Wednesday, December 18, 2013

baby, come back!

 Baby got IS back!!

(Sorry Sir Mix-A-Lot, I'm definitely more a "Baby Come Back" girl than a "Baby Got Back" girl.)

Although technically, it's not a Baby Grand.  It's a "Medium" Grand.  For those of you who give a flip.  Trust me.  Size does matter.  Inches do count.  

I remember the girlfriend of a friend,
upon seeing my yummy Yahama said,
"Oh...that's cute."


This is cute:

 This is freakin' awesome.

Remember the stressful goodbye from the old house?  This time was waaaaaay easier since we no longer had stairs to deal with.

They came in through the garage, through the kitchen, and around the corner into its permanent home.

Please pull up your pants.

One little, two little, three little leggies:

The Yamaha is back home, safe and sound.

I know you were worried.

And this is the coolest part.


  1. Get that floor dusted. But not before you enjoy all the piano music you can.

  2. "And so we had a cup of tea" lol so glad she made it safe and sound, phil must buy the same jeans as Julian always falling down :)

  3. That is definitely a freakin awesome piano! Glad it's safe and sound and I think Sam has those same pants too!

  4. Oi! It's beautiful. Send me one for Christmas. It will take up my entire living room, but I don't care. I'll put my upright in the family room. I'll play one piano and then the other.


  5. It is gorgeous. They really do sound awesome! So do you dress up like Caprica Six and lay across the piano??

  6. I am so excited for you to have things coming together so well!! Wow, you guys have gotten a lot done! I sent you a Christmas card (to your old address with a note to forward) so sometime in February you might get it! :)
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Gorgeous piano. That would fit in my house, if I removed the couch, the tv, and the dining room table.

    Please tend to Santa in that chimney. He's looking sluggish.

  8. I am post behind but I love the flooring! It looks great! I agree there is nothing like the kids making music in the house. My youngest treats me to a guitar concert almost every night! Still waiting to see that Little People collection.......

  9. I was a leeeeetle nervous looking at these photos of them handling your beautiful baby...but all is ok!!

  10. That IS a beautiful baby, for sure. Wish I could hear it being played. Hey, I'll bet you could do that, with all the 'puter smarts you've got! Have to admit, I don't know that song you played. Like it, just don't remember ever hearing it. See? Told ya I was old. 'Sides, we were more of a ROCK kinda family...when it wasn't country. So it's good for me to get other kinds of music from your blog. Not to mention the humor.....and shirtless men. Yeah, life is good. Dona

    1. I'll see if I can come up with some more shirtless dudes...but it IS about to get butt-ass freezing here...

  11. I am glad they know how to move it. Looks like Santa is already stuck at your house...

  12. The pup is adorable, the piano is gorgeous, BUT...

    you had me at plumbers crack. Except he's not a plumber and there really wasn't a crack.


  13. Gorgeous! The piano, not the delivery guy... But I'm partial to Eddie's cuteness. Can he play the piano in your next post? I would love that!

  14. Well, Merry Christmas to you! That is one pretty piano. Hope pretty works better than cute. And inches soooo do count.

  15. Cute! Wish I could play the piano and not just admire the craftsmanship of them.

  16. I am late to the grand party! Looks perfect in there on that beautiful flooring! :)

  17. Oh great. Another piano post. Seriously, I'm turning into the Grinch. IT'S STUNNING!!


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