Thursday, July 17, 2014

treasures and guilty pleasures

So, I spent my kids' inheritance the other day.

Sorry kids.

I was having trouble stuffing roadside treasures in the trunk of my car, so Philly bought me a Jeep.  It's not like a JEEP Jeep...I won't be off-roading or driving through the desert and calling it a horse with no name or anything.

This is a Princess Jeep.  I can start my Jeep from my cell phone while sitting on the throne.  Or before I leave work.  Or while sitting at the bar.  Or on the throne at the bar.  It doesn't discriminate.

I know...I'm sofa king spoiled.

But, more importantly, I can stuff all kinds of treasures in the back of it.  It makes Philly so happy when I bring home other people's crap.

On the first day of owning my new guilty pleasure, we went shopping at Casa de 'Rents again.  Remember when I got my trunk?  Yeah, it's still sitting in the garage.  I haven't finished started scrubbing it down yet.

Anyhooser, I scored my first hatchback treasure. 

This lovely chickee belonged to my Gramma.  (The same Gramma who handed down her lovely buffet that I said I wasn't going to paint but I'm a total liar because I am going to paint it I just have to work up the nerve.)


Do you ever go back and read old blog posts and say out loud, "You sounded like an idiot."?  I need to avoid the mistake of reading my old blog posts.

Anyway, see my treasure?

In my Jeep?

Yes, my Jeep is white.  The Mustang is white.  Our pickup truck is also white.

We've become white-car supremacists.

Here's the cool machine that lives inside.  It's the rise of the machine:

But right now I'm using it as my laptop station.  I'm shopping online for fabric.

I got a few other treasures through Craigslist.  I had been saving for new bedroom furniture for 15 years.  Then I decided I didn't want new.  I wanted old-new.  So I spent 1/10 the money I had saved and got these beauties!  They are in amazing condition.  The color isn't my favorite, but that's easy to change, right?

Sorry I didn't dress them up for you.  I'm feeling so lazy these days.

And here's my Jeep smiling at you.  I was too lazy to take a good picture of this, too.

Doesn't it look like a snake?

Did you find this as riveting as Eddie did?


  1. Awesome new Jeep!! Congrats!!! and this--->>>"It makes Philly so happy when I bring home other people's crap" made me LOL for real. ;) Replace my hubby's name and we have similar households! ha! Can't wait to see what other kind of crap you bring home in that pretty Jeep.
    Oh and awesome on the bedroom furniture...that's the best way to go!
    Thanks for the smile today...I needed it! ;)

  2. What the frack? I pushed publish and I guess Artsy Chick won, her post published. Anyways... I much prefer old furniture too. That stuff has good lines, can't wait to see you post about it on your bloggy thing.

  3. I'm excited to see what you do with your old/new bedroom furn. I love them, the hardware and the woodwork is gorgeous! And about your new laptop desk...ummmm...can I go to Gramma's and shop? And....oh, oh, oh, I just went online fabric shopping too!!!! We're like, besties/twinnies. I'll show you what I just ordered if you show me what you just ordered. So, what I'm saying here is, I'll show you mine if you show me yours. YAY.

  4. Must have a vehicle with large area for stuff. I've had a van for so many years, seats are usually not in it. Hubby says we should get a car next. NO NO, must have vehicle with large area in back, a car trunk just will not do. You know all this, obviously.

  5. Even though envy is one of the seven deadly sins that does not stop me from feeling it about your car and your Jeep, and your new-old bedroom furniture. But you are so cool that I am happy that you got it all.

  6. I love the sewing machine. I have a similar one. I don't know how I got it home. That was 40 years ago, so it doesn't matter, I suppose. I, too, need more than a car trunk but probably won't get it. Since exbf is getting a truck or suv, he can haul stuff for me.

