Monday, October 28, 2013

fish guts

I know you've all been waiting with "baited" breath for the follow up on the grossest post.

Remember Major Carp?

I finally got brave and gutted him.

Here's how he looks now.  No.  I haven't actually washed the bottle yet.

Surprisingly, I didn't gag once this time.
He was mostly full of vinegar and fruit.
No oil to go rancid.

So I barely smelt it.

But it was so heavy I think he gave me carp-al tunnel.

Since I'm only about a quarter Polish, does that make me a Tadpole?

Those jokes were a little fishy.

In case you were wondering what my house looks like right now:

I'm a shameless slob when I pack.

Speaking of fish, did you know there's actually a fish called the Horneyhead Chub?

No lie.

Meet Mr. Chub:

male hornyhead chub

He was last seen swimming with the River Carpsucker.


  1. From reading this post, I assume you have gotten so used to the fumes coming out of your decorative bottles that you weren't aware of a slight loss of brain cells during this last process?

    Now I can't wait to hear what you have in store for Mr. Fish. Filing him up with water and those "Sea Monkeys" that you can still buy off the internet? I hear they're hours of fun.

  2. Lol second post in a row about moving house, second one that made me laugh, weird because from my experience packing up is the least fun in the world!!

  3. OMG....I am still laughing you little tadpole you!!! LOLOLOL ROFL

  4. Hope the packing is going well... I see you have drawers just laying around (and not the underwear kind of drawer!) in your kitchen! Ha! Ugh, thanks for reminding me about that gunk you extracted from that bottle. Egh!

  5. You are a brave soul and a messy packer.

  6. So funny!! You know I'm waiting to see what you do with those fabulous bottles!! And um looks like you'll be having time to make pumpkin puree..LOL!!! Keep going girl!

  7. Seriously, go into Standup.


  8. packing is the worst! hey just will never have to pack again unless you decide to go to a old folks home...then you can just make your kids do it!

  9. I can still smell the last one you dumped, Andi! I'm going to call you Iron Gut Andi.
    Horneyhead Chub. Not producing a good visual. hahahahaha

  10. I was sure the fish was going to be the worst of the bunch, I actually threw up a little in my mouth thinking about the last bottle dump. Horneyhead chub....maybe worst fish name ever!

  11. Willy Dunne Wooters is a horneyhead chub.


  12. Wow, you have been busy! I have had my head buried in my studio and have just surfaced for a day or two before diving into Christmas gift making. LOVE the tile backsplash (even if it isn't tile) and the generator pad. Your neighbors will be calling on you to hold over their horneyhead chubs in your fridge if their power goes out sometime. :)

  13. Whale, I guess you dolphinately wrote that just for the halibut! But reely, scale back on the fish puns! You don't have to be a brain sturgeon to understand...

  14. I would had gagged if it was me emptying the bottle but I do hate sea stuff.

  15. wow, they really stuff those bottles!! I have to say, did not look appetizing...glad it wasn't a stinky job

  16. Thanks for the morning laugh! Lots of luck with that packing.

  17. Ha so funny. Hope the packing goes well.

  18. Isn't it amazing how much stuff comes I out of all those cabinets?! We don't even use a quarter of it, but we CAN'T let it go! I see you got dressed in the kitchen this morning...isn't that your plaid flannel nightie? XO


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