Thursday, September 25, 2014

rock me ama-daisy

I was visiting one of my favorite people (favorite because she gives me free plants and stuff--and she's just an all-around sweetie), and I see this fabulous mission-style rocking chair in her garage.

Naturally, I gush all over it and tell her how much I'd love to have its children and live happily ever after with it.

"Really???" says she.  "I'm going to get rid of it.  It's too big for my room."

Tazmanian Devil wheels are a'spinnin' in my gray matter.

Moi: much do you want for it?

All-Around Sweetie:  Well....I think I'm going to ask $15.  That's what I paid for it at the thrift store.  I thought I'd just put it on the driveway with a sign and see if anyone would buy it.

Moi:  I'LL BUY IT!!!!!!!!

I only had a $20 in my purse, so we traded up and I brought the father of my new rockin' children home.

The fabric was covered in cat hair but that's nothing a little bonfire won't fix.  (No actual cats were injured in the recovering of this chair.  Not even THAT DAMN CAT.)

A great-looking chair...just not very happy.

Here he is with his pants down:

I removed all the staples (you know the story) and cut a new piece of foam to fit (the foam was camera-shy).

Then the staple gun and I got our rhythm down (I love that gun) and got that chair ready for my bum.

So much happier now!

You'll notice I didn't paint it.  The wood is in fabulous shape, and let's face it...if he's going to be my chair-baby-daddy, he needs wood.

And daisies.  Does that make him a transvestite?

OH!  I forgot to tell you the funniest part about our trip to Mackinac!  I had just bought Eddie a new bed and took it to Gramma's.  (Gramma locks him up in her pantry/laundry room because she doesn't like nighttime doggy snuggles.)  He hated the new bed.  So he slept on her bag of potatoes instead.

Silly Mr. Potato Schnauzer.  Eddie wishes I would stop forcing him to pose for the gratuitous dog shot.

Do you have a favorite reading nook?  This is now mine.

And it gives Fred a place to hang out while we're gone.

If you look closely (above) you'll get a sneak-peak at the curtains I just made.  

Rock Me Ama-Daisy.

And a little Rock Me Amadeus for those of you who got the title.

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  1. You stole that Pappy chair from a sweet lady for fifteen bucks? Sweet deal! It looks like it weighs a ton. Pretty cool for a daisy wearing tranny. Poor Eddie, I'd be grumpy too if I slept on a bag of potatoes. I guess he showed Gramma, hmmm?

  2. Love your new rocker! What a sweet deal! You're the only person I know that can make recovering a chair a rated PG post. And poor Eddie sleeping on potatoes... must've been a bad bed...poor doggy.

  3. Yes, a sweet, sweet deal! And you jazzed it up sweetly, too!
    If I laid a bag of potatoes on the floor Karma would probably snooze on it--LOL! ;)

  4. Oooh la la!!!! Love Hootie there too!

  5. My reading place? The minivan on the way to whatever sports thing we got next while Joe drives. My material? 2 year old People Magazines. Did you know Princess Kate is PREGNANT??? Anyway, love the chair! Wish I had your talent!!

  6. I got the title. I love the chair. My favorite place to read is my neighborhood restaurant, while I eat. Eating + Reading = Heaven.


  7. My favorite reading place is my couch in the den full of mice. Sometimes I read aloud. I pretend they like it.

  8. SCORE!! It's beautiful Andi you're going to have one happy bum!

  9. Love it Andi! What a great find! I see your pretty curtains there too...and your clock. Can't believe your dog slept on a sack of potatoes. That's pretty funny!

  10. We both did posts on transvestites on the same day - now what are the chances of that ???
    Fantastic find for 15 dollars - and I love his skirt !
    ( and that dresser is beautiful too!
    I'd probably make Gramma sleep on a bag of potatoes next time she visited - poor Eddie LMHO

  11. The chair rocks! (get it-he he) Quarter sawn oak is always beautiful! Not to mention the nice wide arm rests. Great score Andi.

  12. It looks so happy with its new fabric! I have a rather large wooden rocker that I will not paint either, the wood is so beautiful. I got mine from a wonderful friend also - 28 years ago. It makes its way all over my house.
    Did any of those potatoes hatch while being sat upon? Perhaps your mom awoke to a pantry full of chirping tater tots?

  13. I'm having a bit of trouble thinking Eddie preferred a sack of potatoes over a new bed.

  14. Pretty chair. I think I need new friends. I don't have any who are giving me free plants OR letting me buy a really sweet rocking chair for basically nothing. Whatevs. I like that Eddie thought the potatoes were comfier than his new bed, what kind of bed are you forcing on your poor pooch, anyway? It was probably clean, you should have brought it here, dragged it through some chicken poop and then he would have really liked it.

  15. The only people I know are the ones who would drag their garbage BACK in the house and sell me the burnt cake pan for $50.

  16. Love it! But what is it this week with you and Suzan both having transvestite furniture? I'm all for the right of pets, but please do keep forcing Eddie to be on the shots, he's so cute!

  17. I can't believe you scored that "rockin" chair!!! Love your fun fabric too. Man, I need to get me some friends like yours!!

  18. That chair was an amazing score. Love the fabric! It's so fun!!

  19. 20 bucks...sssscccccooorrrreeeeee!
    love these ol chairs! it looks nice and happy

  20. hahahaha - your chair needs wood. Duh!

    Also, if I were your friend, I'd totally want that chair back now.

    Finally, why DON'T I have friends who give me sh!t? Dammit.

  21. That's pretty racy fabric for that rocker! I'm stuck on the dog showing Grandma how tragic it is when he has to sleep on a bag of potatoes instead of in her bed.

  22. And here I am, late for the party again, because you aren't coming to my Inbox. But I love this chair. LOVE, I tell ya! But, I have never heard this music. Am I way behind times? Prolly. But that's ok. You'll keep me up to date! Dona

    1. That's so strange! I subscribe to my blog via e-mail and I always get them. Is it going to your junk folder perhaps??

  23. Hi there you are very funny and loved your bathroom cabinet with it's special meds including the vodka. Oh yeah and your towels. I'm angel. Anyways, i was wondering how or where did you get the drop lights for your dining room. I'm assuming you made it and i'm trying to get it together to have old bottles different colors hanging. the drop light kits are 16 for each light at home depot so i'm hoping you have a good idea, and the way it's on the ceiling... I'm glad I saw this.
    thanks from NHamphsire. it snowed yesterday.. someday it will be spring


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