Saturday, March 19, 2016

walk-in closet makeover {part two}

Hello all you lovely people who haven't given up on me! And welcome newcomers!

(If you missed part one, check it out HERE.)

There was some really big news that may have included this:

Grandnugget is due in September!

Back to our regularly-scheduled program. And a very long, picture-heavy post. And several correctly-hyphenated words.

And a closet that may have looked like this. Now keep this picture in your mind the rest of our time together.

My secret wardrobe (hiding mysterious goods from Zappos, TJ Maxx, and Amazon) is nearly complete. We'll call it complete for the purposes of this post.

And we'll call it the "master closet makeover" to make Googlers happy.

After painting every single wall in this house back in 2013, I suffered post-traumatic paint disorder and couldn't face ever picking up a roller again. But the lure of creativity, expression, and the desire to get my undies out of the piano bench prevailed.

The fact it's a very small room may have contributed.

The design began with this unassuming rug I purchased at Tuesday Morning. I had no idea where I was going to use it when I bought it, but I was mesmerized by all the purdy colors.

I started with the ceiling. I've never painted a ceiling an actual color before. Have you? Do you love it? I love mine! The color is Moon Glass (I love that name!) by Behr. 

Then I moved on to a soft yellow (Risotto by Behr) for the walls, but I wanted a white stripe at the top to separate it from the blue-green ceiling.

No likey. And no picture.

So I added another stripe in dark blue (Tidal by Behr) that pulls in the color of my curtains. I originally made the curtains for my bedroom, but that's a gruesome tale for another day.

I did a little re-work on Phil's old chest of drawers:

We hung up my clothes racks and other do-dads, and we're nearly finished. So come on in, take a look around, and try something on. 

Mini-Myoo will greet you.

Mini Myoo is sitting in the pass-through to the laundry room. He watches me throw my dirties into the basket on the other side.

Keep comin...

Objects in photo aren't representative of entire collection. 

Keep comin...

Don't be afraid.

I also repainted my little jewelry box, which ended up with a bit of a beachy look, even though that's not really my style, living with the cows and corn of Illinois as I do. And the occasional elephant.

You can see its original makeover HERE.

See those plates? Those were gifts when my babies were born. They're not babies anymore!

Those are scarves in the hanging basket, and now that I see this picture, they just look like a hot mess. And those are my 2 marathon medals hanging below. Because where else am I going to display them?

And around the corner back to the door. See the arrow? I have hooks there for me to hang tomorrow's clothes.

Otherwise, I would never be ready on time.

To be brutally honest, more often than not, tomorrow's clothes usually look suspiciously like last night's pajamas.

Last but not least, we converted the recessed can light fixture and added this!

Isn't she purdy and sparkly?

Whew! Who knew a closet post could be so dang long?

One more thing, and the reason it's not quite finished. See this big, empty wall where this measly little shoe rack sits? Philly is going to build me a wall of shelves for my shoes. Woohoo!

Let's not leave you with that boring picture.

Have you prettied up a closet before? Do you love it? I hope so.


  1. Ooo! It's like a movie star closet!!

  2. Well look at you all fancy and such! I can't decide if I need a prettier closet or just all new clothes now!

  3. pretty nice for a pot farmer xx

  4. I really like that stripe you did at the top of the walls. Cool! Now what is that little spot where the mini cow sits? (Can't figure that out)

  5. Love that light fixture...I will be able to have order in my closet only when Magoo is out of the picture. Pig man ruins everything, I can't even get him to keep things orderly in the fridge! Can you tell he's on my last nerve today? LOL You did good, Fancy!

  6. Oh, I want!!!! What a great space! Your posts are NEVER too long, no matter what they are about! So keep 'em coming, Grani!! (oops, that's my spelling for my GREAT-grands). Dona

    1. Isn't it sweet? I'm so happy with how it turned out and I'm SUPER happy you're still with me!


    2. Isn't it sweet? I'm so happy with how it turned out and I'm SUPER happy you're still with me!


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  8. I have never painted a ceiling a color before either, but its next on my list. I love yours it turned out great!

  9. I've prettied up many closets. My closets are my pride and joy. I've missed you, and I'm glad to see you. Congratulations on the babygrand. I tried to paint my bathroom ceiling. It was the biggest mess ever. It turned out well, though, because it looked so bad that my son came over and re-did it. The ceiling is a lovely yellow with glowing brown walls. My son is a good painter. I am not.


  10. I currently have two painted ceilings, one of which needs to be just white. That whole room is a closet, serious case of closet envy now. More about this pass through please, it's like an opening to toss your grundies and they land in the laundry? Lastly... you keep your medals in the bedroom closet, do tell what those medals are for?

  11. I have some closet envy happening. I love that rug and love the colors you picked from it! Do you have a separate shoe closet or are you like me and NOT a shoe whore? I think I have five pairs of shoes, 1 pr. rubber boots and 2 pairs of winter boots cuz I am Canadian eh!

  12. But it's a whole room! Don't you feel Mariah Carey-ish?

  13. I was off on vacation last year when Good Husband Poor Jim called and said, "I've always wondered how many pairs of shoes you own; do you know?" Silly question, one does not count shoes!! He said, "I finally counted; you have 6 pair of boots and 32 pair of shoes." Of course the smart-aleck answer of, "And your point is??" came to mind but it's a bit worn out so I simply updated his fact and figure inventory with, "Actually, I must have 36 pair of shoes....I have 4 pair with me." Poor Jim


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