Monday, March 24, 2014

i'd buy that for a dollar

We never shop at Best Buy.  Unless, of course, we buy a ginormous, super-freaky-hi-def TV that leaves Philly drooling and me preferring to sit in our cold basement to watch our old projection TV.

I'm not a fan of the new technology.

I don't like everything looking like a soap opera.  Unless it's a soap opera.

Anyway, because of this huge new TV, we got a coupon for $130 of free stuff at Best Buy.  So we wandered around wondering what in the world we could spend our $130 on.  We wanted nothing at Best Buy.

My first thought:  Playstation.

Phil's response:  Keep looking.

My response:  Butthole.

Phil's response:  Keep looking.

My response:  Butthole.

I see a pattern forming.

I finally stumbled upon a full-size Cuisinart food processor.  All I currently had was a mini food chopper.  I told Philly I'd really like a full-size one.

"How much is it?" he asked.


Shut the front door.

The only thing in the whole store I can find a use for, and it's the exact amount we have to spend.

Except for that pesky little penny.

We had to spend the same amount or more than the coupon.  So we added a Snicker bar to the tab.


My favorite candy bar!  When did they get so expensive?

I paid $1.59 for a Snicker bar??

Okay, in all fairness, I paid $1.59 for a Snicker bar and a Cuisinart food processor.

I guess I'd buy that for a dollar.

Or even a $1.59.

What would you have spent $130 on at Best Buy?  Inquiring minds want to know.

And do you know what movie this came from?  No cheating.

In other news, I've decided to do a 7-day clean-eating detox.  Thank goodness I spent my day today cleaning up my potato chips, diet coke, wine, cookies, and chocolate-chip banana bread.

Not only are they now gone from the reach of my sticky fingers, but I've provided my body with lots of lovely toxic waste to purge this week.

Have you ever done a clean-eating detox week?

Did you kill anyone in the process?

Phil wants to know.


  1. I think I've bought a phone at Best Buy once...out of desperation. I am also a fan of low-def versus hi-def, and I now realize you are correct...Everything looks like it's a soap opera. So glad you got a bit of chocolate and food processor for a buck fity. That's the way to do it. And as for surviving your detox....just tell Philly these two simple words: "Yes, dear."

  2. $1 score!!! We dont have Best Buy so I would probably be like our first trip to Costco and just wonder why the Americans are obsessed with really big stores. I'd buy everything because if it's on sale I want it. BTW Im with Phil on the TV I love my big screen :)

  3. I don't know the movie. If we have a Best Buy, then I don't know where it is. I've never done a detox. Favorite Young Man did one last year. Afterwards, he discovered that when he needed to poop, it was a poop right that minute situation. I'm not sure if he's gotten over that.


  4. I would buy a Kitchenaid Mixer and have to pay the difference, I suppose. However, that would be a cheap price with $130 lopped off. Oh, I would get a Food Saver! That is what I need to suck air from jars of dehydrated food.

    Big screen. I still have an old fat tv, but one about 20 inches wide would suit me. I cannot say the correct size since I don't know how they size them. Big TV would just blind me and annoy me.

    Janie, since I had the colonsoscpy, my poop is urgent, too. Hmmm, wonder why?

  5. I have thought about doing that detox...I can't give up coffee or alcohol. I teach high school.

  6. I bought my little chrome book at best buy, but can't think of much else. My son has had a gift card there for over a year.
    I have toyed with the cleanse idea, so do keep us posted!

  7. I've never been to best buy. We drive past one every week on our way to church. I have one if those mini choppers too... hard to make cole slaw in that baby! It'd be nice to have the big one. I ate clean for 3 weeks, no coffee, salt, meat or junk, just fruit and veggies. My cholesterol came down over 50 points. I felt better physically but struggled with irritability! I missed coffee soooo bad! I didn't kill anyone.

  8. Well now I'm kind of mad...I bought a gianormous TV from best buy and they didn't give me a coupon or anything. Damn. I have never done a detox...I don't have the will power. I'll be interested to know how you like it though.

  9. I'll give you a buck for that Cuisinart!!! Well actually it would probably only workout to about 93 cents right now. (Canadian). I totally know what that commercial is from.......RO**C** but only cuz I cheated and Googled it so I won't give it away! Good luck with starving yourself. I'll be eating your chocolate chip banana bread but I will totally be thinking about you while I am eating it!

  10. Someone PLEASE tell me where that clip is from!!!!! Congrats on the Cuisinart! I want one, too. And a Kitchenaid mixer. Don't watch TV anymore, but I'd have a new Bose radio!! Dona

    1. Okay's from....the original....ROBOCOP!!! :)


  11. There's no wine in detox? But grape is a fruit...
    At Best Buy, $20 of the fun money would have been for blank CD's. I am Queen of the 'mix tape'. The remainder I would have picked out a new MP3 player so I can stop making mix tapes.

  12. I've never been to Best Buy and I have no idea what I'd buy. I'd probably just walk around stupified by too many choices. Big Box stores scare me... except Home Depot where I feel right at home. I've often thought about detoxing, so I'll be interested to see how it goes for you.

  13. Ok we don't have Best Buys but I do know the annoyance when you have a voucher and can't think of what to spend it on you wonder around and around and can't find a damn thing

  14. wow. That was a great deal! The food processor. The snicker bar was a rip off :)

  15. So of course, I'd never seen what Best Buy look like, so I went on their site... I think I'd buy a very fancy kettle for the new kitchen! I'm just amazed at all the coupons that exist in the SU. Here if you buy a TV, the best they do is saying "good bye" to you once you're done!
    I can't wait for you to tell us what you prepare with your new toy!
    Happy detox week (Pill, hide!)!

  16. No clue on the clip. But you will love your Cuisinart!! I have one very similar to that one and a KitchenAid stand mixer--they are the best appliances in my kitchen. Well, my coffeemaker is my most used, but not my best. When this one dies maybe I should go to Best Buy and get a better coffeemaker, eh? LOL! ;) Good luck on the detoxing.

  17. We bought our last big screen from Best Buy - the bastards didn't give us anything LMHO - ( except a really great deal - a boxing day special actually ! )
    Now Ikea on the other hand gave us 300.00 to spend after we bought the kitchen cabinets !!!

  18. Haha...snicker bars are my favorite too, although it's been years since I've had one! ;) AND I had to laugh at the soap opera comment!!! We recently got a new "smart" tv (that makes me feel dumb)...and I was like "wha"? Everyone looks weird! I'm used to old tv....not this. It looks too realistic that it throws me off (just like soap opera film!) I'm finally getting used to it now but I hated it at first! lol


  19. me thinks you should put that snickers bar in the food processor, and ice cream, and cookies, and eat it ALL.

  20. My cuisinart is older than you. You will love it. Besides buying the TV, what did you have to do for the $130... show your good boob?

  21. Does this mean you are required to make fabulous things to eat? I'm afraid if I ask my husband for fancy kitchen toys, I'll have to actually use them. Good luck with your detox :)

  22. Well I don't know what I'd buy at Best Buy either, my husband does like Snickers, so maybe $130 worth, which is approximately 81 bars. Wonder how the report would go for the "clean"' after eating all those? But do report back, although I'm quite sure I'll be sorry I asked that.

  23. Did 6 hours of that lemon/honey/chili pepper cleanse. Longest 6 hours of my life. How's it going?

  24. I sort of love/hate Best Buy. But yes...I'd buy a "less than two-dollar" candy bar there!

    I think I freak when we go there because it always means my hubby wants a new and bigger TV. We have THREE flat screens. No one needs four.

    The dog doesn't watch that much tV!

    The idea!


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