Saturday, August 29, 2015

they paved paradise...and put up a pa-ti-o {and a sidewalk}

Zappos loves me.  The feeling is mutual.  Consequently, the UPS man despises me.


Because we've lived in our new abode coming up on 2 years and we still don't have a sidewalk.  Mud?  Yep.  Weeds?  You got it.  Big, tall step up to the front porch?  Even Eddie sometimes despises me no he doesn't.

Granted, since the weeds have slowly triumphed over the mud, it has become slightly easier for the postman to traverse the terrain and not end up like a woolly mammoth in the La Brea Tar Pits.  I've only had to throw him the rope once.
Well, twice.

This really happened: 

But that was one of my dumb kids.

In retrospect, I would think back.  And in doing so, I would have just had the sidewalk poured when the driveway was done.  But it came down to that age-old decision: Style or substance?  Hmmm....

I wanted stone pavers.  I thought I was going to get them until I realized that would involve real work on our part.  So I decided I would prefer colored, stamped concrete that someone else would do if I gave them enough money.

Except no one would help me.  No one would take my money last year.  NO ONE.

So we started calling people first thing in the spring.  We put down a deposit in May and they finally came out to pour.

The end of August.

And it's a good thing because we're having a neighborhood block party this weekend and I'm pretty sure it was just a guise to have everyone present vote us out of the neighborhood.

There were no shirtless boys today, so I must zap us back in time momentarily or I'm sure I'll lose several of you:

You missed those posts?  Are you NUTS?  Go HERE.  And HERE.  Now.  I'll wait.

Took you long enough.  Now, let's get to it.  Here's where we started off:

Let the games begin:

Dirty "Phil" sand.

Now, let's check out the back of the house where we're getting a Holy Patio.


Hole-ier than thou.

There's a hole in that patio.

Yes, that hole is going to be a fire pit.  I'm going to become the neighbor I hate.  I'm going to be the neighbor who takes the one nice evening we get in the entire summer and I'm going to stink up the 'hood with my pit just so I can say I made freakin' s'mores in my very own fire pit.

Jim Caviezel is making my patio:

Seriously.  Do NOT tell me you don't see it.  I won't believe you.

Here's where we finally left off.  I believe they're coming back at some point to finish the coloring and sealing.  They'd better be because it kinda looks like crap right now.

I'll post the updates when it's all finished.

And if there was ever any question about whether my house is a male or female, I think this pretty much settles it:

Now I'm off to see if it really is a cookout, or if it's a lynch mob.


  1. Looks nice, but what do you do, jump out of the patio door?

  2. tell Jim to come to my house when he's done at your house I've got something for him to do over here.

  3. Oh Andi, I laughed out loud...and thank you for the eye candy. :) Sorry it took me so long to get back from the other two posts. Now,... your new walk and patio should be amazing.I am pretty sure there won't be any petitions to evict you from the neighborhood. :) Thanks for all the fun! :) Christina

  4. hmmmm huh hmmm all i can see is big ass guns and your vaginal patio lmao xx

    1. really? I was totally going with with Dona said below. :)

  5. Lookin' good! Keep those smoking hot photos of the worker bees coming! And, a smores sounds so good right now. P.S. Your dog is so cute!


  6. Ut oh. Vaginal patio? I saw a short fat....male appendage. Am I weird or has it just been too
    long? Yeah, I guess if that hole is gonna be a fire pit....well, nuff said. It's all gonna look amazing!! AND....I knew that song! Thanks for the chuckles! Dona

    1. I TOTALLY saw what you saw!!!!!! Whew...thought I'd lost my mind...

  7. We just did a firepit. Stop by to see how it's done ;).

  8. They have to keep you in the neighbourhood, I'm sure all those ladies spend their days behind their windows hoping you'll get some more shirtless workers to come to the 'hood!

  9. I think you can buy off your neighbors with a s'more from your pit! Such curves all over at your place!

  10. Looking great! I know you will be thrilled to get it all done too! And why do you have all of the hot concrete contractors, weird!?

  11. Maybe I could pour some female concrete and our houses could mate! My house likes younger men as she's 111 years old. Is that wrong? I can hardly wait to see your stamped concrete and the technique used to do it. Looking good Andi!

  12. Looking good! In my experience, when I light up the firepit in my backyard my neighbors don't complain, they come over, and then raid my beer frig. Be warned.

  13. Wow this is a difference, I'm sure the UPS guy is going to love you! My niece put in a patio with the stained cement, it turned out beautiful. Enjoy your fire pit!

  14. Don't take this personal..but I am in love with you. I read lots of blogs and enjoy them and then yours comes in my email and it is like wait what ...I signed up for this..YEP! sure did. Nice patio BTW

  15. Looking good Andi!!! And thanks for zapping us back to shirtless guy in case we forgot!! ;)
    And oh my yes, that does look like Jim!! Wow!!!
    So happy there will be no more mud in your house and your postman/ups man will be happy now!

  16. That patio is looking nice and...hard...the concrete, that is. The "concrete" has hardened up nicely so UPS man can walk with confidence on it.

  17. Hey! Send those shirtless wonders over to my house...I need my driveway re-done! Yes, definitely Jim C. Keep those shoes coming!


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