Thursday, March 26, 2015

happy doggieversary to meeeee!

Hi!  It's me!  Eddie!

First of all, I'd like to give a big shout-out to my Buddy Franklin, who told me it was okay to take over Mom's Blog.

This is only my second-ever post on Mom's Blog, and I wanted to tell you that it's my doggieversary!  Well, sort of.  It's my unofficial birthday!

Well, yesterday was.

My forever family adopted me 11 years ago (yesterday) and I was about two years old at the time, which makes!  Ish!

The reason I didn't get to post this yesterday is because Mom was hogging The Blog.  She keeps talking about something to do with how the "Homeys Talk" or something like that.  And she says if you missed yesterday's post, and if you think she's as funny as SHE thinks she is, you should "Def go check it out."

She keeps telling me I'm going "Def," but I don't understand what "can't hear shit" has to do with visiting yesterday's post.

Maybe I heard her wrong.

I love my family and they love me oodles and doodles.  Mom says she has more pictures of me than she does of her human kids.  By like a thousand percent.

So, in honor of my doggieversary, here are a bunch of pictures of me.  And Mom didn't pose me in any of them.  I'm just a goofy dog and I like to cuddle up with things, and snuggle into things, and have my tongue hang out because I don't have any teeth.

Mom and Dad always say I'm "ate up with cute."  That sounds like bad grammar to me, but what do I know?  (What a wino?)

Mom and Dad (and Emma!) think I'm just the sweetest thing in the whole world, and I'd have to agree. 

I'm so fluffy!!

I don't remember much about the people who had me for my first two years, but Mom and Dad must know something about them because they always call them Stupid Dumb-Asses for giving me up.

I'm glad they did because now I get meatloaf for first breakfast and eggs for second breakfast.

I like snuggling in Mom's coat and being camel-flazhed.

Sometimes I like to sit at the bar and see if someone will bring me a drink.

Gramma will!!

And sometimes I cheat when playing Cards Against Humanity.

Mostly I like to snuggle.  I got really comfy in this afghan.  Mom cracked up at my nose.  She called me Hannibal and I don't get it.

This was Mom's sham pillow from the old house.  It had a built-in snugglie and I really liked it.

Emma's duck was my bestie for a while.  Mom says you're going to think she posed me this way, but I did all these things all by myself.

But sometimes I just like to feel pretty, so I wear feathers.

But this is my new favorite place to nap.  Mom and Dad call it my Dogloo.

Thanks for visiting me today on my LATE doggieversary!!


  1. Oh, Eddie! You are so cute! But you know that already. I am glad you found a new forever family who love you as much as you deserve. Happy belated birthday!! :)

  2. Oh Eddie, you are the cat's meow! (no offense). I made something super awesome for you out in our yard, but my mom refuses to help me package and send it! Woof, woof! -The Foz

  3. OHHH!!! Happy day Eddie! Ginger needs a dogloo!!! Slightly disturbed by all the pictures your mom takes of your nose...just sayin'.

  4. Eddie, your post made me smile so much that I cried. Thanks little guy!

  5. Love you and your post Eddie! Happy Anniversary / Birthday!

  6. Hi Eddie! Happy Anniverday (like that?!) I love hearing all about you from your mom and see the pictures she always puts on her blog. You are a very lucky guy to have the mom and dad you have, but not nearly as lucky as they are to have you! Hope you get hold of the blog again soon! Your friend, Dona

    1. I love my family soooo much, and for some reason, they just want to gobble me up!


  7. Eddie, Aunt Doreen loves you.

    Over and out.

    P.S. Tell you're Mommy you should have your own blog. Tell her that even though she's funny, you're funny AND cute AND sweet. Which makes you a triple treat. (That's what they say in show biz.) Not that she's not cute. Sorta. Who can tell because everybody photoshops their profile pics so for all I know she could be BIG FOOT.

  8. Happy Birthday, Eddie! Your Mom's blog wouldn't be the same without you. :)

  9. Happy Doggieversary. It's nice to be loved so much. I don't know why nobody wanted me until Mom came along. She says I am kissable and a genius dog. What did you do with your toofers? I have a mouthful of toofers. My mom used to have a mom who had false teeth. The false teeth grossed out every buddy, so I'm not suggesting that you get false teeth. I am happy that your mom and dad love you. I like all the pictures of you.

    Franklin the Bordernese

  10. Bless you Eddie. Happy Doggieversary. And thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures Eddie.

  11. Dearest Eddie, I hope you get your meatloaf with some fava beans and a nice Chianti....

  12. Happy doggiversary Eddie. It looks to me from our pictures that you may have really fallen into a ver spoiled life, but that's okay with me.

    1. Yep, they're always telling me, "You sure fell into it here!"


  13. Awww, sweet Eddie! Happy days to you, little man. <3

  14. Happy dogiversary, Eddie! You reminded me a lot of my dog when your tongue is sligtly sticking out!

  15. i love his sweaters, and my dog does that with the afghans too. i dont get it!

  16. Happy birthday Eddie, just don't sit around too long, you'll go to the compost pile.


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