Wednesday, August 31, 2016

get drunk and paint a picture night

Do you have those paint-and-drink studios where you live? You know, where you can have an artist walk you through the steps of creating a masterpiece, all while imbibing your favorite tasty alcoholic beverage? My daughter calls this the "get-drunk-and-paint-a-picture thing."

She's a girl after my own heart.

Meet Emma. I love this picture of us. She doesn't always dress up in leopard spandex with pink and green sprouts in her hair, although she should. In fact, I like the look so much, I think I'll run out and get my own similar combo.

This picture was after her unforgettable performance as Paulette in Legally Blonde this summer.

She. Was. Awesome.

Emma and I had a date night a few weeks ago. This was a belated Mother's Day celebration, and she treated me to get-drunk-and-paint-a-picture night.

We started off having some dinner at the pub just down from the studio. They played some awesome 90s throwback music. And here I thought only the 80s had awesome music.

Here's a blurry picture of us in the booth. The camera must have had too many already.

We staggered over to the studio and took another selfie, because it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

I have no idea what I was looking at, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't looking at my cleavage, like you are. Stop it.

I thought it was so interesting how the artist had every step laid out, yet you could choose your own accent colors and make the painting your own. Emma and I chose to paint for each other, rather than keep our own.

We started with lightly wetting the canvas, then mixing black and white right on the surface to give a gray, streaked background. I was going to wet my canvas with wine, but Emma was afraid I would start licking the painting. Just like last time.

After that had a chance to dry, and I had a chance to drain another glass of Sauv Blanc, we started adding our lotus flowers.

Another layer; another glass. You get the picture.

Maybe that's why Emma's petal shapes are way better than wine. Mine.


giggle snort

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Now for super-doooooper purdy pink and turquipsy paint woohoo!

De-definition to our flotus lowers:

And now we had to stand on our heads. I mean, stand our paintings on our heads. Crap. The paintings are supposed to be upside-down so we could matchy-match the picture-butt thing to the rest of the side things. Then we added little stripey doo-dads in the water for some fifty shades and something about a drinking a fifth of dimension.

hiccup slurp hiccup

It's hard to pee while standing on your head. Have you ever tried that? We flipped the paintings back over and let the blood drain back out of our heads. Then we added some glammy gold highlights into the skyline (I may have also put some in my hair!), and finally, our Herbie Hancocks!

It was soooooo fun! I can't wait to do it again! Drinking with your offspring is the best part of adulting!

Thank you Emma! I love you!

Why do I look so glassy-assed? Glassified? Glassy-eyed?

I knew I'd get there eventually.


  1. You know, Emma's pink and green hair things would have complimented her painting very well....just saying. Looks like you two goobers had a glassy-assed blast! LOL I love your made up words. They're the best. Are you tall or is Emma short? If she cut her off like her mama, you'd be twins. I've never done the drunk painting thing- not in public anyway. ;) xoxo, T.

  2. Oh, I love all your pics...and the paintings! I've done this before with my niece. Neither of us drank, though. Had fun anyway! We did sunflowers. What a great mom/daughter activity!!

    1. I love sunflowers! They have sunflower day at the place we went to...I'd love to go back and do those. :)

  3. I have heard of these and they do look like fun! Not sure how well I could concentrate on the actual painting, though--LOL! You two are so cute together. :)

  4. I want to see the results of hangover painting day. Could be interesting.

  5. Emma is adorable! She looks so much like you. May I borrow her for a play date? Have you seen the rainbow hair thing? I want it. Oh, and what cleavage? If you want cleavage, baby, I got the goods.


  6. Two of my good friends work at one of those wine and paint places. I love them. (My friends and the paint places, both.)

  7. Happy faces and nice paintings always a good mix

  8. Assy gassed? And you look like you could be sisters, you must of been 10 when you birthed her.

  9. I can't believe you have such a grown up girl! I had no idea such places exist, but they should definitely open one in Brittany - one layer of paint - one pint of cider!


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