Wednesday, December 17, 2014

piano room update {and some Christmas stuff}

Hello!  I have a couple things to show you in the piano room! 

Some of you poked me and reminded me that I've been absent a while.  I have no excuse.  At least not as good an excuse as my friend Amy at Buffalo Roam.  She's been absent because she wrote A BOOK!  I haven't read it yet, but I downloaded it immediately and plan on curling up with Mr. Kindle, a box of ho-hos, and a jug of wine sometime very soon. 

And maybe some Cool Ranch Doritos, too.

Now...where were we?  Oh yeah.  Stuff!

Need I remind you what the piano room looked like when we moved in?  Yes, I think I do:

Oh, I'm so sorry.  That's the wrong picture.

Try this one.

Either it's snowing in there or my buffet had a bad case of dandruff.

Suddenly...a floor, a man, and a schnauzer appeared!

And then we had our very special (piano) delivery.  Brought to you by the dudes who needed to pull up their pants and thank goodness weren't shirtless.

Then I got my big-ass clock and also suffered some ugly-rug syndrome:

But the room is finally coming along.  It's not completely finished, but it's pretty close.  Once I get a shirtless boy in there, I'll call it done and done.  But here's how it's been going.

First, I got me some trim.  On the window.  And the baseboard.

And some architraves, too.  I love that we put taller trim over the piano room entrance and the front door.  It's also thicker so it can collect more dust:

Then Tuesday Morning let me buy some of their curtains.

And Philly let me let him put them up.

I found this cabinet for my music stash in the online classifieds at work.  Isn't it freaking amazing? 

I have no immediate plans to do anything with it other than let it hang out next to Yamaha.

 But since it's Christmastime, I did this:

Oh, and I bought my first orchid.  I hope I don't kill it.  At least not right away.

But if I do, at least I've scored some little hair clips.

The rest of the pictures are of some random Christmas stuff around the house.  I really didn't take these pictures for you.  When next Christmas rolls around, I can refer back to this post and figure out how I put everything together instead of smashing things because I can't remember.

Because my memory is like 

Who are you and why are you reading my personal stuff?

Remember my sofa table?

This used to be my Mom's tree.  But they're in Florida.  So I broke in and stole it.  Maybe they should get a security system.

And since I have a new owl fetish, I acquired these 2 little guys this year:

This is Gramma's buffet.  I'm going to paint it red.  Shut up haters.

Baker's rack in the dining area.  (NOT dinning.  Stop spelling it that way Craig's List people).

And the top of the chest of drawers I currently have hanging out in no-man's land.

That was a really boring picture to leave you with, so here.

 Eddie says Merry Christmas!!


  1. Merry Christmas Eddy! and you too Andi and Phil! Love that dusty trim girl. It looks amazing. Go big or go home! Also I love that bakers rack in the dinning room. Now I am headed back to Craigslist where I belong! Cheers.

  2. All the trim is so nice, and YES those ledges hold an unbelievable amount of dust. But I LOVE that music cabinet the best!

  3. I was beginning to think you had had run away in the Mustang- but since Eddie is there in his sweater- you must still be there. I know you wouldn't leave that sweet face and those eyebrows.
    I am in love with your new music cabinet and it's pink sidekick. ;) Merry Christmas to you, Philly, Eddie and the family!

  4. Well, it's about freakin time! I was gonna send my uncle Nunzio to find out if the mob finally found you. Witness protection programs can be so unreliable.

    That cabinet is GORGEOUS btw! Me wanty :).

    Good thing that 'slightly overweight' guy wasn't shirtless. Unlike the guy who was changing my hubcap on Monday (and I've got the pic on Facebook to prove it. I'm immature like that).

    Merry Christmas crazy lady!


  5. Wow, look at you all Christmas-fied in your new house! I love your piano room and the buffet that you are going to paint. I never was once sorry I painted mine....or cut the legs off halfway. Lovely picture of you with your child on the music cabinet! Did you make that dress?? LOL! I wanted to get Amy's book and was sorry it was Kindle only, but she told me to see if I had an app on my tablet for Kindle. I'd better check! Merry Christmas my friend!

  6. You've been missed. And now I want a piano room. So classy. Forget that I don't have a piano. Forget that I don't PLAY the piano. I WANT a piano room. Really. It's so classy. Love all your decorations, but my fave is the first picture. I want one of those on my mantel. Forget that I don't have a mantel...........Dona

    1. Ha! Yes, we should all have one of those on our mantels!!!!

  7. Man... You're all right.

    And your house ain't bad either.

