Thursday, July 3, 2014

he likes it! hey mikey! {sofa table makeover}

Hey!  Where've I been?

Well, I've been playing World Cup Soccer.
I've been walking on the moon.
I've been learning how to do DIY colon repair.
I've been making pizza.

Okay, that, I have been doing.  I think the pizza gods have defeated me.  I'm obsessed with Chicago-style pizza and I've made this twice and screwed it up thrice.

Only I can do that.

Do you ever have one of those CalgonTakeMeAway Months?  I didn't even realize I needed one until I stepped away from the computer and ignored it almost completely for a month.  I've been a bad blog friend though.  I haven't been visiting you guys very much either.  Boo.

I will be remedying that. 

But first, a brownie.  Because the pizza didn't make my pajama pants tight enough.

Anyway, I have a makeover to share with you.  All I have is a crap before picture, which makes no sense, because I've had this sofa table in my possession for 15 years.

Phil bought it one day when I was twirling on the monkey bars on the playground at parochial school.


He fights with me tooth and nail whenever I want to paint anything.  He's like Mikey.  He hates everything {painted} (until he tries it).

This table has been on my radar pretty much from day one.  Its time has come.  (No apostrophe in its.  Your punctuation lesson for the day.)  It's means "it is."

And guess what?


Here's the before.  I've snarled at this piece of furniture every day for 15 years.

Pay no attention to the lack of baseboard and the overabundance of dust.

No, really.  You're paying attention.

Stop it.

Now it makes me purr and rub my head against it constantly. 

I sanded down the top surface and the bottom shelf and stained with General Finishes Antique Walnut.  It looked like almost the same color I started with.  Boo.

So I added a layer of Kona and I loved it!

I painted the rest of the piece a half/half combo of ASCP Old White/Coco.  It was left over from THIS PIECE and THESE PIECES.  Then I waxed with AS soft wax.

I don't know why it looks like there are little white specklies on the wood.  Maybe I need to wipe off my camera lens.  It's really not on the wood.  I promise.

Diana Gabaldon is my all-time favorite author.  I have all her books.

Start with Outlander.

After a few days, I used 3 coats of General Finishes Enduro Var Satin on the stained surfaces. 

Then I licked it for good measure.

Yes, that's that same damn clock.  It's a vignette whore.

Yum!  Philly actually likes it BETTER than he did before!

Knobs 1/2 price from Hobby Lobby.

I'm preening.

And you thought I didn't like cats.

Well, there you have my reentry into blogdom.  Hopefully it won't be another month before I have some inspiration.

Eddie just because.  (He did this all by himself):

Now I'm off to have another brownie and a bath.  The brownie will help tremendously with the water displacement.

For all you Mikey fans out there:


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  1. Hahaha, welcome back to the world of blogdom. We have missed you, and Eddie. ;) That looks awesome Andi, much better than before! Why can't men just trust us, we know what we are talking about...ALWAYS!

  2. I was wondering what happened to you ... Welcome back! Great job on the table Andi!
    Love the clock :-) Happy 4th to you!

  3. you made me laugh...two times :) better start running again... ;)

  4. I'd be worried about Philly if he didn't love what you did to the table. It looks great! Did Eddie get a treat while you were in the tub with your brownie? As to your absence from blogland, I figured that you just ran off in your new ride. Did the PoPo pull you over yet???? Glad you're back!

  5. Oh it's gorgeous Andi! I did wonder what happened.

    I think Jamie would go through the rocks to be with you if you promised all his sofa tables would look like this xoxo

    1. what happened to you being away, not that you're doing awesome stuff :P

  6. I wondered where you went. The table is lovely, but not as lovely as boys without shirts.

  7. Missed you! You are awesome at painting stuff... me, I'm chicken. I have a couple pieces in my house that would really do well with a new coat of paint, but I keep dragging my feet. Happy 4th!

  8. Wow Andi! It turned out beautiful! I love the contrast too. Philly is lucky to have such a talented wife!! Glad you are back. Cheers to a happy July 4th.

  9. Pizza! My husband got me a Chicago pizza pan years ago, and I was so afraid of failure, I have never used it!

    That table is bee-you-tee-ful! Are you crying over the wasted years spent snarling at it when the relationship could've been so much better? NO! You are celebrating, and dancing...oh, and preening! Fantastic!

    Eddie! Welcome back!!!

  10. I was excited to see you in my inbox this morning! I have missed you! :) This table makeover is perfection!! Love it. Does licking your stained parts really help? Might need to try that. Welcome back to the blogoshpere :)

  11. OH this turned out gorgeous Andi - and glad to see Mikey is coming around LOL
    Happy 4th !

  12. It looks beautiful Andi. What an amazing difference from the before. Love the knobs. Happy 4th!

  13. Oh I like it too, I like it so much I would love to have it in my house it would look so nice if only I had the room for it

  14. What!! I just lost my comment because I am trying to type using my dang phone. To sum it up. Pretty. Yum. You so smart. Love you.

  15. Andi.... how could Philly NOT love it, it's excellent! If that's what you do when you're gone for a month I can live with that.

  16. That table is gorgeous! If you can make Philly like it, I should be able to get my daughter on board with the whole painting thing! And let me say, you were sorely missed! Dona

  17. It looks way better than it did before! Like--no comparison. You have magic hands. How could the hubby possibly doubt your sanding and painting urges? This is marvelous! :)
    That Eddie is so silly. ;)

  18. The sofa table looks fabulous now! I had missed the Damn Cat post and had to check it out. Hilarious! That cat will outlive you and be perfectly comfortable moving on to the next comfy home!

  19. DIANA GABALDON! OUTLANDER! JAMIE! CLAIRE! (But not Brianna as much, because I think she's whiney and she bothers me.)

    Also. Hi!!! It's been a long time. (for both of us)

  20. The table looks mahvelous. Your clock has some deep seated emotional need for attention. And just this past weekend I was told by a friend under no uncertain terms that I MUST read Outlander, and the thirty or forty (I might be exaggerating) follow up books.

  21. it looks WAY better in the after. Philly when you learn!!

  22. I was going to say how much I loved the redo with very clever words and then you showed Eddie and I lost all the ideas I had while reading... Anyway, next time I redo a table, I'll try the licking thing, just in case it helps me achieving the amazing look you got for that sofa table (that doesn't seem to be by any sofa?)

  23. Oh boy do I miss Chicago pizza! I grew up with it and then moved to Detroit. Detroit does not know what good pizza is!!! I've ordered Gino's online and have had it delivered with dry ice to Michigan. It was good, but just not the same as being in Illinois and sitting in the pizza joint and enjoying a fresh pie. I also miss the Chicago Italian beef sandwiches. Enough about food. Beautiful job on the table!

  24. I could never make pizza...but Sam makes a good one, except he refuses to do a thick crust. I like your little table makeover and it only took you 15 years??!! LOL! I'm getting ready to do some furniture makeovers myself...I may even post them. Maybe. Nice job girl!

  25. It looks wonderful, love the painted version!

  26. I wished you lived closer so you could point out furniture that has potential. I never see it. And this summer, I've been a bad bloggy friend, too. Damn kids demanding time and attention and such. So selfish. ;)

  27. Hi Andi - Your Sofa Table turned out great. Love the knobs you found. You have been featured at Pieced Pastimes. Thanks for linking up to Saturday Sparks and inspiring us.
    Warmest Regards,
    Pieced Pastimes


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