Friday, August 23, 2013

living room {the farewell tour part 5}

In the beginning, there was the super-sexy builder-white paint.

And a countrified couch and chair.

The best I could come up with was some Christmas stuff.

I have no recollection of that lamp in the corner.  We're going to say that Philly brought that to the party.

I carried the watermelon.

And Philly's birthday.  See the new lamp in the corner?  More on that later.

When he saw this picture, he said, "Okay, but who's that kid sitting next to me?"

Me:  Ummm...     That would be your son, Anthony.

Phil:  That's Anthony?  No it's not.  He looks so fat in the face.

Me:  Well, that was his chubby phase.

Then Philly saw a subsequent picture (from the same day) with a different angle son (in which he actually recognized Anthony), and said, "Well, I guess that is him...he's wearing the same shirt."


So the room got some new furniture.

Then it got some paint.  And a little rearrangement.

The carpet actually got some paint, too.  Philly's sister (also known as Nancy Philsister) "helped" me paint.  And by "help," I mean she dumped over a whole cup of (red) paint onto the carpet under the piano. 

We managed to get it all cleaned up and we never told Philly because we both like breathing.

But I love Nancy.  She's my only family member who voluntarily reads my blog.

(I love you Nancy!)

In an attempt to quell a myriad of questions regarding the 2 pieces of art on the wall between the windows, I'm going to go ahead and show off my cross-stitching prowess.

Aren't they cool?  I love them.

And now I'm going to blow your mind with my stained-glass lamp.  

Tiffany?  You ask?


Andi-y?  I wish.

This awesome creature was made sister Diana Banana.  She's uber-talented.  She designed it.  She cut the glass.  She put the whole thing together.  It's almost 3 feet in diameter.  Awesome, no?

Okay, let's quit gushing about the lamp.  After all, this blog is about me.  And she doesn't read my blog anyway.

The living room got a final facelift with more paint, furniture tweaks, and a few other tidbits.

See my DIY dropcloth drapes?

And in between the TV and the piano, you'll see my updated lamp and my boob job chest lift.

Let's play "Where's Edwaldo?"  Can you spot my favorite schnauzer?  He's in the picture, I promise.

Doesn't the room look 213 times bigger now?

After reading this blog post and seeing this last photo, Philly says,
"Is that wall 'brown' now?"

Me: "Only for about a year now."

Philly:  "Huh.  I thought it was red."

It's a miracle he finds his way home. 

***Update #2***
I just changed the look of my blog again and now I look like the Miami Dolphins.
Oh, least football season is coming. 

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  1. Husbands! lol. I love that he didn't recognize his son...or that your red wall had been gone for a year. I like your cross stichery by the way. :) Very cute. I secretly want a Christmas Village, and it kinda reminds me of that.

  2. I've always wanted to try making drop cloth drapes, def. love the room now! I am amazed by that lamp...

  3. I guess painting the carpet is one way to change the look of a room. ;0)

  4. Nobody puts Andi in a corner. I want the piano.


  5. love the lamp. Stained glass--ANY glass--is my hot button. :)

  6. I really like the color of your walls. :)

  7. That room really came a long way, baby! You know I have two sisters, two brothers and both my parents are alive. Out of the six people I just mentioned, guess who reads my blog? My dad and my two brothers! Go figure?! I guess the girls don't want any part of this life of fame and fortune...

  8. I was going to make a corner joke but someone beat me to it. I can't believe how amazing your sister is that lamps awesome, yay for Nancy best sil ever, but Andi your cross stitches are amazing! I have to confess, I have attempted cross stitch so many times but apparently I can't count because I always skip a line somewhere realise my mistake and give up thanks for linking xo

  9. Yes, that room absolutely looks bigger now! And men don't seem to notice much of anything house-hold related! You have some mad stitching skills girl!

  10. I think Diana Banana's lamp would be pretty cool as a hanging fixture in the new house. Did I spot a dog pretending to be a pillow?

  11. Can you do a giveaway just for one person - and please send me those 2 embroidery pics?
    Thanks very much !!!
    Great job Andi - it DOES look much bigger - and love your drop cloth drapes too - after the house is sold
    could you send those as well?
    Or would you rather just make one shipment?
    Totally up to you of course

  12. Can you do a giveaway just for one person - and please send me those 2 embroidery pics?
    Thanks very much !!!
    Great job Andi - it DOES look much bigger - and love your drop cloth drapes too - after the house is sold
    could you send those as well?
    Or would you rather just make one shipment?
    Totally up to you of course

  13. I love how the room changed and I kive how yur husband didn't even notice it! But after all, it's not as bad as not recognizing his own son!!!

  14. Your husband is a funny guy! I hope you laugh along with him and the things he says...he is priceless. I was almost like, do you paint carpet...then I kept reading and laughed some more.

    The light your sister made, the one that doesn't read your blog :) is BEAUTIFUL.

  15. I've been wanting to make drop cloth drapes for like ever, but am sewing challenged. Your room looks fabulous and those cross stitches are awesome!!!

  16. Ok, the room looks bigger, love the drapes and I found your dog (but I had to enlarge the pic).

    But what I really want to know is...if Nancy is the only family member who voluntarily reads your blog, does that mean everyone else is tortured or bribed? Tell me your secrets!

    And I think our husbands are related :/

    Just be thankful he doesn't sleep walk ;)

  17. Oh sh*t, you crack me up. And I never would've pegged you for a cross-stitcher. I also want your non-reading sis to make me a lamp. Extra props on the vacuum lines, by the way.

    1. Ah yes...the ever-elusive vacuum lines...They only come out of hiding when one puts her house on the market...

  18. Who is that kid?! Aaahahahahaa!!! Oh, Philly...

    Hey. Look at you cross stitching. That's pretty bad ass.


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