Monday, April 20, 2015

onward, kitchen soldiers! {buzz lightrail... to the rescue!}

Do you remember where we left off?  Because I sure don't...

Oh yes.  Skin tags, crown moulding, and unfortunate squash. Silly me.

I love the look of a wall cabinet that is finished on the bottom with some kind of moulding, whether it's functional (light rail) or not.  Once Philly realized I didn't make this concept up to torture him, he was fully on board.

The cabinets in our old house weren't "finished out" on the bottom, but they were very light cabinets and the cabinet boxes were also light.  So the unfinished business didn't really scream at you even if you turned your head and looked under the cabinets' skirts.

kitchen in our old house

Our new cabinets are a dark cherry, and the cabinet boxes are a light birch, so it's VERY noticeable when you peer up underneath these cabinets' skirts, which happens when you're sitting down.  Anywhere.

Well, not in the bathroom.  Or in the car.  Oh, never mind.

The most obvious of the unfinished business:

Under-cabinet lighting was one of my 10 commandments written in dog snacks and later destroyed by Eddie.  It happens.

We don't have a window in the actual kitchen area, and with the dark cabinets, you sometimes need a spelunking cap to make your way through.

Under-cabinet lighting would be the difference between Eddie getting his canned spaghettios and Phil getting his canned dog food.  Strike that.  Reverse it.  Thank you.

I wanted to hang disco balls under the cabinets but Phil put his foot down.  And his finger in the air.

Philly put his disco balls away and did some research.  He came up with some great LED lighting by Go LED Lite.  I hate to admit it, but in the long run, this was far more practical.


Back to work.  He installed the cherry veneer panel to finish the space above the sink and attached the extrusions that hold the light strips.  He also ran the wiring and attached the LED strips beneath all the other cabinetry.

Buzz, Buzz....

Part of this project was also finishing out the microwave cabinet:

 More cherry veneered panels:


Remember what the cabinet tushies looked like before Buzz Lightrail?

And the finished product:

Oh, and we totally installed Buzz upside-down.  But that was completely intentional and way more fun.

Buzz is looking pretty awesome, wouldn't you say?

And Philly is such a good sport.  Even after that Saturday Night Fever picture I made of him, I'm still comfortable in the fact he's not secretly plotting my demise.

I think.


  1. Wow, what a difference!! That Philly is a keeper, I couldn't get my husband to add lighting or make the tushies pretty. :(

  2. Wait...the cabinets didn't come with a finish board underneath? I'm confused. Probably due to the fact I'm singing Disco Duck instead of the Bee Gees.

  3. It just keeps looking better and better. Let there be light! Disco light--whatever. ;) Light!! And a snug, dark spot for the microwave doesn't hurt, either. ;)

  4. It looks great and compensates for your husband still wearing a white suit. I suppose he could be a second light source in the room.

  5. i so agree about the tushies, it's like the cabinet makers got smashed and forgot the bottoms... yours looks great, not your tush lol the cabinets xx

  6. Looks great! Your new kitchen looks a lot like the kitchen in our last house. My bella cucina. And now I have this POS. *sulking*

  7. Looks so neat and finished. (Buzz lightrail... LOL)

  8. Wait, I think that's my kneecap behind Phil. I remember that night. Don't tell him, but his moves were so 80's.

    Despite his penchant for cheap suits, Phil came through and rocked it. Good job Phil!

    (Now if he wants a few pointers on planning your demise, have him talk to Fisherman. I'm pretty sure he's doing some research about that very topic right about now).

  9. Where's our night photo? I want the full effect.

  10. Well, I feel like I've been raised and live in a cave. I've never noticed the finishing on cabinets. So just now I walked out to my kitchen and looked at mine. They don't have it, but when I sit at the table, I can't see the unders. Huh. Things I learn from you. Amazing. And yours looks so fabulous! LOVE the pic of Phil....and Eddie, of course! Dona

  11. Such a huge contrast and I love it... and, now I need to go look at my cabinets, because I am not even sure if they are finished on the bottom or not! LOL! And, if they aren't... now it is gonna bug me ;) The microwave area looks so much better, too. And, love all of your little captions, hilarious... no wonder why Hometalk loves ya! :)

  12. Just found your blog.... lovin' it!

  13. I'm laughing at it all...your captions, Philly Travolta and sweet Eddie.
    Looks great and I am impressed with Philly's moves.

  14. My husband changes lightbulbs, and...nope, wait, that's it.

  15. The finished result is bloody great just saying, Tim talks about doing things but that is as far as he gets

  16. It looks definitely more chic (chicer???) with proper clothing on... No one wants one husband drooling over naked cabinets...

  17. I gotta say Philly is pretty hot in Johnny's clothes....I am just saying. What a difference trim makes eh, although you kitchen is gorgeous with or without. That's some pretty radical lighting you have going on in that kitchen. Also I see that your attention seeking glasses must have got the attention they deserved by the end of the post.

  18. I swear I read this and made some witty comment....but now I'm thinking, did I do that, or just DREAM it. hmmm. Course, I could just look up above and see if my name is there, but I'd rather do this, instead. I like your bottom....s.

  19. Hi Andi, what a great transformation. you must be so giddy. Love looking at kitchens. Your doggie is so cute! Saturday fever all over again....makes me smile. Thank you so much for your comforting words, regarding our Sasha. We never have our fur babies long enough! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  20. 'scuse me. Unless my computer is hiding your posts from me, the last time you posted was this one, in APRIL. It's almost AUGUST. Is everything OK? I do hope so. Hope you are just busy. But you should know you are missed. So......??? Dona


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