Monday, September 12, 2016

my heart overflows

I don't know how to begin this post. I suppose I will simply begin writing, and the words will come.

Some of you are aware I became a grandmother last week. 

(I'll pause here a moment to bask in the warmth of your disbelief.)

I don't know how it happened, but somewhere between sleeping and waking, this sweet baby boy grew up. Not that he had far to go, mind you. I swear he was using my uterus as a frat house, since he came out mostly grown at ten pounds, ten ounces.

Twenty-five years ago.

Toting an empty beer bottle.

While driving a car.

Blasting AC/DC.

And sporting tats.

This is Clinton. No, he most certainly was not named after the cigar-toting Bill. We were going more for the Clint Eastwood appeal.

One year ago today (that's correct . . . today is their adversity day!) he married my beautiful daughter-in-law, Shelby.

It is overwhelming to see your child as the man he has become.

And even more so to see him as the father he now will be.

Last Wednesday morning, this sweet little angel came into the world.

Reese Lynn.

Eight pounds, one ounce of pure perfection.

Grandi is smitten.

Even Papa is overwhelmed. And he's a badass.

She is so beautiful.

Did you notice? She already has a weakness for owls.

And I don't care how many fingers she has growing out of her head.

Isn't it wonderful that she has Great Grandma to spoil her??

I told Reese not to worry about those wrinkles in her head.
Every Klingon has those.

When I become a Great Grandma, I want to be called Awesome Grandma instead.

Eddie is completely unaffected. Of course, he hasn't met her yet.

He's got the bat ears going here.

How can my baby have a baby?

And how can she have the Calvin and Hobbes face down already?

Like you don't see it.

She is my heart, and no mistake.

Just as I didn't know how to begin this post, I do not know how to end it.

My heart is filled to bursting.

Words cannot convey.

I am so blessed.

God is so good.


  1. Andi she is truly a treasure congratulations to all of you xxx

  2. She is beautiful and yes, you all are truly blessed! Actually you were blessed the minute you gave birth to an almost 11lb baby yourself! Enjoy every single second and can't wait to see all you post about your new addition. Hope Eddie loves her too!!

  3. WWWWWWHAAAAAAAATTTT?????? You are BARELY old enough to have children and you have a ... a.... grandbeauty? WTH? ALL you and your fams are GORGEOUS right down to the newest. Happy Birthday Reese!!! :))) Way to rock this world God!
    ~ Christina in FL

  4. Congratulations Andi! What a lovely little girl! I pray that God watches over her and protects her and that His mighty angels guide her every step. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  5. Congratulations! Reese looks a bit like you :) Enjoy!

  6. Congratulations Reese! I absolutely love your birth announcement. I'm 78 with 5 children,11 grandchildren and 5 beautiful greats! You write with the humor, joy & love of my best friend MaryAnn, who has already gone home to the Lord. Enjoy that precious little girl, because every child that comes from God is one that is extremely special! Their smiles, their smell, their warmth, the miracle that they represent in our llives. Thank you for sharing this special event with us.

    1. What a wonderful family! I'm glad you enjoy my stories...I'm so happy you're here! That little girl has certainly stolen my heart.


  7. You write such a sweet post and all I can think is I AM THE MOST JEALOUS BITCH IN THE WORLD.


  8. Only another grandma knows exactly what you are saying. My first born granddaughter is now 25 and the mom of my greats. And they ARE great. But not the same as the first grandchild. And my grandson...the second one will ever take his place. So, Grandi, I know what you are saying. Our hearts will never be the same! Dona

  9. My heart overflows with joy for you! Don't blink, she'll do the same thing that her daddy did-grow up.

    1. Thank you! I goes so fast! I still can't believe my son is 25. How did that happen?

  10. So happy for you! In just six weeks I'm going to be a great-grandmother, and I have no idea how that happened, when I'm still so young.

  11. What a beautiful bundle of joy. Andi, you are already awesome, so it's natural you will be Awesome Grandi and Awesome Grandam. Oops, Freudian slip maybe?

  12. Oh, Andi....such sweetness. I am verklempt. Enjoy every second.
    xoxo, T.

  13. OMG!! You are going to love-love-love being a Gramma!! It blew me into a million pieces, too. They instantly become embedded deep into your heart. Enjoy this little cutie pie. :)

  14. Being a grandmother is the most wonderful thing and your new granddaughter is so beautiful as all babies are.

  15. Congrats on your beautiful baby! When I become a grandma I want to be called Glamma because I am so glamorous! Lol! I'll probably end up being Meme but in my heart I'll be Glamma!

  16. Congratulations on your first grand baby, oh what a special time for you and your son/DIL. I am sure you will make just the best grandma ever!! And, you just don't look old enough to be a grandma!!



  18. I really don't understand how you can be a grand mother and look so young. But seeing pictures of your sweet grand daughter, I see beauty runs in the family!

  19. She's such a little beauty! I just want to know how you can be a grandma at twelve?


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