Sunday, October 29, 2017

laundry room makeover part two {finale}

How excited are you to see my laundry room? You're SUPER excited, you say?

Have you no life?

If you missed part one, you can see it HERE!

I did things a little bassackwards with this project, in that I showed you part of the finished product prior to demonstrating the carnival of chaos this room once was. 

But here's a little glimpse of cuteness before we get to that:

You're in for a treat, because it looked so much worse before.

The space is really small--66"x72", so just 33 tiny square feet. Once you get a washer and dryer in there, as well as laundry baskets and all the other necessary paraphernalia, there wasn't much room for MY ginormous feet.

Here's my glamorous laundry room. I can smell the waves of jealousy rolling off you.

It's a little reminiscent of what my pantry used to look like.

Here's the wall over the washer and dryer. 

And that's about the extent of the Before Tour.

After Phil removed the appliances, the first thing I did was paint the entire space bright white. 

For those of you who have been with me a very long time, you might remember I painted the backsplash in our old home. It's a long and horrible post, but here's what it looked like:

I also painted the backsplash at my mom's house.

I gave this room a similar treatment.

I measured, taped, and began painting while listening to Game of Thrones for the second time:

I made all the color combinations with these four little paints:

Did you spy my new light fixture? We had a plain ole can light before:

That hole in the wall (above) goes into my walk-in closet so I can throw my dirty dandies into the laundry room without walking all the way down the hall and risk the neighbors seeing me without said dandies.

Suddenly, the appliances are back, Phil has built a shelf to hover over the washer and dryer, and he's also added a rod for hanging clothes to dry!

Was that fast? I thought that was fast. Was it fast? Was it?

The adjacent wall grew floating shelves while we were looking at the appliance wall. And a really cute TV clock from Gordman's.

The baskets came from Target, and Phil built the floating shelves from THIS tutorial, in case you want to make your very own.

What happened to my ironing board? I knew you would ask, so I took this picture.

I bought those hooks from Hobby Lobby years ago, knowing I would eventually have the ironing board hanging behind the door of the laundry room.

I made Phil take the door off so I could take this picture.

I'm mean like that.

The door is back on and I'm washing clothes like a madwoman. I've also got room to move around now, thanks to the fact everything is up off the floor.

Here's one more look at my new wall featuring my wine-inspired cabinet!

So, if you need to dump a load, you know where to go.

No. Wait.


  1. Andi, Yesterday I moved into a new rental house and this is TOTAL inspiration. I adore your colors though I don't know if I would have the intestinal fortitude to paint a wall like you did to get such gorgeousness.
    Thank you! ~ Christina in SW FL (up to my waist in boxes... everywhere)

  2. BASSACKWARDS!!!! Are you sure you're not adopted? I thought my family were the only people who said that!! Ah, memories.....ahem. Well, you make me want to whip out the tape and go to town on something. But rationally, I know mine would never turn out as perfect as yours. Besides, if I even say the word 'paint' my daughter breaks out in hives. So, as usual, I will live vicariously through you. Which is even better cuz your life has Phil in it! Woo hoo! Hey, seriously, great job! (You, too, handsome!) Dona

  3. OK.... so how long does it take to do a wall that size, because I love it. I have just a small back splash in a rental home we temporarily went insane on and decided to ready it to sell investing as little as possible in doing so.

  4. This is just as amazing a transformation as your pantry! Love it--right down to the TV clock!! :)

  5. I have absolutely no life whatsoever so I was extremely excited about your laundry room. You have given me a new reason for existence, but I have a question: what is that thing you call an ironing board?

    Janie, who never learned how to iron on purpose

  6. very cool. saving it for inspiration. just moved into a new-to-us house and there's so much to do. ppl always say paint before you bring in your stuff but we had no idea what the whole thing would look like before bringing our stuff so now we start. maybe.

  7. Oh I love your wine cabinet! oh wait. never mind.
    :) gwingal

  8. Oh, I'm beyond jealous! I have no laundry room so I find yours very big!

  9. So Adorable!! Still at it I see!! Ha Ha ;)


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