Saturday, August 30, 2014

stool samples

These bar stools somehow found their way into my kitchen.

It's most likely because I bought them and put them in my kitchen.

I spent $75 on the set (Craigs List) and they're in nice shape, but the seat fabric looks like someone had a very dirty butt and an unimaginative mind.  (Quite possibly the other way around.) 

Since I drove myself insane picking out paint for the walls and trim (I ended up with Benjamin Moore "Smoke Embers" for the walls and...."White" for the trim--that was the real head-scratcher), you can only imagine my self-induced terror when I started picking out fabric for draperies and upholstery.

I was going with a yellow/turquoise combo for the main colors in the house, but I really wanted some red in the kitchen.  I'm blaming that on my trip to New Orleans a couple years ago where I bought these:

And then I had too many of these:

I'm surprised I remembered to bring my new artwork home.

Hell, I'm surprised I remembered to bring me home.

I wanted something a bit playful for the bar stools because, well...

It doesn't matter why.  I just wanted it, okay?  All of these (and a bunch more) were contenders at some point.

What did I end up choosing?  And did I make the right choice?

Or will I find myself in a corner, curled up in the fecal position?

Nah...if I don't like it, I'll put new stuff on them.  After all, it's only 3 seats, right?

Here they are!

The red is actually more of a burnt orange/cinnamon color, but that's okay.

I think they look just right at the island. 

Here, I set a place for you for dinner!

Of course, we don't usually eat dinner at the island, so you'll most likely be sitting by yourself.  And I didn't give you any silverware.

I have no plans to paint the stools at the moment.  I'm liking the dark wood I have in the kitchen.  For now.

Here's another before and after:


And since I know you've missed Eddie, here he is enjoying Phil's favorite chairSeriously...what dog sits like this?

He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!


So, how are your stools?

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  1. Ok when I saw the words stool samples I thought this was a post about bad.......that said your stools look good

  2. Lovely! I'll be right over, I don't mind sitting by myself as long as there is chocolate being served.

  3. Oh you just had to do it didn't you! I like your choice and I hope you're not curled up in a "fecal" are such a nut!! Hey...I spotted the attention hogging clock in the first photo...did I win???LOL!

  4. My stools...well, I have issues. BUT, I would have chosen that exact fabric! I love it!

  5. The clock says it's time for dinner! Yes, I was rooting for that fabric as well. Hi Eddie, you handsome little canine! My stools have dents from where children kept swiveling them into the counters!

  6. Ok this looks great in your kitchen... myself I would probably pass out from all the design patterns and go into convulsions... the ol color I didnt favor either ..... they look fabulous in your kitchen and my "stool" for now is good!

  7. I saw that clock too. What a ho. Great choice on your fabric. Eddie is looking fluffalicious. I could just squish him.

  8. Stools look great, love the fabric! When I visit I won't need any silverware....just a wineglass please!

  9. I love that colourful fabric and it looks great next to the white island... Not as great as Eddie, though.

  10. I am wondering what you are up to with that clock? You shamelessly showed it off to taunt all of us, and then nothing???? You definitely picked out some fantastic fabrics. Love your final choice. It was a perfect choice to cover your stools! Eddie looks so good on Phils perfect chair.

  11. Great makeover! You chose a lovely fabric! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!!

  12. You got that done, and I still haven't opened the package of fabric pain for my dining room chairs. I just want to point out that I never had a dirty butt and I kept the seats of my chairs gleaming white for more than ten years. Probably more than twenty, which goes back to before I bought them. It's so nice to hear from you. You made me laugh, as always. I grew up with a toy poodle who sat in chairs exactly the way Eddie is in that photo. My big dogs tend to curl themselves into a ball.


  13. I really like that fabric you went with, they look great with the wood. My stools are pink and white, like a barbie house.

  14. Lovely pop of color. No "wooden" stools at my house...hehe! ;)

  15. When you bought the three stools, did you notice the middle one was wearing a watch? That's not the pattern I picked out, so I guess you're going to have to redo them. Compared to my bar stools the original seats on yours looked a lot better than mine.

    Mine have loose stools and lots of skid marks.

    I wish you would have shown the process. (I KNOW the process. I just like watching other people do the work)

  16. My mind is going 100 different directions regarding stools.

  17. Your first commenter seemed a bit disappointed that she didn't find real poo here. You really shouldn't build people's hopes up like that. LOVE the fabric choice. I like the yellow in the bottom right of your fabricollage too. :)

  18. Excellent choice! And love the artwork you brought home from New Orleans. It is really all coming together, beautifully. I just made the most indescribable types of laughs when I got to the first photo, I think it was a guffaw. I'm not typically a guffawer so take it as a compliment. I was going to ask you what a fecal position is, but maybe I don't want to know.

  19. you have great stools! I think you chose the right one! i probably would have chosen the bottom yellow because i secretly love yellow even though i say purple is my fav color!

  20. I LOVE THEM!!! And I'm secretly praying that once your house is all in order and you're feeling bored after a year or two, you'll just move in with me and fix EVERYTHING. I am a decorator's nightmare. What a great color! (pattern? fabric scheme?).

  21. Well Soda sits exactly like that - sometimes with one paw hanging over the arm too LMHO
    Your bar stools are gorgeous Andi - love the fabric you chose -
    And I also love the yellow fabric - you want to send that to me please? Thank you!

  22. The stools are lovely...u dun good! Eddie is absolutely adorable. My cat sits the opposite way...button arm, feet on cushion. Dona

  23. Excuse me....that was "butt on arm" not button arm........

  24. Only you would name your post 'stool samples' and get away with it. How do you do that?! lol

  25. OMG! Stool samples! Who are you!!??? Hysterical!

  26. Love your stools!! 😍 As for my stools, well I can't find any good ones with a seat height of 30" without paying a million dollars for them! And I refuse to do that! So I'm thinking I'll just put a decorative foot rail on it and tell people it's so much better for digestion to stand while you eat, while alternating the foot their standing on! That should work perfectly dontcha think? 😜 Anyway yours are beautiful and love the material you chose for them!


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