Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the tilted quilt

I confessed in my "hey, jude" post that I really don't sew.  Unless I'm working without a pattern.

I'm just going to toss out some pics of quilts I've designed over the last five years or so.  I don't have any "in-progress" pictures, but I think some of them are kinda neat.

I know I'm missing a couple, but I just can't seem to find pictures of them.  Must have been before our digital camera...

My daughter's Sweet 16 (can you tell she's musically-inclined?):

My son's 17th birthday (yep...some photos are worse than others--and what a MESS that room is!...):

My other son's 16th birthday--Italian soccer! You see the pooch making an appearance...

My daughter's Daisy Dorm Quilt (going away to college!):

For my Buddy's Baby Boy:

My big sister's 50th birthday.  These are t-shirts that came from her collection from running road races over the years.

Pay close attention to THIS t-shirt, because while her shirt appears in her quilt, the shirt below is actually MINE. Yep, we ran the 2005 Chicago Marathon together.

And by "together" I mean she totally kicked my ass and left me for dead.  But I freaking did it!

And I made her bawl like a baby.  Score!

When my boss retired:


When my coworker had her first grandbaby.  (Okay, technically her daughter had the baby...)

And, of course, the latest:

Sorry the post wasn't funny. Sometimes I suck.


  1. OMG Andi... you are one talented lady! Holy smokes! They are all amazing, but I especially love the one you made for your sister's 50th birthday. Fabulous!!

  2. Your are so clever, I love the sip sip hooray :)

    Thanks for linking with me xo

  3. I didn't even notice it wasn't funny because I was so in awe!!!!! (And awwwwww!)


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