Saturday, May 31, 2014

meat loaf, mickey mouse, and mustangs

I've always been a bit of a car girl.  I blame my Dad for that.  He taught me how to drive in a 1971 red MGB convertible.

Not ours, but mostly what it looked like:

not my dad's actual car

It had a manual transmission because we were not allowed to drive an automatic until we'd mastered a clutch.

My Dad is a genius.  Now you see where I get it?

He's also humble.  That trait skips a generation.

My first "toy" as an adult was a 1985 Buick Grand National.  I freaking loved that car.  The whoosh of the turbo...

not my actual car

Then I got pregnant.  I gave up coolness and speed for poopy diapers and sore nipples.

Sorry, no pictures available.

A few years and one divorce later, I did get another toy.  It was a 1968 Chevy Impala convertible.  I called it Big Blue.  I'm sure I have a picture somewhere, but I'm too lazy to go looking for it.  No one ever accused me of being organized.  But basically it looked like this:

not my actual car
My kids would squeal and say, "Let's go for a ride in the Vertible!"  I'd pull the lap belt across the two of them and off we'd go.

Safety first.

Philly has always been a toy guy.  He had toys when our kids were little.  We were married at the time, but to other people, so I didn't get to partake in those toys.

He started with dirt bikes when he was a kid.  Then he progressed to street bikes.  Sport bikes.  Fast bikes.  And Philly was FAST.  We would take a weekend and load up the Ducati and head to a track day where he could fly like an eagle and I could get a sunburn and wrinkles.

I rode a Ducati for a while too.  Philly called me his Duckling.  I definitely waddled more than soared.  But it awesome while it lasted.

Philly in action:

Me looking for some action:

He also likes his cars...Porsche (pronounced por-shuh, NOT porsh--learn it; remember it), Corvette, Mercedes-Benz...he's had quite a few.

Lately we've been on a quest for a new toy.  I have no idea how we ended up here, but we did.

Neither of us has ever owned a Ford.  Neither of us thought we'd ever own a Ford.  We found one that suits us both just fine.

We found this car locally.  We usually have to venture out-of-state to buy the perfect car.  We're weird like that.  That's how we roll.  But this one we found in our own backyard.  It's a 2006 Mustang GT and we drove it off the lot with only 2900 miles.

You read that right.

An older gentleman ordered it new and passed away shortly thereafter.  After years in the garage, his widow finally decided to let it go.  I'm quite certain she will never read this post, but we will take very good care of this car.  You needn't worry.

What does this have to do with Meat Loaf?

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, baby.  That's the first thing that went through my head when I mounted the 'Stang for the first time.

I love belting that song at the top of my lungs to the complete horror of my kids.  Life doesn't get much better than that.

Parents aren't even supposed to know what that means!!!


And, finally, Mickey Mouse.

I'm not a fan of black leather interior.  If this car had been plain black leather, it would have just been another car for me.  I LOVE the red leather and I was completely drawn to this car.  Then it dawned on my why.

It looks like Mickey Mouse.  I love Mickey Mouse.

This car reminds me of the jacket Philly bought for me when we were dating.  I pretty much knew he loved me at this point.

See the resemblance?

Well, there you have it.  And I didn't think I had enough material to write this post.

So, what about toys?  Do you (or your spouses) have an affinity for motorized toys?

Not that kind.  There are other websites for that.

Paradise by Meat Loaf:

I gotta know right now!  Do you love me?  Will you love me forever??


  1. Oh, I love it! I love the interior, too... And that is a super sweet deal with how many miles it had! Looks like you have an awesome home and car to enjoy this summer and beyond!

  2. Give me a minute to digest all of the awesome here...and to accept your biker chickiness! What time will you be here to pick me up. I might not be able to find my old black leather jacket, so will a cape do?

  3. My dad used to take me to the car shows every year, I loved this time because it was just me and him enjoying the shine!
    Like the new addition and your right there is a resemblance to the jacket.
    My step brother Kevin used to race fast bikes now he is a Director AMA Supercross and Pro Racing Relations. I used to love to go watch him run the races....
    Again love reading your posts .....

  4. Ain't no doubt about it you are doubly blessed.

  5. My dad taught me to drive in his 1976 Por-shuh, and then the engine blew. I guess it wasn't the best car for me to learn in, LOL He still teases me about it. ;) Awesome car Andi, you will have so much fun. Just don't have too much fun. Speeding tickets have gotten really expensive!! All of my toys are in the kitchen, shocking I know!

  6. I'm totally in love with that car. Love at first sight....then.....the interior. OMG. Such a sensual experience. And the song.....another one I've never heard! I'm so glad I have you to broaden the musical library in my head! Oh, I do love that car................

    1. Hey there! Did you get the e-mail this time? Mine came later than it was supposed to. I blame everything on Google+.

  7. Yup! I am definitely older than you. Car song for me was Born To Be Wild--LOL! I had never heard this one. Meatloaf was after my time. ;) That is a cool mustang, though.

  8. Vrrrroom! I love that your 'Stang matches your jacket.
    Unbelievably great find!
    We have two white Mustangs in the driveway.
    Baby Bear's 2011 and Magoo's 2013 Boss 302.
    We are like family now.
    Bat outta hell, baby!
    Enjoy yourselves. Your first ticket is coming....;) You can't drive 55, girlfriend.
    Congrats to you and Philly.