    And neither is that shirtless guy.... (I need me a piano room so I can put one of those in there)

  8. Wow... that piano room is amazing. I love that music cabinet, and those dust collecting moldings are awesome. I have a pink themed tree in my bedroom. Do my eyes deceive me or do I see pink lights on that tree. Where did you get those? You have a lot of great Christmas stuff, but Eddy is the best. Merry Christmas Andi!

  9. Three things:
    1. The cabinet you got from the work classifieds rocks!
    2. Send me that wine glass with the piano stuff painted on it.
    3. Where is Santa in a cardboard chimney that I saw last year? I am able to remember him because last year's Christmas was only about 3 months ago.

  10. Love your cute owl fetish, your ornaments are adorbs...I've been watching too much Monster High. Sigh. I think it's only fair that you broke into the rents place and stole what they aren't using. Fair's, fair. If they're in Florida, they don't have a say. Speaking of dusting, I'm pretty sure I've NEVER dusted the trim around my doorways. Hmmm....have to think about doing that....

  11. Eddie looks REAL cute in his sweater. I love seeing everyone's house all decorated up for Christmas. And SCORE on that music cabinet. I like it. But we all know we are only here for those hot guy photos you post. Bless you.

  12. Thank you for the first photo. Thank you, and God bless you. Oh, yes. God bless you. Keep posting photos of that guy. It makes me almost not hate you for the piano and the piano room, both of which should belong to me.


    P.S. Franklin says, Merry Kissmas, Eddie!

  13. I did not see a reflection of Philly in that gleaming smooth tanned piano. Or was I looking at the wrong one?

  14. Hi Andi!!!! So happy to be visiting your piano room!!! I freakin' LOVE your sheet music cabinet! It is gorgeous and the size is enviable. We have our sheet music all over our piano and then some! Great find :-)
    Merry merry Christmas to you and yours.

  15. I always wanted a piano if only I could play

  16. Oh wow! Everything is looking good! Oh, and I am far from a red hater, as you know. ;)
    That white fluffy owl cracks me up! Love the sheet music cabinet, too. So much to see in this post. Looking festive and ready for Christmas!! :)

  17. Eddie is SO lucky you decided to decorate him instead of painting him. I get the feeling the cabinet in the piano room is going to get acquainted with some chalk paint soon and I absolutely adore that sofa table. What color is it? And what you call a piano room....since there's a piano in it, we call ours a junk room - because there's junk in it. To MAY to, To MAH to.

    Uh....what's your mom and dad's address? I'm about 30 minutes away from them, and they need to know what's going on in their absence.

  18. I love both trees, the one in the piano room makes the room look so cosy. Eddie is the cutest, as always.

  19. I was getting overwhelmed with all that you had going on, but then Eddie arrived and told me to look deeply into his eyes! (sigh, breathe) That piano music cabinet is fabulous!!!

  20. Oh my gosh Andy I'm exhausted! You've been so busy. YOUR PIANO ROOM IS A GORGEOUS! I've seen plumbers crack but I've never seen piano crack... so funny! Looking forward to the red cabinet. Merry Christmas!

  21. so pretty. ..and I love the little tree in the piano room

  22. Good to see you back :) Yeah, what is it with the hair clips on orchids? You have some lovely pieces of furniture and your house is looking beautiful. Love that furry white owl!

  23. Hmm I have some work for shirtless guy at my place!! It's looking so beautiful Andi hope you had a great Christmas.

  24. are still there! Yamaha's room is coming right along. Love the new cabinet, a beautiful find. The only person allowed to work on my house is my husband...per my husband. I guess I could get him to take his shirt off next time he's working on something, but it just won't be the same. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!! XOXO

  25. You crack me up with your half naked men pics- LOL. Your piano room is gorgeous!! So inspiring. Now if only I could actually play!

  26. Oh my gosh Andi!! Your home is amazing!! Looking so great!!!
    Happy New Year to you!!

  27. Ok, wtf! Where you been??! No matter. Just snap out of it and come back. You're missed. :(

  28. Well, that has to be THE funniest blog I have EVER read! Thank you for that! :) And I love your home! Youre ugly carpet-syndrom cracked me up! I have ugly, green vinyl-floor syndrom. It is true, I am afraid.... Come over to my blog and check out the fenomenon. I am sure there is NO ONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD who has them:)

  29. Gorgeous! I’d love to know where you found that picture of beautiful lady, baby and lamb?? Just beautiful! The piano, my dream! I can’t play and probably never will but I’ve always loved having one probably because a few relatives had them and I thought they were awesome. Yours is exceptional! The room looks fabulous as well even decorated for Christmas.


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