Saturday, October 21, 2017

laundry room makeover part one {and free printable!}

Hello, and a warm welcome to new readers! Old ones, too, right?

It's no secret that with pretty much everything I do, I enjoy it more once I've established a deep, meaningful relationship with someone in my current wine collection.

Well, the cat's out of the bag meow, at any rate.

We've put the finishing touches on our tiny laundry room, and I'm going to share my cabinet with you today. While it's not technically a liquor cabinet, I suppose you could use it in any capacity you see fit. I'm actually using it for its intended purpose, which is to hold laundry stuff, because I don't need to hide my alcohol yet.

There are lots of cute laundry décor ideas out there, but none of them really suited my fancy, so I made up my own.

You may be picking up on a theme on this blog.

Most laundry loads are broken out into two major categories, right? Whites (or lights) and darks.

It just so happens my wines of choice are broken out in the exact same way! I decided to incorporate my favorite drinking buddies into my laundry design. I really don't think it's that much of a stretch.

But that might be the wine talking.

Here's what I came up with:

So, the cabinet.

When we ordered the cabinets for the kitchen and bath, we were initially sent the wrong doors. I despise being wasteful, but there was no way in H-E-L-L I was spending all that money and NOT having the shaker-style doors I ordered.

They had to make all my cabinet doors again. This left me with a bunch of leftovers in the wrong style. I have, in fact, already repurposed one of the extra doors for this emotion-filled sign I made for my beloved for our adversity day.

We ordered a cabinet box to fit a leftover door (Phil built all the cabinets, by the by), for use in the laundry room.

I painted the door with chalkboard paint, because everyone started doing that roughly ten years ago, and I'm always at least that far behind the curve.

Here's a random picture of wine to break up the text in this post, and to give me the energy to carry on.

I was going to transfer my design by rubbing chalk all over the back of the paper, then tracing the design onto the door. Then I would go back in with a chalk marker and it would be perfect!

Except it didn't work. I have no idea why the chalk wouldn't transfer (nor do I care), but it just wouldn't. It actually saved me time in the long run, because I decided to free-hand the whole thing and be done with it.

There was no alcohol involved in the drawing of this design, because you know exactly how impressive THAT final result would have been. 

So I made sure I was finished with this little project before noon.

I have no step-by-step pictures, but all I did was cut each horizontal section of the design, lay it on the door, mark where each letter was to start and stop, then freehand each line, one at a time (with a chalk marker), until I reached the bottom.

Not too bad for an amateur scribbler.

Here's the cabinet hanging on the wall, and you get a tiny sneak peek at what's going on around the cabinet.

It looks like the door is dripping chalk blood, and I have no explanation for you. I'm sure yours will look much better, assuming you want to make one.

In case you do, you can grab the free printable HERE!

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I'll follow up soon with the rest of the space, and we included some pretty cool stuff, so stick around!


  1. Are yournprojectsvthere almost done so you can come here? CNY is beautiful in the fall--especially the Finger Lakes...WITH ALL OF THE WINERIES!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, I see what I did there!Now if I can fix things on my phone...

  3. Great way to customize the laundry cabinet! :) did they take all the wrong doors back or can you use them to make trays, wall decor and such? I suspect the former.
    I'm not a wine drinker yet this is tempting to make. :)
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  4. Well how crafty you are when imbibing and folding.

  5. That's fabulous! I have a friend who is a wine person, and I think this would make a nice little sign for her laundry room! Christmas is a comin', you know! Thanks for being ok with plagiarism! (yes, I had to look the spelling up. I'm smart that way.) Dona

  6. All that work was worth it! So cute! Glad to see you posting. :) :)

  7. Only you would find a way to make a laundry room interesting!


  8. Sorry your cabinet doors were all wrong, but you've found a great way to use them up. So cute! Just don't spill any of your fav beverages into the wrong load. ;)


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