Wednesday, August 7, 2013

celebrating adversity



Difficulties; misfortune.

misfortune - disaster - distress - calamity - hardship

I never really understood why people celebrate their adversities.  It seems like such a strange thing.  But we get dressed up, go out to a fabulous restaurant, drink some wine, and maybe even get a little...uh...amorphous.

Well, Philly and I have officially had 14 adversities as of today. 

It sure feels like way more than that.  Like 15 at least.

Philly was so thrilled to be married.  Again.

At least there was plenty of alcohol.

Do you recognize those champagne glasses?  (Yes, they look like martini glasses, but my sister has confirmed they're actually champagne glasses...filled to the absolute top.)  Anyway, I used one of those when I made my Blueberry Banana Barfait.

As a side note...didn't my mom do an awesome job making my wedding dress?  LOVE the 1920s style.  (And my baby girl!!)

I'm...too sexy for my car...

Yes, the Model Ts Strike Back.  You can see more Model T stuff here and here.

{Anyway, Mom also made my <cough> first wedding dress.  It was 80s and quite poofy.  She promised she would not make a third.}

Point taken.

Seriously though...we had a small, lovely, intimate wedding at a park.  The weather was hot and muggy, which is great because brides LOVE boob sweat.  But at least it didn't rain until after we got to the reception.

My babies were so cute!!!

What a difference...A few years ago at my parents' 50th anniversary party:

Me with the 'Rents: 

Philly and his Mama...We lost Fran less than a year after we got married.
Miss you Fran!


We really do make the perfect couple.

And after a fabulous evening of dancing and sucking helium, my daughter went into the most maniacal panic-al rage I'd ever seen before or since. 

Me: " get to go home and sleep in your own bed and Aunt Gina is going to stay with you.   We'll be home in the morning."

Cuz we had to go to the hotel to get...amorphous.


The girl was a leech.  Without the blood-sucking part.  She would not let go of me.  She must have thought I was leaving for Mordor and would never return.  Not that she knew about Mordor back then.

Seriously.  Where did that come from?  She was the biggest Klingon I've ever seen that night.  Come to think of it, she wasn't big on Star Trek either.

The boys?  Couldn't have cared less...

We survived.  And somehow we've survived the last 14 years.  Number 15 may be the biggest challenge yet.  The house isn't finished, you know.

Celebrating adversity.  12 months at a time.

But Philly, hurry up and get home so you can take me someplace fabulous I don't deserve.  Because I started the Moscato D'Asti without you.

I love you Philly!  Here's to 14 more....

Years.  Not kids.

Or leeches.


  1. May you have 1400 more, have a great night xo

  2. I love your dress. If my mom had made a dress for me, one or more parts of it wouldn't have it. I got married in a dress from the junior's department in Macy's. I sold it on e-bay as vintage a couple of years ago. Yes, I am that old, and no, I was not sorry to see the dress go. It was blue with little flowers on it. I felt blue most of the time I was married. When X dies, I will wear a red dress to his funeral and dance on his grave, after I laugh at his widow.


    1. My comment should have said "wouldn't have fit." The last time my mom made a pair of pants for me, one leg was larger than the other.

  3. Happy Anniversary. :) It doesn't look all that adverse to me... :D

  4. I like your wedding dress, very nice and yeah your mum did a bloody awesome job of it, 14 years is great

  5. Happy ding dang adversity day.

  6. And many more adversities to you and Philly! Congrats!

  7. Congrats on another year! :) Your kids sure were cute and still are, but bigger and still cute! Haha! Its so fun to go back and look at photos. I really need to dig some up, I have a huge box. Just too lazy to scan them!

  8. got a wee bit sweet on us! Happy Adversity my friend!! (This is my second go round too, everybody needs a practice marriage, right??)

  9. Your Mother did a wonderful job on your dress. It looks beautiful on you! Happy anniversary, hope you are having a winederful time!!!!

  10. You are hilarious!

    Happy Adversity!!

    Love the pics- you and your family are beautiful!!

  11. Hope you'll have at least 14 more years of adversity. And if I'm getting married, I know who to ask to make me a dress!

  12. You have a beautiful family! In the second pic, though, the one with the that a touch of fear I see in Philly's eyes? Looks like he got over it. Love seeing the old and new guys are a good lookin' couple! May you have many more adversities! Dona

  13. You two are so cute. I love your dress. Your mom is amazing. Can't believe she made your dress. I wish you many more adversities!

  14. Happy Anni lady! I love that your mom made the dress! How sweet. And I like the car, which I'm sure is theirs. I like your parents...

    Also I like Moscato D'Asti the most. Xheers to you and your hubs!

  15. Happy anniversary! What a great post. I loved looking at your wedding pictures and reading some of the funny stories from that day.

  16. This was hilarious and totally clever! Here's to 14 more years of adversity!

    Your entire family is gorgeous.

    Happy anniversary. :)

  17. Happy Anniversary Andi and Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great post - love love love the photos !

  18. Happy belated anniversary! What a beautiful bride!

  19. After reading your comments on all my friends pages (they have obviously kept you from me) I knew I had to come over here and visit. Anyone who calls their own kid a blood sucking leech is my kind of gal.....say hello to a new follower!...Oh yeah...congrats on your anniversary too! Wishing you many years of adversity....I've been married for 41'll survive...a little battered but still walking.

  20. Happy Anniversary!! Ryan and I are coming up on 10. Wow! Love your dress, by the way, your Mama did a fabulous job.


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