Wednesday, March 25, 2015

kitchen storage solutions {hometalk curated board!}


My friend Danni at Silo Hill Farm posted a board on fairy gardens that Hometalk asked her to curate.  Danni also encouraged us to get involved with Hometalk if we weren't already.

Well heck, I always do as I'm told.  Like that time when I was little and my sister told me to go ahead and tinkle through my undies into the toilet.  And I did.  I have no idea why she thought that would be funny, or why I was stupid enough to do it, but I continue blindly following others' orders no I don't regardless of how they may affect my psyche.

This experience was much more fun.  And considerably drier.

Holy smokes.

I'd been on Hometalk less than a day, and they featured my Pot Farm! post on their Facebook page, and the results were nothing less than astonishing.

I nearly peed my pants.  Again.

Then Liz at Hometalk invited me to curate a clipboard on storage ideas.  I don't know what the heck curate means, so I look it up and now I have to assist a priest or something.

Maybe there's an old priest, a young priest, and a can of pea soup involved...but I digress.

I'm somewhat unsure about this exorcism, but...I soldiered on.

As it turns out, curating a board has nothing to do with anyone's immortal soul, which immediately put me at ease.  I had a fun time cruising through the site, coming up with some fun storage projects.  Naturally, I included my own.  I'm not above self-promotion.

see original post HERE

The folks at Hometalk created this great graphic (below) for me to share with you.  When you do that magical clicking motion on it, you will be instantly transported to the board I curated!  Beam me up!

Hey...there's my Pot Farm, right in the middle!

And please oh please I'm begging you to click on the picture and on the Pin button because it took me forever to figure out how to make it work and I don't think I can take it cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have the recipe again.  Oh noooo.

Now, head on over to Hometalk and set up an account if you don't already have one.  It's a great way to grow your blog and find some great projects!   But before you go....

In other news, I had a service bulletin taken care of on my Jeep.  Now the transmission shifts like a dream.  This lead to a discussion on how happy we are we found the exact options we wanted...but Phil only has one complaint:

No spare tire.  And the tires aren't run-flats.  He TOTALLY fears for my safety.  Like, this keeps him up at night.  It's why he has sleep apnea not really.

Me:'s got a spot for a spare, right?  Why don't we just buy one and then I'll have one?

Phil: Well, it's not just the tire, we have to buy the wheel, too, and it's HUNDREDS of dollars.

Me: it as much as the headers you're going to buy for your Mustang?

Phil: {blink....blink blink...}


  1. I was thinking now you are a curator, like of a museum...fancy. I mean the clergy thing is cool too for you, but I don't like the word rectory...butt...reasons.....anyways....Thanks to you I now have several cube storage units (seriously like 10 serving in a variety of capacities. I do have other furniture too) around my house screaming for makeovers! Why were they lurking over my shoulder to begin with? I have no idea!!!

  2. I've always known you were meant for greatness!!! Way to go, girl! And thanks for the McArthur Park reference! Uh, that is the name of it, isn't it?? Dona

  3. You are hilarious! Congrats on curating! I had no idea what the word meant either. Great ideas Andi!

  4. All things are relative, huh? LOL! :)

  5. I just love reading your posts. :) They are like happy pills. A cure (I) ate. :D Happy Hump Day!

  6. You have awesome reasoning in defense of your car's well-being! I love your pot farm idea.

  7. Where's that green plant that was with the words POT FARM? I miss it.


  8. Yes I want to say something but I can't think of what to say for the love of me nothing is coming to mind maybe I have to what do what Jo-Anne do you have any idea what you wanted to say at all no well shut the hell up then and just say bye .........................................bye

  9. I just joined Hometalk recently and they asked me to curate a board for embroidery crafts after I put up a post of an embroidery hoop craft I did. It was so fun and they made the neat little graphic, too. I am really into their site lately. Your pot farm was brilliant!

  10. You do make me laugh. You also make me do things. I pinned it and I joined Hometalk.

  11. Wow! Congrats on your Hometalk feature! I'm off to check it.

  12. Congartulations!!! I am not evening editing that. New word. Def pinning.

  13. HAHAHAHA!!! I love Hometalk. Great board Andi.


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