Saturday, September 20, 2014

land, ho!

Ah...the power of a comma...

Philly and I celebrated our 15th adversity day last month.  Perhaps you recall last year when I posted about our 14th adversity HERE.

We went on an island vacation.  Mackinac Island, to be exact.  Now, before we go any further, I feel compelled to educate us.  Even though it's spelled "Mackinac," it's pronounced "Mackinaw."  It can be spelled either way, but it's always pronounced "awwwww."  HERE is an explanation.  Learn it; remember it.

There will be a quiz later.

Ever since seeing Somewhere In Time, I've wanted to visit Mackinac Island.

Do you love that movie too?


It made me want to go to Mackinac.  So, naturally, Philly took me. 

Eddie wanted to go.

All my bags are packed...I'm ready to go....

We left Eddie with Gramma and headed out.  Eddie loves Gramma because she never runs out of Grampa's beer.


We loaded up my guilty pleasure with our bicycles and other necessities for the week.  Did you know there are no cars allowed on Mackinac?  They had to get special permission from the island for Christopher Reeve to drive his car during filming of Somewhere.  You can get around this 3-mile-long island on foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage.  (It's just over 8 miles if you traverse the whole perimeter, which we did.)

But first...getting there!  Because getting there is half the fun a long-ass drive.  Fortunately, one of my favorite friends (Dr. Jeanne) lives in Holland, MI, so we made a pit stop there on the way up and had a ménage à trois.

It was yummy.

Later (and very picture-heavy)....

We crossed the Mackinac Bridge.  The 5th longest suspension bridge in the world.  It gave me the collywobbles.

But before we knew it, we were on the ferry to Mackinac!

Our first view of the Grand Hotel:

This place looked haunted to me:

We rode our bikes all around the island, and we saw these Rock Jengas everywhere!  Naturally, we played too.

We visited Fort Mackinac and I was more interested in the furniture than anything else.  I want this stove.

I don't want this dresser.

But I had to take a picture because the pulls look like nutsacks.

Phil got really excited about the jail.

They had these wax figures, and for some reason, this kid freaked me the hell out.

Like we could resist:

MUCH better!!

What a child.

 This one may be my favorite:

We ate lunch at the outdoor cafe at the Fort.  The view was incredible.

The Grand Hotel was amazing.  On the outside.

 Here's a panorama shot:

The inside was nothing short of horrible.  I'm so glad we didn't rob that bank so we could afford to stay here.  I would have been beyond upset.

Garish is the best single-word descriptor I can some up with.

That sofa is made of vinyl.

That's tent material inside the cupola bar...the very top center part of the Grand Hotel.  And that chandi?  Classy.

Green fuzzy sombrero.

And giant cheeser. 

This dining room does not help my appetite...

I don't know what period they are trying to replicate, but I find my monthly period to be less offensive.

There were horses (and horse poop) everywhere.

We ate tons of food.  It was good, but I wouldn't say any of it was great.  Of course, that didn't stop us from eating more food.

Our last night on the island was September 11.  We attended a memorial service and I cried.  And cried.  I'm tearing again just thinking about it.

Finally, for those of you who are (or aren't) familiar with the theme song from Somewhere In Time, I've plunked it out on the piano.

I believe I saw an interview with Jane Seymour where she said she asked John Barry to compose this piece even though they couldn't afford him.  I believe he wrote it free of charge...but I'm not 100% certain.

I AM 100% certain that this rendition is free of charge.  Please forgive the mistakes and the pink pajama pants.  And if you look closely, you'll see Philly wandering around in the reflection of the piano.


  1. Look at you all growed up and stuff going on vacation to the Macaws, with Baccarat? Now wait, that doesn't sound right.

  2. I love that movie and YES I did go to Mackinac to see the place where it was filmed! We stayed on the mainland though. I even bought the DVD online a few years ago. That reminds me... I need to watch it again.

  3. Andi,
    1) I haven't seen the film and I'll try to catch it on streaming somewhere.
    2) Since you don't want that dresser, send it my way, please.
    3) If I ever get fired as a teacher, I'll apply as the new interior designer for that hotel.
    4) Your video seems to be private... and I was dying to see your pink pyjamas!

  4. Well, good golly, you were in my neck of the woods! I've been to Mackinaw many times over the years. I even blogged about it at some point. The Grand is strangely decorated. Do they still have the huge tortoise shell hanging on the wall in the main lobby?

    I just love the history of the place and all the cool vintage furnishings etc. Did you see Arch rock? Oh, and did you get some Mackinaw fudge? I have some on my counter right now that my mom picked up for watching their dog last week while they went to Mackinaw. Did you pick up fudge for your mom??? Just sayin ;)

  5. Looks like it was fun in spite of the decor. First I want a bottle of that wine just so I can offer to friends and watch them freak out, secondly, who doesn't want nutsack or as we call them here knobs, which only makes it better. I can't get the video to play on my iPad :( I'll have to come back on the computer. Seriously that decor, it's kind of fun, I secretly love hideous decor, trying to figure out where it came from. Happy 15th that's a good milestone xx

  6. Seriously, whazup with that hotel?? Perhaps someone on LSD in the 70's? Love your pianny playin'! No, I really do. The extra added attraction of Phil in the back ground was great! You should get him out there doin' something, then play music to go along with it....make it look like he's dancin' to the tune! OMG. That would be fu-u-u-u-uny!!! Great post, girl (but they all are). Dona

  7. Okay...I am obsessed with two things (maybe three) about this post: I. That haunted house. I must have it. 2. Going into that fancy hotel and completely redecorating everything. Carte blanche, of course. 3. That Jane Seymoure actually wielded that much POWER! and 4 (yes, I lied about three) that Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams are someplace together and Chris is walking and Robin is happy.