  9. You had a helmet on... It could be anyone on that picture, but you? I still can't believe it! My problem with car is that the ones I fall in love with are obviously not the ones I need. What I need is a car that can carry things to the dumpster, carry furniture for me... But no one falls in love with that kind of car... Yours, on the contrary, had me at the bumper!

  10. Started swearing to my God and on my momma's grave that I would love you to the end of time.

  11. I freaking love that jacket and the matching car. Willy Dunne Wooters has a red 'stang. My first car was a blue 'stang. Favorite Young Man has an affinity for toys. You look kind of like Darth Vader's girlfriend when you're all in black.


  12. Yes I love you and your fancy new car :)

  13. I have never owned a cool car always sensible cars, not sure what that says about me other than I am boring or run of the mill but hey I am ok with that I have never been that into Mickey Mouse either

  14. Me, 15 going on 16. My brother, a 10 year old A-hole sitting in the back seat of my "new" diesel, stick shift Ford Tempo. Me stuck at a 4-way stop because I couldn't figure out the dang-blasted clutch/gas pedal situation. 5 or 6 cars stuck behind me and in all other directions, mad that I couldn't figure out the clutch/gas pedal situation. My dad, refusing to trade me places and get me out of the situation. My A-hole brother, laughing hysterically the entire time. Me, tears streaming down my face. Oh the memories. Maybe there's a reason I'm NOT a car person, but I sure can drive a clutch. I also had to master the: coming to a dead stop on a steep hill and go up it without sliding backwards maneuver before I was officially allowed to call the car my own. Think I'm going to go lay in my bed now and have a nice cry.

  15. Let me sleep on it
    Baby, baby let me sleep on it
    Let me sleep on it
    And I'll give you an answer in the morning

    Wooooot very nice wheels! I have a ford, sadly for me its a territory which is a a mini van with 7 seats so I can cart the little buggers around. I once had a cool vintage car (Holden HQ, probably means nothing to you) but it got to the point where I couldn't afford the gas guzzler and it had no air con or power steering, so it had to go.

    I love my ford but my Dad used to work with the Aussie company and he calls ford the worst 4 letter f word in the English Language, apparently they were not the most professional people, at least the ones he had to deal with.

  16. I lo-o-o-o-ve your car! And as a fellow chick gearhead, about the time you had a Grand National I had a Cutlass Supreme, rocket V8. We could have raced! I'll meet you at the track at Byron.

    1. My mom had a Cutlass Supreme, it was AWESOME!

  17. OH MY GAWD. i love the little one at the top and want it...But the white stang is BEAUTIFUL. The red interior is the bomb dot com!!!

  18. What an awesome car! I'm a Jeep girl myself; not just any Jeep, the real Jeep - a Wrangler. I've had my sweet baby since 2002 when she came off the line - 2 doors (they didn't make the wimpy 4 door ones back then), black exterior, tan interior with a ragtop and the last year for the inline 6 with manual transmission (the only way to drive a Jeep). I won't ever part with her! My favorite music to play with the ragtop down is Kid Rock and Three Doors Down (Superman).

  19. I am soooo jealous. I miss my 1996 Mustang with the 3.8litre V6 and a 5 speed soooo much. I cried when I had to send her off to pasture. Enjoy - there's nothing like it!

  20. I will love you 'til the end of time! And dude. Phil looks HAWT in that pic! I'm not much of a car person, but you had me at Mickey Mouse. Hilarious as always!

  21. Crazy, awesome "new" car! My hubby and I had a 1973 MG which we owned and loved for 2 years! I also "forced" my middle daughter to learn to drive stick, actually bought a VW bug for her to drive, it's mine now and I LOVE it! It is one of my all time favoite cars, of course it's a convertible which helps ;) The mustang is HOT!

  22. Wow!! Love your new wheels. We live in pick-up country, and I can only dream of a car like that. Pretty hot stuff!

  23. If I were you I'd be nervous. Really, really nervous.

    Why?? Because you may have just used up all your 'luck cards' with this one! It's gorgeous Andi! Love the interior design. I had a mustang back in the 80's. My first car was a 69 camaro. Sorry I sold it.

    As my grandma would have said, 'use it in good health'!

  24. This must be the first time anyone admired a car because of its resemblance to Mickey Mouse.I'd prefer one like Donald Duck.

  25. How over the top cool you are Andi !
    Can just see you drag racing at the end of town in that :)
    I want you - I need you - but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna ...........ok skip that - I love ya !!!!!!!!!

  26. My dad restores old cars... so yeah.... he used to race cars when I was a kid. I know the obsession very well. I didn't know you were so cool Andi! Love your new ride! Enjoy!

  27. Nice!!! I am loving that red and black too!!! Enjoy!! :)


  28. I'm not much of a car person but I'd take that one in a flash!

  29. Your FIRST CAR WAS A GRAND NATIONAL?!?!?!? I am DYING! I've wanted one of those since WAY back in the day. Mine was a '72 Nova (350 small block, thenkeweverymush), but still. *dying* Sigh. ;)


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