Saturday, May 3, 2014

great! now i have guilt!

It's a beautiful Saturday.  

I'll keep it short.

Here's what Philly's been doing all day:

I told him that ditch isn't nearly big enough to bury me in.

Here's what Eddie's doing:

Here's what I'm doing:

Here's what I'd like to think I am but know better:

Here's what I'll be doing soon:

Got Guilt?


  1. I see no reason for guilt there! That trench isn't big enough for the two of you! I am sitting on my butt waiting for the first of 77 ebay auctions I've listed to end in 5 minutes...I am pretending the fact that tens of dollars are due to roll in means I am working!

  2. Guilt I see no reason for guilt in those things sounds like a nice day better so as you didn't have to dig the ditch................

    1. You won't find ME digging the ditch....ever... :P


  3. Not today. Got something done. But did have a little the last couple days when I didn't--LOL! ;)
    What is the ditch for?

  4. Just be sure to sit outside with your nice glass of wine and your legs up on this nice day while he digs the rest of the ditch. ha!

  5. What? There isn't even a glass ready for Philly? He might file for divorce and then you'll have to dig by yourself! I understand how you are too much of a lady to got to the ditch, but Eddie could help, he's got four paws after all!

  6. My guilt-ridden post will be up, probably tomorrow. And I am with you, ain't no way I am wielding a shovel for anything larger than a tomato plant.

  7. Sounds like you got Magali fooled, but not moi. Now put down that wine glass and start digging. Don't make me come there!

  8. I totally would've ditched the ditch for wine and us women are always being advised to take time oput to pamper yourself. Well done on making that happen ;)

  9. Wine helps alleviate guilt, I've heard.

  10. it's fine...i spent an hour in the house watching reruns yesterday while the beautiful weather was busy being beautiful outside...sometimes you just have to do what YOU wanna do!

  11. I think Eddie's got the right idea. ;) lol ....although the "what you will be doing soon" ain't so bad either! ;)))

  12. Never complain, never explain. I have no guilt. Mostly because I have sociopathic tendencies. And that ditch could fit TONS of bodies. ;)

  13. you got to get that drain away from the house...preferably before the wine :)

  14. There is no guilt in wine...but I suggest you keep testing bottles until you find it!


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