  8. If you were there on a hot day, the smell of horse poop fills the air. arghh. And it IS gaudy to the max. That's where vinyl and plastic flowers go when they die.

    There's a mom and pop home made ice cream shop down here that was featuring an ice cream called MACKINAC. I asked for some MACK-IN-AWE and they said "She's the FIRST person to know how it's pronounced!" For which I SHOULD have gotten a free scoop, but after all, this IS Floruba.

  9. Okay! Now I have to watch that movie again. Been so very long and I remember it was so good and the theme song...yes, have to see it again. Plus, I'd like to see if the decor is the same as in the movie--LOL! I do love that they don't allow motorized vehicles on the island. Makes me think of how happy people probably first were with cars and the less horse poop...only to deal with smog, noise, and global warming. LOL! Oh and, as a Minnesotan who also has lived a few years in Wisconsin, I've always heard it pronounced Mackin-naw, so I was surprised to see a "c" on the end of it. Learn something new every day, I guess. :):)

  10. Andi Andi are so freakin talented!! Thanks for sharing your vacation and your music! Gonna have to find that show...don't think I have ever seen it!

  11. ...I am still laughing about those drawer pulls :) wow

  12. I have never seen that movie, but you played beautifully. And we got a rare Andi photo yay! Happy Anniversary! XO

  13. Duh, Andi, vinyl sofas are the bomb. Once a year you can take them outside and blast them with the hose. I always think that Mackinac is closer for me than it is, but it's not unrealistic that I could drive there some day. I'll put that on my list. And that kid mannequin at the museum would freak anyone out, I believe.

  14. Ok, the nut sacks were c-r-a-z-y and the interior decor really needs an update but it sounds like you guys had a great time! Congrats!

  15. I have to remember not to eat grapes while visiting your blog. I nearly choked on one after reading this! The drawer pulls, the beer drinking pooch, Phil making ridiculous faces...I could go on but I have to change my pants now :/.

  16. I've been divorced almost five years and I'm still waiting for my honeymoon that I never got. It's especially pointless now because I hate him, and he's impotent. Happy Anniversary! That weird piece of furniture with the penis in the middle is called a poof, but I don't know if that's the correct spelling. I hate you for having a piano that's in tune. I can't bear to play because my Mason & Hamlin is so out of tune and I don't have the money for a tuning right now. Nice of Grandma to give Eddie a beer. Keep the grandkids drunk and they don't bother you --till they puke.


    1. I don't know if I'm allowed to reply to your readers but a "poof" is the English slang for a gay guy and a "pouf" is the thing you can sit on. And Janie is right....Gramma looks like the coolest babysitter ever.

  17. You crack me up! The only thing I like on the island is the fudge. Did you stop and shop anywhere in Holland? Holland's Farmer's Market is TO DIE FOR! The downtown section of Holland is soooo cute!! I actually enjoyed Holland better than Mackinac Island!

    1. Holland's Farmer's Market is AWESOME!!!! It wasn't open this year when we were there, but I definitely hit it last year. Love it!!!


  18. That was awesome...I want to visit Makinawwww island now too!!! Really!! But it's too far. I looked it up!! lol ;) It looks amazingly beautiful though...everything except the inside of the hotel! Ack, it's awful...and all wrong! I love that movie. Great job on the piano serenade. :)

  19. I'm not sure you've convinced me to take a vacay here. Bad food, haunted hotels, drawer pulls in the shape of manly junk, tacky furnishings and horse poop everywhere you go. Your piano playing is lovely, though.

  20. Boy oh boy, now I am afraid to have you to my house! You will do a post like this---you are brutal! Call me crazy (cuz' I am) but I kinda sorta almost like the chandelier that looks like something from a candy store.
    Happy Anniversary Andi and hubby and thanks for including us!

  21. Gramma, Eddie and the beer is my favorite! Evidence that your whole family is a little nuts. In a good way of course. Boy... that was a lot of red and green in that hotel. I would still go there....I like cheap! As long as there's no bedbugs... and I take my own pillow... and clorox the shower... and.... ugh... maybe I'll stay home too... it looks like you guys had fun.

  22. Lovely rendition!! And I was contemplating a getaway with Joe until the vinyl sofa. And dining area. Thanks for the head's up and happy anniversary!

  23. Hilarious!! MackinAWW Island is on my bucket list....during the Lilac Festival of course! Thanks for the heads up about the hotel! Garish is a great word to describe it. Some of these places survive just on their reputation alone and never bother to keep up. Wouldn't it be fun to redecorate THAT place? Love the pink pajamas though...

  24. I fully expected to see Philly pirouette in the piano reflection. Cracked me up either way, along with the nightstand pulls.

  25. Nice piano playing! Having a teeny,tiny man running around the side of your piano was a bonus. I really can't think of what that hotel was hoping to achieve with that decor. I must Google the decorator so I know never to copy anything he/she does!


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