Tuesday, August 6, 2013

family room {the farewell tour part 4}

Oh, this room.

It was the boy cave.

The dumping ground.

The room I wished never existed.

I don't have any great pictures to share, but here goes.  

I think this was our first Christmas in this house.  We had the whole fam damily over.

See the ugly gray breaker box on the right-hand side?  Remember that.  I will magically make it disappear momentarily.

Who the hell are all those small children?

It's amazing what can happen in 14 years.

Then Andi got "creative."

Whoa.  Sponge painting?  Check.

Anthony?  I wish I could explain, but I just can't.  For some reason he loved to tuck his night shirt into his tighty-whities.

Too bad I don't have any pictures of the perpetual disaster zone this room was when the boys were at home.  There was NO food allowed down here.  Which is why there was a constant pile of candy wrappers mixed in with their stinky socks and the occasional toenail.  Sometimes I saw the cockroaches wearing their underwear.

Not really.

But boys are gross.  You know they are.

Later I got even MORE creative.  It started with some innocent area rugs our next door neighbors were selling.  I liked the colors, so I just let them explode all over.

And that's not all that exploded.  Remember this post when I was cleaning out the basement and this room resembled a hoarding cache?

Well, I got it all cleaned up and ready for the realtor so we could have exactly zero calls on our house.

I'm not repainting this room.  You can't make me.

See the awesome Raggedy dolls my Mom made me?  When I was a little girl...I got Raggedy Ann first.  Then Andy.  Then, of course, Andrea!  (That's me.)

(Can you see the breaker box on the right-hand side now?)

Here you can see my checkerboard table peeking out:

I know.  The stripes are making me tired too, but I'm leaving them so shut up.  I'm tired of painting walls.  At least until I have some new ones to paint. 

Besides, you should SEE the color schemes in some of the houses in my neighborhood.  They make mine seem positively pleasant.

I'm not lying.


You don't believe me?


Did you miss the other parts of the tour?  You can see them here:


  1. I am amazed at how well that breaker box covered up! Nice clean up job!

    It is sure frustrating to wait around for people to come look at your house. The upside of online brokering is that they can see pictures of the house when it looked its best, and you don't have to clean it up every time for someone to come in and say, "Oh, I don't like red walls (or insert whatever other ridiculous remark they might make)" after you have spent hours spiffing things up and baking cookies so the house smells good.

    The down side is that you don't know how many people looked and already dismissed it or might have fallen in love with it had they actually walked through...striped walls or not!

    I kinda like the stripes and I can't imagine how much time and patience it took to put them up there. I bow to your fortitude! :)

  2. I don't blame you... I hate painting, too! That is why I always want to hire someone to do it for me. I am sort of glad we painted our Master Bath on our own a couple of months ago, because the color I selected looked totally different on the wall so we decided to paint it a different color halfway through... bleh! Those are hilarious photos! I need to start digging up some old ones.

  3. Well I like how the room ended up much nice then how it started out........I don't like painting but it better then wallpapering..........

  4. If any potential buyers smart off you can tell them you are moving because you don't like the stripes either.

  5. I haven't heard fam damily in years! My mother always said that. I just have this funny feeling inside, that you're going to be painting over some stripes!

  6. Oh my gosh...I LOVE the transformation. It's so warm & inviting! And for the record, there will never, ever be intentional "here's my house" photos on the internet. I got no eye, kid. Please come over.

    1. Well, I DO promise the next one will be better...but thanks for not beating on me like a red-headed stepchild to paint over those stripes...

  7. Get the stripes painted Andi - it'll pay off, trust me...................
    You want top dollar - not striped dollars!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the photo of Anthony LOL

  8. Keep your painting skills for the new house!

  9. i love raggedy andrea! so cute. and you are right boys are gross. even grown up ones leave their toenails around. HURL

  10. Boys are gross and I have the same issue with chip packets shoved in cushions...oh it's kind of sweet seeing them when they were young. Lots of memories in houses.

  11. What did you do with the breaker box? Did you actually paint over it?


  12. You never know about buyers...someone may just love those stripes!


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