Saturday, April 5, 2014

you'd like waquine, he doesn't like beets

Willie: You can't vote, ALF, you're not a citizen.

ALF: I'll apply for a green card.

Willie: That's only if you want a job.

ALF: Pass.
ALF: I know...I'll marry Lynn, become a citizen, vote, then drop her of like a hot potato.

Willie: ALF...

ALF: Sure it will be hard on her first. She'll cry, drink a little too much. Join with a bongo player named Waquine.

Willie: ALF.

ALF: You'd like Waquine, he doesn't like beets.

Willie: Neither you nor Waquine may marry my daughter and you may not vote.

ALF: Fine. I have no voice in government, Waquine will get deported, and they'll make him eat beets.

Willie: How many cups of coffee have you had?

ALF: Forty. Why?


Classic ALF.

I'm with Waquine.  I tried beets.  I almost threw up. 

I'm sorry Heather, but they are vile.  They're even worse than mushrooms, and I thought that wasn't possible.  I drizzled them with olive oil...sprinkled with salt, roasted them....

Peeled the outer layer off...sliced them...took a bite...


Even Philly was brave enough to try them and he had the same reaction I did.  He said they taste like dirt.  I thought that was being kind.

Eddie likes everything, but I love him too much to let him try them.  In retrospect it would have been worth it to give him a sample.  Share the love, you know.

Fear not!  I've found a use for my beets.  (But they smell horrible too, and I nearly wretched to death taking these shots.)


And the alien sings, "I.....ain't got no bo---dy..."

 Even #6 was smart enough to scurry away:

Zombie attack:

 Here's the zombie.  Or the Walking Dead Produce Man:

No produce (or cow) was hurt in the shooting of these photos.

Except the beets.

And the potato.

So give.  Do you like beets?  And if is that possible?


  1. I absolutely hate beets. My little brother who was two when I was three loved them. Mama would order him a side order of beets as his meal. He gobbled them down along with bits of her meal. I had to sit beside him and gagged as he ate. They stink. My mother liked beets, too. oh yuck!

  2. When ALF was playing, I never missed an episode. I just loved him.

  3. I never used to like beets until I had them at my in-laws. They grow them in their garden. You should try the white, yellow, or candy stripe kind. MUCH tastier! And less dirt like. We roast them and then cover them with butter and seasoning salt. I love them! They remind me almost of a carrot or parsnip.

  4. I like beets! I think as I ate them since I was a child I never thought of them as weird. My favourite way is bortch, a soup my best friend's mom (who is Polish) used to make when I visited. I also like Alf, but not in soup!

  5. I did like beets until you turned them into monsters! You know you are like an 8 yr. old boy? Now, I will see blood and cuts whenever a beet makes it's way onto my plate!

  6. We don't eat beets. Or abuse them beyond recognition. You crazy nut.

  7. This post cracked me up and I don't like beets well I don't think I do I think what you call beets we call beetroot and I dont like beetroot

  8. Somebody has too much time on her hands, that's what I think.

  9. OMG!!!! You one crazy girl! Simply hilarious. Thanks for a good start to my day and a beet free meal tonight! Cheers.

  10., how many cups of coffee have YOU had? Hilarious!

  11. No to beets. Yes to mushrooms. You should apply at a swanky restaurant as a food presenter. Plate it up, Andi!

  12. Giggling! YOU ARE NUTS!!! But I love ya. You made them wrong, that has to be it. When you come to my house for dinner, I'll make you beets and you WILL LIKE THEM...or else. You could have at least over-nighted me your beets instead of mutilating them, and I would have enjoyed them for dinner. With mushrooms.

  13. I will eat them occasionally (like every 30 years or so), but not a fan

  14. LMHO!!! You are crazy! Beets used to creep me out, now they freak me out too. I will be beet free forever.

  15. These pictures are artistic masterpieces! I bow down to your talent!!

  16. I love beets (we can agree to disagree) and Alf! Those pictures are masterpieces!

  17. LOve Love Love Beets! I eat them with lots of real butter! cook them in butter and smoosh them up with butter...num num!

  18. Oh My God!! I am laughing my butt off!! I have no time for blog reading unless I'm really stressed and need a break (like now) and you sure took my mind off of my reno! Thanks for that Andi! (and Heather!)

  19. I can't take this anymore, again it's happened.... when I saw the last photo my first thought was I hope she didn't waste those nana's, and of course you pointed out you didn't. Get. Outta. My. Head. I like beets though.

  20. You are one sick potato. But funny. So all is A-ok.

  21. Please tell me that you kept some to use as a wood stain. That's about all they are good for.

  22. LOLOL! I'm with you, baby! I had to go find your post on beets!! They make me gag, too. And yet I can eat most mushrooms. I know. Strange.
    Say--didn't your mother tell you not to play with your food? I'm sure glad you didn't listen--ROFL!! You gave me such a good giggle today. :)


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