Tuesday, March 31, 2015

onward, kitchen soldiers! {crown royal!}

So I discovered a skin tag on the underside of my right boob this morning.  What is the meaning of this?  What is the purpose of this useless cruelty?

Why am I talking about my boob?

This next part of the kitchen reveal makes me want to sing!  Which is very bad for anyone who is not suffering serious hearing loss.

First, the gratuitous booze shot:


I really like this sexy shot...it's quite risque.  Almost looks like she's showing off her tag-free right boob.  Bitch.

Is there a point to this post?

Oh yeah...crown moulding!  Isn't it pretty?

Hahaha...that's just blocking, but I really had you going, didn't I?

I wanted the cabinets to reach the ceiling, both for storage, as well as to achieve a more professional look. We had about a 4-inch gap between the tops of the cabinets and the ceiling, and the crown moulding wasn't tall enough to fill that space without a little help.

My favorite Kitchen Soldier cut 2x4 lumber to length and made a frame against the back side (inside) of the cabinet face frames and sides. These were held in place with cabinet mounting screws straight up from inside the cabinets--very solid. 

Then he cut stained frieze boards to sit on top of the cabinet box and mitered the corners to make what would basically be an extension of the top of the cabinets. Because both edges were factory cut, the joints disappeared. Now the stained cabinets were within a quarter of an inch of the ceiling.

I swear I don't know why my countertops look like poop brown.  They're not.

Philly used the Kreg Crown Pro for all the crown pieces.  

A singular piece of crown moulding! 

Is it "molding" or "moulding"?  I like "moulding."  It makes me feel British.

And intelligent.  

Whoa.  British Intelligence.

Do you see my Pot Farm pokin' out?

I'm so sorry I'm the worst photo-blogger ever.  I'm pretty sure that's Robert Irvine on my TV.  And a random piece of butter on my cutting board.

Remember my Power Range Hood and Pot Filler?

Here's your bonus for the day.  See those holes in the tiles?  Those have real purpose.

I failed to get a good picture of this, but Philly used lag bolts as anchors for the shelves so they would "float."

Then he drilled holes through the side cabinets and attached screws to hold everything in place.

It's just like magic:

Seriously, no one will eat me:

Things always look messier in pictures than in real life.

I'm quite sure the shelves will go through several personality changes before they get themselves right.

My favorite thing is my diner-style clock from Tar-jay.

I'm going to have to buy myself roses every week.  Damn the bad luck.

So...before crown and shelves:

And after:

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Coming up on Kitchen Soldiers!  Buzz LightRail to the Rescue!

Stay tuned...


  1. Holy amazing!!!!! TAG!!!! You're it....oops, the only thing growing under my boobs is moss. Back to the kitchen and its amazing glory...those shelves? Well, you know how awesome they are. That photo in the darkish with the light from the hood...super cosmic like someone should be beaming down TO COOK THOSE SQUASH at any minute!

  2. *sigh* just, *sigh* If I had that kitchen, we would eat out for the rest of our lives. It would be sacred territory where no footsteps would ever land. Photos would be allowed from the next room. Admission would be based on the weather. Rain? $40. Sunny? $20. And velvet ropes would be electrified.

    My favorite? The floating shelves. And they would never, ever, have anything on them. Just the shelves. nothing....no..........go away............ I had no idea it was possible to hate you more than I did. There is no such thing as impossible.

  3. OMG! Gorgeous!! Love the floating shelves...and the red clock--whoohoo! That crown moulding (I prefer the fancy British spelling, too) looks marvelous. You have the most beautiful kitchen now. Congrats!! :)

  4. I just love decorating shelves, but you're right... I usually move things around a million times before I get it just right. Your kitchen cabinets and crown molding look GORGEOUS. I want your kitchen!!!

  5. it sure is looking marvy and i just found a skin tag om my whoo haa must be something in the air grossness but loveing your kitchen xx

    1. yeah....what are ya doing looking at your whoo haaaaaa? :P

    2. well i am 66 who in the hell am i going to get to look at ha ha ha ha xx

  6. First things first...why is monkey looking at her whoo in the first place?

    Hats off to Phil for having the cajones to drill into tile. Fisherman would shit a brick.

