Sunday, April 12, 2015

pizza nirvana {the sloppy chef series}

Greetings, old friends and new!

Firstly, I was going to combine the title of this post and call it "pirvana," but you may have then expected a documentary on depraved, flesh-eating fish.  While this would be quite exciting, I don't currently have data on this subject.

I haven't posted about food in a very long time.  This is due to the fact I mostly eat everything before my food has a chance to pose for my Nikon point-and-shoot.

You may recall my pizze! post from a gentler, pre-home-building time.  I still love that recipe, but I am constantly searching to better myself, further grow my butt (not growths ON my butt, to be clear), and finally reach that state of Pizza Bliss.

My endeavoring to persevere, I believe my quest is very, very close to an end.  A somewhat large end.

I can't claim this recipe to be my own, but I would if I thought I could get away with it.  I will give credit where credit is due.  I did, however, manage to shove my camera between my mouth and the pizza and took some of my own pictures, just to prove I'd actually constructed it with my own two chubby paws.

Here is the amazing recipe I followed to the letter (okay, it's not the recipe, it's a link to the folks know how this works):


I have not yet investigated this technique on other sites, but this one worked GREAT!

The crust crux of the technique is to place the dough and toppings in a COLD cast-iron skillet, then put it on your stovetop and crank your burner up to HIGH for several minutes, then put it in your 450 preheated oven to finish the job.

Simply amazing.  The crust was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  Just as Sausageaus, the pizza god, intended.

Please go check out Nick's site for the amazing how-to.  It was SO easy and totally worth it!!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on pictures only someone with amazingly no photographic talent can provide:

Enter the dough (aka butt-enlarger):

The sauce (I followed his recipe, except I added my fresh basil to the cooled sauce instead of on top of the pizza after it came out of the oven...but I think it needs a pinch of sugar):

 Toppings (some more gag-worthy than others):

Cheese (I was pretty certain you couldn't figure that out yourself):

I love my 36" gas cooktop (and I'm an excellent photographer.  Not):

In the oven:

In the meantime:

You pirvanas.  It's about puppies.  I know what you were thinking.

Speaking of puppies, Eddie is resting comfortably in his dogloo:

 Oh thank God it's finally time to eat:

Seriously, this pizza was amazing, and I encourage you to try it out!  If you don't have a cast-iron skillet, GET ONE...they're superb.

Philly is currently looking for additional cast-iron pans so we can have you all over for dinner.

Oh, and I shaved his head completely bald this morning.  It was soooo cool!!!!

Now go.  And eat pizza.



  1. This looks really, really good! I must get ingredients for my cast iron skillet to be put to work soon!! :)

  2. Wait. You shaved Phil's head?! That trumps pizza any day.

    interesting technique with the cold pan. etc. if it gives a crispy crust, I'm in.

    I saw your painted chair on FB. Amazing feedback, and well deserved.

  3. Pizza for breakfast ... I wish! This looks so good Andi! I don't have a cast iron skillet...I've never needed one ... until now. I saw your chair too, you go girl! Great job!

  4. Pirvana!I would've thought that was some state of enlightenment for you didn't have that search threat!

    Just when I had convinced myself that I did not need a cast iron pan! (Although it seems my husband bought me a fancy Chicago pizza pan years ago that never got used...perhaps I should arrange a search party)

    Hi Eddie!!!!

  5. you are a hoot! ...but you already knew that. This is fantastic. I am a BIG, BIG fan of cast iron skillets and pots, in fact that's all I use now. It helps me with my low iron. I have seen pizza cooked in the cast iron, but never tried. This is on my list!

  6. YUMMY. Hubby makes this and I swear it is the best pizza method ever. I feel that it is better than takeout pizza and yes, outdoor pizza oven pizza. I actually got him two of these pans which are amazing. I picked them up on sale for 49.99 each here in Canada, so I figure you could probably get them for about 89 cents there with the way our dollar is right now. They make enough for when we have company. Cheers to pervana my friend.

  7. Pizza! We are big on homemade pizza here. It looks yummy.
    Did Eddie get a bite?

  8. I think you have that backwards--yummy fungus, turd-like olives.

  9. Damn that pizza looks good, just saying, and I do like a good pizza

  10. I was just thinking what a lucky man Phil is. ;) I am so making this! As soon as I get a cast iron skillet, that is.

  11. It does look yummy! Let me know when Phil has found enough skillets that we can all come over for pizza!

  12. YUM. I want to eat this now. Except I just got back from visitng the parents and ate all the pasta and pizza in town. Ugh, WANT MORE!

  13. OMG that looks like some FREAKINGYUMMYPIZZA! :)


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