Sunday, October 20, 2013

gennie, i got . . .your number

Because you seem to be enjoying the music videos.
And because the lyrics are strangely appropriate.
But wow...what a creeper.

We lose power frequently in our current house.  Often enough that we felt compelled to install a generator at the new house.  After all, we're moving from a well-established subdivision in town to "the country."  We're bound to lose power even more often out there, right?

Plans were made, Gennie was purchased, then we talked to our new neighbors.
Do you lose power out here very often?

Neighbor #1:  No.
Neighbor #2:  No.


Well, I guess we'll have the world's ugliest, most expensive piece of landscaping art.

Remember when I got my driveway poured?  Of course you do.  It was just my last post and it was full of yummy.  Well, they also poured a pad for Gennie.

Then Philly and I devised our own crazy train to get Gennie out to her new Pad.

By some miracle of shims and leverage, Phil got Gennie onto the two-wheeler.

Then we built our "tracks" out of OSB and continued to move the back pieces of the track to the front until we arrived at the Pad.

We looked like the freakin' Beverly Hillbillies.  I'll bet the neighbors are glad we're moving in.  I would have loved video of that process.  Or even some pictures.  But Phil would have strung me up had I attempted to dash away with my camera while leaving him alone with Gennie.

We finally made it to the new Pad.  

As God is my witness, I'll never have to go to work with wet hair again.

Now...What color Annie Sloan should I paint it?


  1. huh? Where's the shirtless guy in this post? he poured the concrete and no picture? I'm this close to unsuscribe!

  2. not sure Annie Sloan paint is good for outdoor purposes :) maybe some bushes to disguise Gennie?

  3. We hardly ever lost power when we lived in the country in Illinois – not even when we had an earthquake.


  4. Ha HA! I knew that song! Oh, and a little misunderstanding from comment before last (yeah, I'm sure you know exactly which one I'm talking about). When I said 'teenagers in the 80's" I didn't mean I WAS a teenager in the 80's, I meant I HAD teenagers in the 80's. Yeah. I was a 'hip' mom, but I"m old enough to be yours! But I'm still pretty cool for a great-grani (you can tell by the i on grani). Anyway, enough about me. Paint Genni to match the house. Oh! Put a little roof on it....and a door! People will think it's a dog house! I'm sure I've been very helpful. Dona

  5. Being from California...I LOVE when we lose power here in Arkansas :) Maybe 3 times total last year (no longer than a few hours!) but I love to light the candles and pretend we need to start preparing for the apocalypse even if that's crazy... haha

    Gennie is a beaut!

    xo Kylie

  6. You'll be glad you have gennie if you ever have a hurricane! Love the color of your house.

  7. Something was missing from this post let me think what was it, oh yeah the shirtless

  8. Some neighbors of ours that are also good friends, have a whole house generator. I curse them every time our power goes out because I know life hasn't stopped for them just cuz the blow dryer doesn't work.

  9. You are never going to regret having Gennie. We lost power for 13 days during our last big ice storm. During those 13 days, the temperature never got above freezing one time. It only takes one ice storm to make you appreciate Gennie...I promise you!! I'll never get rid of my generator...ever.

  10. I love your Gennie and would love for her to come to my house. We live in the country and the power was out just last week for the second time. You won't regret her!

  11. HEY. ya never know. those neighbors might be knocking on your door in the dead of winter if we get another snowmagedden!!

  12. you forgot about the zombie apocalypse. Gennie will be good to have around for that and I'm headed your way with shovel, shot gun homemade vanilla if that ever happens. :)

  13. Even though we've never been without power for too long a stretch I would love to have a Gennie of my very own. It's just a peace of mind thing. If only for the sump pump alone. You may not need her often, but if you ever do she'll be there.

  14. Your neighbours won't think it's so cray when they lose power and your blaring the stero and dancing because you have dry hair :)

  15. We had one installed in our house in Indiana RIGHT BEFORE WE MOVED TO FLORIDA. At least you think ahead. I'm always ass-backwards.

  16. We are the Clampets of our neighborhood too. D wants a smoker, but doesn't want to pay for one, so he drug a 50 gallon drum into the back yard to build his own....... and there it still sits.

  17. I am so at your house during the Zombie Apocalypse.

  18. I think you'll be very happy to have Gennie! Only takes one event for you to be grateful she's waiting outside. ;)


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