Monday, August 25, 2014

mulligan {nightstand do-over}


This was one of the first things I ever painted.

I didn't really like it.  Probably never will.

Especially after the cream-colored paint started to yellow and the nightstand began to look like a smoker's special.

But I bought some new (old) furniture for our bedroom, so this is getting banished to the guest room.

But first, a little more paint and a lot more cuteness.

Without further adieu doodoo ado:

Since I took a shine to the whole metallic look, I just changed it from caramel latte to gray.  Martha Stewart Metallic Thundercloud, to be precise.  I had it left over from my Nightmare Stand

I painted the rest bright white (same color as my casing that you haven't really seen yet).

And then I cut some lace I picked up at the local thrift shop and spray-mounted it.  (Since taking these pictures, the lace has started to come away from the drawer fronts...don't tell anyone.)

Why, yes.  That is, indeed, the attention-whore clock.

I believe it will make an appearance in all subsequent blog posts.  I think I'll turn it into a "Where's Waldo" event.

I tried reading The Casual Vacancy on two different occasions.  It belongs to a friend of mine.  I was not impressed.  Have you read it?  It just doesn't seem to have any magic.

I've officially given up on it.  Especially after the Raccoon Incident, I don't have the stomach for petty politicking and personal agendas.

But now I don't have a yellow book to match my yellow stuff anymore.

I picked these knobs up at Hobby Lobby.  (I recently tore the house apart looking for these knobs.  Then I walked into the guest room and found them right where I left them.  Secured in these drawers.)

I'm liking it for now.  But that could change in five minutes.

If I keep adding enough layers of paint, it will eventually be big enough to be a dresser.


  1. I love the lace!!! And yellow with the metallic, tres chic! I haven't tried reading "Casual Vacancy", but I think you should read "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness. Excellent. Loved book one and three. Two...not as much. Maybe I'll re-read it and see if my dislike is justified.

  2. Okay. Enough jealousy now. I have a gorgeous pedestal table with two extender panels. An electric Glade air freshener emptied out on top of it and I went after it with nail polish remover. DON'T JUDGE ME!! Now I think the entire top could be sanded, then topped with, oh hell, SOMETHING. But I MUST sand it in the dining room. We can't carry the damn thing. Suggestions????

  3. You even made improvements on your own make-over paint job!! And it looks even better. I hope you can get that lace secured again because it really adds dimension and love the pattern. :)

  4. It's been weeks since I saw the clock and I was starting to get the blues. Your stand turned out lovely, metallic paint is such a fun option. I know what you mean about the risk of this becoming the size of a dresser - my friends have said that my house has lost 4 square feet of living space due to my multiple layers of wall color.

  5. I love it! The lace really adds dimension and sophistication! Demented, but sophisticated...just like us :)

  6. I love every bit about this makeover!!! Amazing job girl!

  7. I really like the lace! Very cute makeover!

    Maybe on your next piece you could include a raccoon silhouette or something. ;)

  8. Oh, that's adorable. You are so talented. The fabric paint remains unopened. I had a colonoscopy to avoid painting the dining room chair seats.


  9. That lace is the perfect level of pizazz!

  10. I end up doing some things three or four times! I blame ADD.

  11. I really like the idea of painting (you did say you painted the lace, right?) the lace and using it on the drawers. The colors go really nice together.. I really like the base of that lamp, too, but maybe because I am looking for something similar, but in gold.

  12. I think it looks mighty pretty, and I am glad to hear from you I have been missing you, not too mention so much has happened in GoT that I have plenty of spoilers for you :P

    Nothing ever looks as good as the moment it is photographed I have plenty of projects that peeled or fell apart moments later, maybe some modpodge will fix the lace?

  13. Very pretty....even if the lace does want to come off. I have never had much luck with spray mount. Love the knobs...and the lamp! And the fact that you tore the house apart looking for something that was right where you wanted it to be! LOL!

  14. I love it Andi - and you made me laugh out loud about the layers of paint making it a dresser ( I used to say that about my houses )
    My brother lived in Japan for a long time - and the apartments there are apparently miniature - I remember him saying he shaved off his beard to make more space LMHO !!!
    Happy long weekend!

  15. I didn't know spray mounting was even a real thing. Does it work on kids?

  16. Oh, I do love it! I've recently painted a wall in my craft room....sponge painting with grocery bags instead of sponges. Love it, too! But I'd love to have that blank slate back so I could do it over. I learned so much from the first try. Isn't paint just the greatest invention? All those possible do-overs! Dona


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