. Hmmmmm.....

  2. You'll probably get used to the slight difference after while. (And maybe can paint them later on--lol!)
    It it looking really awesome! Those are such cool faucets, too. I can see why you didn't want to wait to share. :)

  3. Those faucets are gorgeous! It's gonna be beautiful when it's done....Creamy white cabinets or not. But since you mentioned 'blowing bubbles'...can I assume you are talking about (ahem) farting in the tub? And if you weren't, I'm sure everyone out there will agree with me that it was a natural assumption. But a story...when I was young, like between 6 and 9ish, I had a girlfriend and we spent the night with each other. Every time we took a bath at her house she would 'blow those bubbles' and I'd be out of the tub in a shot. I really thought that if I stayed in, I'd SMELL like farts! I'd like to assume I've grown out of it. Dona

    1. OF COURSE I was talking about farting. Doesn't everyone fart in the tub?

      Or am I the only one? =D


  4. I feel your pain, as I too am in the sisterhood of the corded Dysons. It seemed easier to commiserate about that than to set the envy of your bathroom sink area free!

  5. Gorgeous! Did you have to choose all your finishing details before moving in or are you deciding on what to install as you begin to work on each space? Everything is coming together beautifully so far. We have similar faucets in our master bath, except they are them! XO

  6. Philly's Done Hooters should do everything exactly the way you want it now, or it will cost more later. And I don't mean just money.


  7. oh I love your taps they are really cool. I rarely take a bath so Julian hasnt had the privilege of hearing me "blow bubbles". Poor Philly, I'm sure the word paint is not what he wants to hear Mel xo

  8. GORGEOUS!! I love your cabinets the way they are, or are you just an amazing photographer? I think everything looks beautiful and that's coming from a fellow bubble blower!

  9. Your bathroom is beautiful and I LOVE that faucet!! Love the backsplash too. You have a ton of storage in there. All of my floors but one are subfloors and it's getting really old. If that creamy white bugs you'll paint it one day.

  10. I love the faucets and double vanity...I want your bathroom! Loving the backsplash, too! I so know what you are talking about with the toilet being RIGHT next to the sink AND the bath tub! Ahh, I dream of a day when I'll have a bigger master bath!

  11. Those faucets are gorgeous! It's going to be beautiful when it's all done!

  12. those faucets are the coolest!! before painting the cabinets, see how the finish project looks like. You might actually like the cremy white when all said and done.

  13. Sinks and faucets look great!! I love seeing your home come together!!! It looks fabulous!!
    Besides MarvinsDaughters I also write for a blog called 3EmbellishingChicks. It is myself, my sister and our good friend. On Sundays we do a Shout Out Sunday series and this week we featured you! Here is the link to the post: I meant to ask you first but the week got away from me...sorry about that!! Thanks Andi!!

  14. I love that quartz... I think it's the one I wanted (or very similar), but I nearly chocked to death when I got the quote (things are more expensive in France), so I chose to live and to not get the quartz. Your bathroom is gorgeous and I love the faucets. I don't have the same countertops as you, but I have the exact same floor in my upstairs cupboards! I feel so much better now that I know we have something in common!

  15. Luuuuuuuuv it! And I think creamy white and grey go really well together. Give it a chance. Besides, you definitely don't want to be painting those cabinets after everything is said and done and something tells me, your beloved isn't going to do it. I do enjoy blowing bubbles in the bath. sigh. Verra relaxin'. :)

  16. BEE-U-TI-FUL!!

    Now about those bubbles...hubby said he knew I was 'the one' when he blew bubbles in the tub and I laughed. He had high standards...

  17. Oh YES, always better to ask forgiveness!!! lol My motto, for sure.
    I am loving your new bath and I surely wouldn't hesitate painting the cabinets (no surprise, right?) although (and maybe it's just the photos) but I think they look great and not too creamy at all!
    Hope you have a great week!

  18. so beautiful! love the back splash so much! Also, I approve of the toilet being away from the tooth brushing.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous - and I AM jealous because I have all that mess and not one nice bathroom!!!
    Go happily blow some bubbles now lmao

  20. Your bathroom is looking so gorgeous!! Love those facuets!! I've been dreaming of a separate little toilet area for years, but it won't be happening in this lifetime. Double sinks are awesome too!

  21. The first bathroom is the size ours was. We had BATHFITTERS put in a walk-in shower and remove the tub. Then we moved. Now, I have a bathroom big enough for ten people to comfortably fit in. Joe's could hold maybe five people. NOW I wonder what I would do with ten people in my bathroom.

  22. It's looking great Andi! Don't you love how Mel called your faucets "taps" They are very pretty! Can't wait to see it all finished. I know you can't wait.

  23. Ugh! first of all that sucks about the white but it's really looking great (except for the shower curtain that is ;)

  24. Looks gorgeous, Andi! I have that faucet in my powder room. Where I powder. And splash water- how do they work as everyday heavy use? Our sink is very narrow which is the problem, but it looks good! Personally, I love mixing white with cream. When you finish the room, I bet you won't notice it anymore. Tell the divorce attorney to take a hike!

  25. Replace all the lightbulbs in your bathroom with 15-watters. You'll have ambiance lighting and won't be able to see the difference between bright and creamy white. Problem solved. Oh! and you won't have to clean it as often.

  26. It's beeeeautiful! All happy and spa like - regardless of where the bubbles are coming from......

  27. You know.... Tub bubbles are going to echo in that larger bathroom.

  28. Holy KABALLS!

    I love it!

    The backsplash..the running faucets..even that old Coke shower curtain..gotcha! looks beautiful!

  29. Andi ... you've come a long, long way! Beautiful! (That last pic kinda looks like the sink from the ladies room at Casey's in Arkansas that we stole during your Bachelorett Party ... Hmmm?)


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