Monday, October 27, 2014

owl post ... {and thanks!}

This isn't about Harry Potter's Owlery...that would involve too much owl poop.

Have you ever become so completely obsessed with something that it takes over your life?

You are an're my owlbsession....

Might as well face it you're addicted to owls...

I'm so owlxcited...and I just can't hide it....

Owlkay, enough of that.

When I was buying fabric for my curtainry, I came across some of the cutest owl fabric on the planet.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew I'd find something fun, so I threw in a yard with my order.

Then I had an owlpiphany.

Remember this lamp?  Me neither.  It was a long time ago. 

Here was the first makeover.  I'm an excellent stager.

And here it is nowl!

I repainted the base red and ripped off the burlap from the shade I bought for the first makeover.  Then I spray-mounted the new fabric and trim.

Here they are side-by-side (there are two...I only remade one).

I owl item does not an owlbsession make.  But did you see Mr. Googley-eyes there too?

And there's this little fowlla sitting on my sofa table.

This is supposedly an oven mitt but your fingers will be burnt to a crisp if you try and use it.  It's a total fowlure.  But cute.

These work a little better but whoooo wants to mess them up?

This guy didn't have enough cowlfee.  That's why he's blurry.

These hanging guys remind me of the Jungle Book for some reason.  My sis-in-law Nancy gave me the salt and pepper shakers below when she learned of my owlbsession.  She's an owlnabler.

I found these little t-owl-els at Tuesday Morning.

More t-owl-els for my kitchen.

This one has a little plant gr-ow-l-ing from its brain.

And, of course, an owl to welcome you to our home!  This is the cat's favorite napping spot.

 Damn cat won't sit still for a picture.

Dogs and together....mass hysteria.

And finally...and c-oowl-est of all.  Tina at What We Keep sent me a care package.  Technically, I won a giveaway because her drug-induced husband picked my name.  

I squealed when I opened my package and saw that she also included a book we discussed.  I can't wait to read it!

I got this great drying towel.  

But I prefer to air-dry.  Less work pour moi.  =D

Tina is also an owlnabler.  Isn't he magnificent??

And finally....these.

My custom towels.

Phil can't figure out why Tina thinks I'm a SHITHEAD.


Thanks Tina!  Love you!!!

 And so the rest of you can have this song running around your head
the rest of the day.  Week.  Month.


Do you love owls as much as I do?

Or am I an anowlmaly?


  1. W-owl!!!!! That is one kickass care package! Was there an owl missing from the photo roundup? I feel like there is one I have seen before in your stage-owl-ramas.

  2. Wonderful presents and quite a collection. I do not collect owls, but my aunt does. You have some good ones! :)

  3. Holy qwap! You are a certified Owl Whore Andi! Maybe you could open up a store and call it Whoooo, Whore. Alliteration is always a good thing. :/

    The shithead towel nearly had me running to the bathroom. Beyond hysterical!

  4. My mother and daughter share the skips a generation, I guess. I LOVE the lamp and all your stuff from Tina. I need to order a few things from her once this bathroom is finished.

  5. Ok, those towels are hysterical! I love owls too, but I only have a few, my sister is more at your level! I love the last owl, he looks badass!

  6. Yep! You are obsessed. Love your owl cOWLlection! Your lamp is adorable! Was it hard to get the fabric to lay smooth? I was going to paint my lampshades until I saw this post .... now I have to go find fabric. Have a fOWLublous day :-)

  7. Obsession is one of the best songs evah!!
    Great job with the lamp and those bath towels are hysterical. I would love to use these on guests (not all my guests, just a few select).
    Have a great week!

  8. You are back again! In my inbox! Everyone is! So happy. Your owls are adorbs! I was into pigs. So many. Literally hundreds...if not thousands. Had to get rid of most of them. And that IS the cutest fabric in the universe! So...about the song.....good beat, great costumes, easy to dance to. But is it old, or something new? I couldn't understand the words, being old, you know. But I always appreciate your music lessons!! Dona

    1. Yay! Emails!! The song was from the 80s...I'm an 80s girl!! I will NOT reach hundreds (or thousands) of owls...I think I'm fairly close to the end of my rainbowl. =D


  9. That is an owlmazing lamp makeover girl! LOVE IT Your fantastic win is the bomb but I mostly love that you are married to an angel. You are so owlucky.

