Thursday, October 31, 2013

the garage floor ~and~ philly shoots his hose

Philly painted his garage.  It's nice and white now!

Sexy legs.  Most seriously.

Philly also put a durable coating on his garage floor.

I'm very glad I was not present when Philly put the coating on the garage floor.  Mostly because he didn't start until about 9:00 p.m., and I much prefer to be tucked in my warm bed with Eddie von Schnauzer.

 But also because it went quite horribly for him.

Poor man.

It started with 3 innocent, unassuming boxes of this stuff.

He mixed the contents into the heavy-duty ziplock bag they provided.



It dumped in a giant puddle in the middle of the floor.

And what you're supposed to do is cut in the edges, then thinly roll out over the floor with a paint roller.  Oops.

My man got it done though.  It only took him until 2:00 a.m.

Again, happy to be sleeping with my dog.

Oh yeah.  They don't provide you with gloves.  And he didn't have any.  So he came home looking like Hulky-Smurf.  It took days for it to all come off.  This was on Day 2.

But they look so good now!  (The garage AND his hands.)

And that was my segue into the attic insulation.

In other news, Philly got all the blow-in insulation finished in the attic!  I don't know what I was thinking.  I didn't take any pictures of the machine down in the garage (or the operator--his mistress--Brent).  But I did climb the ladder and capture a few shots of him in action.

Well, my 2 grown sons (and my tiny friend Julie) carried them all back up to the garage.

Then Philly spent all day shooting his hose.

I even took a little video.

Yes, that's me laughing.

And I sound just like...

Oh yeah.  Happy Halloween.

I have to go buy some Scooby Snacks.


  1. Philly's Done Hooters has some pretty cute legs. So does Willy Dunne Wooters. His legs are very muscular. I hope Philly can get something else in his hose. He'll need it.


  2. Just like Scooby, Andi. I love that you laugh like Scooby.
    That was quite a load, Philly...quite a load!

  3. I love scooby!!! that garage floor paint was a mess!! but it looks good

  4. You know the whole blog world is going to look at a title like that!! Glad Phil got it all straightened out while you were sleeping like the princess you are!

  5. Scooby didn't play for me, but thankfully I know his laugh well. And thank you for not using the word wad.

  6. LOL! The search engines are going to have fun with that title! Love Scooby!!

  7. I'm so happy I was able to see such a beautiful garage today, could we see Philly's beautiful hands, now?

  8. My husband loves the garage floor, it looks great! And oh my what a hose Philly has!! Very impressive....who needs that shirtless kid when you have a hose like that!!

  9. The floor looks great! Wow! It was worth the mess, totally!

  10. He did a great job on the floor regardless. He must be a determined guy!
    That blown insulation is what closes my throat and eyes up. Can't be around when they do that, I discovered.
    You did sound a little like Scooby--LOL! ;)

  11. I see he's not big on protective gear (ie masks, gloves). Neither am I but it's a really bad idea! He does have nice legs, though. What exactly are you laughing at? Te he

  12. By the time the buyers of your old house realize the pipes are plugged up with garage floor paint, you'll be happily in your new home.

  13. Damn it I can get the video on my iPad! Yay I love the floor poor Philly but it does look great!

  14. I looked at that product for concrete floors. Looks like a lot of work, but your man came through! We are thinking of blowing more insulation in our attic. Phil made that look pretty easy! Love your dog pic. He is so darn cute Andi!

  15. The whole process took about 8 hours and my cars were back in the garage 48 hours later. polished concrete floors


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