Friday, May 13, 2016

F the cork monogram

Happy Friday!

I am far more skilled as a drinker of wine than I am as a crafter of crafts. In fact, I'm a firm believer that wine can only enhance the crafting experience, and, subsequently, the completed craft. I failed miserably at crafting as a kid (now we know why--the only wine to which I had access was Communion wine--no crafting going on then), and I haven't improved much through the ages of stretch marks and bunions. I have attempted two hang things for my front door and they both sucked. I can make quilts of my own design, I dabble in cross-stitch, but other than that, I'm useless.

When you're a wino, and you have a couple of wino sisters, you tend to acquire more corks than a teenager does pimples. That is, of course, after you graduate from the boxed wines to those bottle-shaped bottles that actually come with corks. Corks are a total bonus.

Corks are a valid excuse to buy wine.

Corks can save your life.

But you came to see my F monogram.

Shall we call this "F the tutorial"? 
Or, perhaps "F part one, F part two, F part three"?
How about, "F the craft"?

Oh, "F the whole thing" will do. Agreed?

This was my first attempt at corking a craft, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. I plan on doing more corking in the future. But first, the wood!

You remember the luan left over from my tailored bed skirt, right?
I actually used a ruler (normally I'm a measure once/cut twice/swear kinda girl) and drew out my F.

Philly cut it out with...I have absolutely no idea. Let me ask.

His Jigsaw.

Lands, I just had the worst flashback. You?

Here we go.

I cut a bunch of corks sideways and slantways and longways and backways and squareways and frontways...

I slapped some black paint on the F and started arranging corks:

I bought some Mickey Mouse twine stuff from Wal-Mart. Tell me you see him:

In case you didn't know, I love Mickey Mouse.

Then I simultaneously began melting my fingers off with the hot glue gun while adhering the corks and twine to the F.

And I finally ended up with this:

It's a little wonky in spots, but then again, so am I. It's not that bad for my first attempt. I don't know that it's pin-worthy, but I am totally going to hang it on my gallery wall that's been in the works for about six months now.

But you know the best part? If I'm going to make another one, then I need...yep, you guess it...more wine.



  1. It is pin worthy I love it, so I pinned it!

  2. That is a fantastic and fun F! A final, finished, fabulous and fit F for your wall! I especially like the fanciful way you fashioned the corks so they are all faultlessly readable! My faith in your favorable fearlessness is not fraudlent, flawed or fickle! I hope your flirtatious craft will flourish! Fondly, and with no undue flattery intended, Dona

  3. The corks themselves are art. You are giving them a lovely forum to shine.
    (Graduate from boxed wine? My cardboardeaux?)

  4. I love this! I may have to steal this idea!

  5. Since I am still up at night wondering about the theme for your pantry pah-ty, I was happy to see a little nugget here, as now I am thinking Mickey themed?!?!?!?! As for your f? Flippin fantastic...fenomenal even!!!!

  6. YOU'RE USELESS? Pardon my shouting, but if you're useless, then I'm so worthless I might as well get on the ice floe and wait for someone to give it a shove. My homeowners insurance company says they're going to cancel my insurance because I have a broken window, which I did not break and therefore should not have to fix, and because, based on a visual inspection from the front yard, some home inspector guy thinks I should replace my roof. I'm ready to remove a few valuables and light the place on fire.


  7. I am not on pinterest, but my guess is that it is totally pin-worthy. I think it's great! And you say you are not a crafter. Pshaw, I say!! Pshaw! :)

    1. I never realized until now that sweet li'l Rita has a filthy mouth. Pshaw? Shame on you, Rita Pita Pan.

  8. I love this!! I did an initial with wine corks, too- I have it hanging in our living room! We have way too many wine corks laying around in this house!


  9. Now that I see what awesome projects you can do with wine corks, I think I need to drink more wine and less tea!

  10. You are hilariously talented and we should all make these if we have a plethora of you. Looks like something dear Eddie would like to chew on so watch out. I have dropped a cork on occasion and found it in a zillion tiny pieces after one of the hounds got a hold of it. No F's for you, Eddie.

  11. The perfect finish to a bottle of wine! You rocked this one...and what Julie said!

  12. Don't even know where to start....First...your cork storage/wire boot thing is really pretty. I'm keeping mine in a cardboard box,right out in the open. No wonder I haven't been inspired.....until now. So, how did you cut your corks? I googled it and someone said boil them and that was the end of my desire to cut corks. Your monogram is really awesome and I love the twine outline. Way to go girl!

  13. This is such a cute craft. I'm totally going to have to try it -Hanna Lei

    Latest Post: Casual (but Cute!) Kimono Outfit Inspiration

  14. I think it is a Fantabulous piece of crafty art.
    Well done you!

  15. How am I only now finding your blog?!?
    You're adorable and hilarious. I need one of these, like, yesterday!


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