  10. Fowlure .... lol !! Love it and all of your owl goodies!! I personally think the towel should say "you wash, you'll dry" but that's just me. ;)
    OOHH and Gone Girl!!! Great book, freaky twisted but just like I like em! Read it a few years ago but still haven't seen the movie!! Enjoy!

  11. OH! and I love your lamp. It's the cutest!

  12. Be careful. My mother made the mistake of "liking owls" when I was a teenager, and suddenly my father, my brothers, and I knew what to get her for every event. One day she had had enough and held a garage sale where she Released The Owls. Hundreds of them. Cold turkey. She has been owl-free for years.
    (Is my clock okay?)

  13. lol how cute!! my bff is an owl obsessed chicky too. She lives in Peoria. Maybe it's a Peoria thing? You girls!

  14. My mom had a thing for owls, but they weren't cute. Yours are adorable. They can almost make me get over the hatred of owls that I've had for so many years because of all the owls in my mother's house. She could see an owl where there wasn't any. Shithead. HA!


  15. I didn't know you had a thing for owls! Look at all the fun and interesting things I learn by reading your blog. Love the new shade. Much, much, MUCH improved and a fun conversation piece. Speaking of owls, I almost bought an owl at Michael's today, it was in the Halloween section 70% off. I was hoping to catch it after Halloween for even less off. we'll see. :)

  16. I love your choice of obsession. But, are you stuck in the 1960s or just arriving in the 1960s. I don't collect any animals, just antique animals that speak to me. I collect A&W Root Beer mugs. Someone gave me a melamine deviled egg plate with an owl and mushroom on it for my wedding (1966). I hated it until it was about 40 years old. Funny post, nice collection.

    1. Well, since I wasn't alive in the 60s, I'm going with just arriving. :P I don't really consider it a "collection" per se, since I don't (and won't) fill a curio cabinet full of little owl figurines. I'm pretty close to my cap at the point.

      Haha...owl and mushroom deviled egg plate...not sure if I'd go for that either!


  17. Love all your owls, and that Tina is so crazy talented.

  18. I was in Target a couple of days ago and they have just set out some really cute shiny owls in silver that I want! I don't need a whole collection, just a silvery and shiny owl. :) Your owl collection is cute, tho... and I really love how you redid that lamp, I have been thinking about making over a lamp in my daughters room... unfortunately, with a Frozen theme. Sigh. That movie has taken over.

  19. I thought I was the only Owlfishanado. Okay. Let me break it down for you. I COLLECT OWLS and glass fish. Because you love me so much, I'll be waiting for you to choose me in this "comment contest" for the FOWLLA. This IS a contest, right? No?......I hate you all over again......

  20. Where is my comment? Am I losing my mind???

  21. Your owls sure do have a retro vibe for us oldtimers. I never did the owl thing and just may do it now! Yes, you are an official collector and soon to become a very scary person.

  22. omg! Love the towels, too funny!!! :)


  23. Go, Tina! And I am SO on an owl kick right now - just got an owl pillow from Kohl's and debating this baby from Pier One:,default,pd.html?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PLA&utm_campaign=google_pla&utm_content=2725122&s_cid=pla0000003&s_kwcid=AL!4347!3!46548599837!!!g!99376514957!&gclid=&ef_id=Uee7jQAAACvUAHyU:20141107140730:s

  24. You do have quite an owlbsession there lol. I bet you were cracking yourself up when you were writing this post! :D

  25. I just discovered your blog and am loving it! You are hilarious! Unfortunately, none of the videos are up anymore, just a blank spot. :p

    1. Bummer! It shows up when I look at it! I'm glad you found me!

  26. My Grandaughter is also totally obsessed with owls so thankyou if you find any owls or crafts involving owls please keep posting them. I am constantly on the lookout for anything owlish for birthday and Christmas ideas.Just joined your website don't change a thing (even the "F" bomb great site laughed my A off. Thank you looking forward to next post!!

    1. I have backed off a little bit on owls, only because my house would completely fill up otherwise! I definitely have more owls since this post, but I'm trying to keep myself under control! =D

  27. P.S. I'm in Canada so we don't have access to all the stores you do But maybe they have on-line as well as instore. One can only hope!!


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