  7. That is one sexy kitchen...and no I wasn't just visiting the pot farm. That man has some serious talents cuz your crown looks amazing! I suspect you will have a cooking blog now.

  8. Great pictures of the transformation, Andi. I really do love your Pot Farm, and the cabinets look fabulous all finished.

    1. Thanks Linda! There's still one more finishing touch left on the cabinets tho....mwahahaha......

  9. First...the kitchen....OMG. Drooling all over my keyboard over here. It is spectacular! Now, the tag. I had tons of them at one time in that very (Or should I say those very)spots. Had a couple so big, they'd get irritated by my bra and fill with blood...THEN they were ugly. Anyway, couple visits to doc, he burned them off, gone for good. Do not despair! As you get older (and you will) there are lots more interesting things your body will do to you! (insert evil laugh). Dona

    1. Oh man...I just pinch them off with my fingernails. So gross!!

  10. Robert Irvine would SO approve of this, in fact, he will probably bring you aboard his show to do design work.
    Is that squash moving in on my clock friend's job??? Clock friend did not get purged with the aluminum pans, did he?
    Last weekend I stayed at a friend's apartment, he has excellent natural sunlight, excellent enough that I detected a skin tag on my neck that has apparently always been there, just not visible in my typical drab glow. Lovely.

  11. Dang girl, looking good! I really love the floating shelves, although I'm not sure what I would put on mine, yours look fabulous!

  12. The trim really makes the kitchen looks very chic and expensive! The floating shelves add charm... Perfect kitchen!

  13. Skin tags are boogers. I hate them. Got one under my boob, too. Welcome to old lady town! Your kitchen looks gorgeous...I love all the clean lines. I want to turn on your pot filler and fill all the pots on your pot farm. Can I?

  14. LOVE the shelves! Here's what always comes to mind when I hear, see, whatever a squash. One day when I was still working as an RN, I came into work to work and went to get my assignments for the day and discovered that one of my patients was in for surgical removal of a summer squash from his you know where. No kidding. They had to surgically remove it. Talk about awkward.

  15. I'll come and perform under bosom surgery for you. That's right, me and my toenail clippers are completely qualified to snip off your skin tag. Let me do it....PLEASE!!!! I love doing shiz like that. Ryan completely loves it when I sugerize him. Or pop zits. Or pluck hairs. You cupboards look uh-mazing. And I love love love the open shelves. Back to your skin tag. Let me do it! Let me!! Do it!!

  16. who's the guy on your wall oven?

  17. LOL....I have had a tag under my 'boob' for years...I just keep cutting it off..because YES it does interfere with the bra...haha.... BUT I LOVE your kitchen...I need to know about those cabinets...are they custom...???? I am trying to 'GET THAT LOOK BY DIYING IT'..and YES this should prove to be interesting to say the least. I have the ugliest tiles as my back splash and counters. It is a 'what were they thinking?' All I can say they are Ugly Italian orangey/brown/terra cotta colour...and my floor tiles are NO better; which I hope to do some sort of white wash look to make them look like wood tiles..haha..I have high hopes don't I?. My cupboards are currently orangey oak..yuck..and I want that colour. (I have slate stainless steel appliances..yummy!) I am going to paint my back splash and counters. YUP..I am going for it. White back splash like you...and a grey counter. What do you think? I am going to use a this system of paint..that we have..it is called 'Hard Rock' by Beauti Tone; a brand we have in Canada sold by Home Hardware. I requires a few steps of primer, paint, sealer. It is used in alot of bars for their bar tops. I used it on a bathroom floor before. Pretty durable. It is textured...but has a dang good poly-like coating on top. But I need to change the colour of my cabinets too. So I LOVE the colour of yours. SO; after my long rant...haha...what is the colour of yours? I think there are 'gel stains' I can hope to try..I am not going on the paint bandwagon for these. Any help would be appreciated..thanks in advance...Laura

    1. That all sounds amazing! Our cabinets are cherry, and we ordered them (custom) from Conestoga with Bordeaux stain (which is very appropriate, given my wine addiction). :P It's pretty dark with red undertones. I hope that helps! Good luck!


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