Sunday, January 25, 2015

nights at my round table

Greetings fellow dragon slayers!

I have been totally antisocial lately, which is not a great quality in a blogger.  I won't try and make excuses because excuses are BS.  I'm owning my misanthropic behavior.

So, let's forget my dereliction of duty and move forward, for crying in your beer cheese soup.

I've been searching for an end table to reside next to the sofa and the Butter Chair.  It couldn't be a piece with an unfinished (or hairy) back, since it will be seen from all sides (not up against a wall).

My Jeep was on autopilot the other month and we ended up at the Goodwill.  My Spidey senses started tingling immediately and I walked straight up to this beauty and promptly shat myself.

It was in amazing condition, and the old price of $10 was scratched off and it was marked down to $5.

Seriously?  $5 for all this walnutty goodness????

And if you're going to tell me it's not walnut, shut up.  I don't want to hear it.

Thomasville.  1966.  It's older than me but younger than Philly. 

That is totally burled walnut in the middle, but my photography skills are crap and you can't see that.

I grabbed the tag, knocked down 3 old ladies, kicked a seeing-eye dog, dashed to the counter, and claimed my prize.

Seriously people.  Five dollars.  Like you wouldn't do the same.

I was originally going to paint the entire base, but as I finished sanding down the top, I realized how beautiful all the wood was and I didn't want to cover it all up.

So I only covered some of it up.

I painted all the black, black.

Just a little distressing on the edges.

Philly polished the hardware and it came out blingy.

It's got the gold package.


All of the wood you see got stripped down and a fresh coat of General Finishes Antique Walnut and a coat of GF EnduroVar were applied.  And then I promptly collapsed in a puddle of tears because the top showed "lines" from the poly.  It's the first time I've used this particular GF product.  I've never had their clear-coat do this before.


I have no time at the moment to sand it back down and start over.  A girl's got to get her priorities straight, and right now I'm halfway through a box of wine, a package of Dove chocolates, and a season of Hoarders.

So here's how it looks now when I took the pictures.

Oh.  And my son got engaged.  Wha????

Yep, and we love her.  Well, we love him too, but you know what I mean.  Here they are at Christmas.  His nickname is Sid.  The envelope says SID.  But they play well and Mommy wanted a picture of them with the "STD" card.

If you can see, she's Eddie-approved.

Yep, she's going to fit right in.


  1. Glad to hear she will fit in as well as that totally awesome table!!! OMG...must go to goodwill!!!!

  2. What a magical transformation! Are you going to redo the top later? When you set enough stuff on top of it you'll never notice it, right? It really turned out a beauty!!

    Speaking of glad your son is engaged and that she fits right in. There's nothing better than a DIL you truly get along with! :):) Congrats to the newly official couple.

  3. That's a real steal... how many circular tables are out there anyway... it's very cool.

  4. Yo bitch! Five dollars?? And it's round (ish), and walnut, AND has storage?! Shut up!!

    Does your future dil know what she's getting into? STD?? Roflmao!

  5. That's absolutely beautiful. You did a great job. Now send it to me when you ship the piano. Actually, I don't need anything. How can it be younger than Philly? Your son looks like a nut job, but I like the young lady. The important part, however, is that Eddie likes her.


  6. Wow, it turned out great! That hardware is awesome and you know vintage Thomasville is so well made it'll last forever. Can't be it was $5!

  7. I shat myself cuz I missed you so much. From one mother of the groom to another.

  8. Wow. Awesome. The table and the kids. And your painting skills. Fantastic. I think you make me sick. I want all your perfectness. Even if you are antisocial. Pfffftttttttt! Dona

  9. The table or whatever it's called is absolutely delightful! You did well knocking those old ladies down!

  10. $5!!! What a steal... your remind me of the lady I saw at Homegoods the other day. They had two chairs on display right inside the doors and she walks in, walks back out, walks in... pauses...then grabs these two pretty big chairs and drags them in the store and tells the cashier they're sold. Hahaha. Except, those chairs weren't $5... but, you know what I mean... she didn't want no one else buying them chairs!! It looks great, I love the two tone paint... and congrats! So happy for your son!

  11. Oh how I've missed you making me lough out loud and making my kids wonder what the hell I'm laughing out loud at. Beautiful prize how you chose to redo it. Congrats to your son on his engagement too, she is in for a fun future! :)

  12. I have a son in-law and we love him so congrats on your new addition. That table was a steal. Love what you did with it Andi!

  13. Dogs are great judges of character so I wouldn't let my son STD engage himself to anyone that Eddie did not like.
    The table looks fabu, I can't believe how much the hardware shined up.
    A box of wine and a season of Hoarders sounds dreamy.

  14. Anytime you can get Thomasville for $'ve scored! Love this makeover, you did a fabulous job and I really didn't notice the streaks. Woohoo and congrats on gaining an daughter-in-law!

  15. Fab-u- Lousss! Would not have thought to use black...looks great! congrats!

  16. Any chick willing to make STD jokes for her future MIL is a keeper, love the nightstand a seeing eye dog will learn to move faster next time :)

  17. Love the table (and GF products!) ....and how cute is your son and future daughter in law! Congrats to you and them! What a fun family you have. :)

  18. I'm catching up and already know you have suffered a terrible loss in the family, but I wanted to congratulate you on the engagement. The table looks pretty cool, too.


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