    1. That machine/cabinet was HEAVY!!! Even after taking the machine out, the cabinet weighed a ton. Must have been all the heavy metal down under. :)

  7. Sewing machine envy but wow pretty nice jeep. I'm spending all my money, between 5 kids it wouldn't e a great sum so I better have fun. Love the bedroom suite

  8. Hi, Eddie! I love your treasure, Andi. I wish I had a grandma who gave me cool stuff. My grandma had an alcoholic son who sold most of her stuff. Then she died. I have very cool bedroom furniture. I bought it at Robin's New and Gently Used Furniture on Edgewood Avenue, here in Jacksonville. Robin bought my furniture at an estate sale. It's from the same decade in which my house was built, the forties. I hope I haven't told you this story before. My furniture is mahogany and I love having a bedroom the looks sort of old fashioned. The fabric paint I bought for my stained dining room chairs remains unopened, resting on the dresser in the bedroom.


  9. Andi! Good to see you, crazy girl. Those sewing machine cabs are extemely heavy- glad you had your Jeep Jeep to haul it home in. I have my Mamaw's machine and three other antique ones. I will confess that the cars we have are all white, too.
    I am envious of your old new bedroom furniture- I can't find anything good lately. Sigh...

  10. LOL! It does sort of look like a snake, the headlights I guess. Wow, I am jealous... I have a Honda CRV and the seats fold down, but I still can't fit a lot of furniture type stuff in it. Enjoy!

  11. I think I found it more riveting. ;)
    About time you got a vehicle that can haul furniture!! Whoohoo!
    I'm jealous of the old treadle sewing machine! My grandma had a huge one that I coveted (and my folks gave away to a neighbor of hers). You will do wonderful things with all of these. And saved yourself some serious green. ;)

  12. SWEEEEEEEET!!!! I have SUV envy although I have been known to haul a dishwasher or two in the trunk of my car. I love your bedroom scores and can hardly wait to see what you do with them. The style is just gorgeous. Your new laptop station will come in handy when you need to hem a pair of Philly's pants and blog about it. You can sew and write up a post without ever moving! Cheers!

  13. You freaking crack me up. Yes I've said it before, but it's worth repeating.
    The bedroom set, yeah that's awesome.
    The Jeep, yeah that's awesome too.
    The sewing machine, well awesome as well and I have one to match just waiting for inspiration. But I'd rather be inspired by the Jeep. Do you really sit on the throne at the bar?

  14. Welcome to Jeepland! We are a Jeep family - love them. They are sturdy and other people's crap seems to be attracted to Jeeps like magnets! You will haul home lots of goodies in that baby! I so looove your Grandmother's sewing machine. It's just beautiful!

  15. I'm so jealous, I only bought some ironstone today and it was difficult to store it all in my small car... I'm jealous of your car, your new laptop station, your amazing bedroom furniture and your adorable Eddie!

  16. Oh what a sweet white-car supremacist ride! LOL! You made me snort this morning....rise of the machine! Like your new old furniture. Guess you've got a lot of painting to do! Now get in that jeep and come see me!

  17. Nice Jeep! I love the sewing machine, all of those cool flowers painted on it, it's a work of art all by itself! I also think your new bedroom furniture is very pretty with great lines, I'm sure you'll update them perfectly!

  18. I'm so envious that you have a hatchback to haul treasures home in. I have to stick to pieces I can stuff in a car. Maybe that's a good thing to control my furniture hoarding issue. Why buy new when you can score those fab dressers on the cheap!

  19. I hate coming here. I get to see everything I ever gave away listed by you as treasures. Then there's the jeep...................I'll be back. I must enjoy being miserable. *sniff*

  20. welcome to the jeep club! I wanted a white jeep too, but I got gold instead booohooo.

  21. I LOVE THOSE DRESSERS!! And older is better. New ones have squat for room. Can barely fit a bra and socks in a drawer. Or maybe I just have big boobies and feet? No matter. WELL DONE.

  22. I love the new old furnitures...and the white Jeep...and the sewing machine...ok, I'll stop

  23. Oh. I'm so jealous. Green even. That sewing machine. I mean, the cabinet made me drool. The machine itself made me swoon. Isn't it just gorgeous? You are one lucky girl, I'll tell you what! And a new car? Spoiled, that's what you are. Oh, and the dressers? I just can't go on. I WANT it all!! Lucky you. Spoiled child. As I said, lucky you!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the dressers!! Dona

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