Wednesday, March 1, 2017

gracie chronicles vol. III: wonder bred

I hope you're enjoying my taking over Mom's blog as much as I am. I also hope she trims my toenails soon, because it's becoming increasingly difficult to type.

She swears (a lot) that she's going to post a furniture project again soon (for that Reese-Baby, no less), but I just happen to be providing convenient blog fodder for the moment.

Woof. I am Gracie.

Don't I look amazing in that picture? Why, yes! I do!

When Mom and Dad adopted me, I was a hot mess. I was skinny and stinky, and I had the worst haircut imaginable. They shaved part of one leg for my IV. And, to add insult to injury, my foster dad cut off the hair on the top of my snout because it was curling.

Let me take a moment to offer my belated gratitude for that righteous fashion decision.

I've come quite a long way in the growing-out of my nose hairs, but if any of you have ever grown out a shaved head (or moustache), you know my frustration. And my hair is growing So. Damn. Slowly.

Mom complains the hair on her legs grows faster than the hair on my legs.

As I mentioned before, I was a hot mess back in October. Didn't I look sad and miserable?

This shows even better how far I've come.

Mom says I remind her of Gimzo.

We are not amused.

It's beyond me why Mom spent so much time creating this horrible facsimile, so let me get to the point of this post.

Clearly, there was Schnauzer DNA floating within me to some degree. Perhaps a little bit of Gremlin as well.

Mom suggested a Doggy DNA test, and Dad was all over that. They ordered up a kit from Wisdom Panel, fully expecting to find out I was 50% Schnauzer, 25% Gremlin, and 25% Whothehellknowsmaybepartwolf.

They love me unconditionally, but curiosity was killing them.

Unfortunately, curiosity has not had the same effect on The Damn Cat.

What did they find out?

I am no longer wonder-bred.

I'm pure-bred.

I am Gracie Lou Freebush von Schnauzer.



  1. Oh Gracie, you are precious and beautiful - and FULLY Schanuzer! No bad hair cut can do anything about that!

    1. Isn't she beautiful? We are so lucky to have found her!

  2. Really I could have saved you some money for more treats and nail trimming for Gracie had you asked me. She's 100% pure :) She's gorgeous! She's loved!

    1. OMG she was such a mess when we got her, even the three different vets she saw thought she was a mix! She's so clearly Schnauzer now, I don't know how we ever thought anything different. :)

  3. Miss Gracie is precious! I have to tell you you make me giggle with your blog. We adopted a rescue 6 weeks ago. Gizmo, yes, his real name, was a hot mess. He was greasy, dirty and inside of his ears were so dirty they were brown. It has taken several weeks of baths to actually clean this precious baby (sounds far fetched but true). Giz is a papillion and upon adoption he weighed less than 6 pounds and was all bones, it made us afraid to pick him up. He has brought us more laughter and joy and our other 2 papillions love him to pieces. Keep Blogging on Girl!

    1. Gizmo!!! My sister has a papillion/poodle mix. I'd never heard of a papillion before that! Aren't rescue dogs the best? Gracie is our second and I now I just want all the rescue dogs. :) We're glad you're here!

      andi and gracie

  4. Love you Gracie and your mom is very creative 😄

  5. Love your ears, Gracie! Glad you have proof of your 100% heritage. You sure do look happier and healthier now. Love will do that for ya! :)

  6. Props to your new mom and dad! They know a good thing when they see it, no matter how bad you looked! Now you are gorgeous, and I must say, you do just as well on this blog as your mom does!! Hugs, Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! Mom and Dad keep telling me what a pretty girl I am. I guess they're right!

  7. Oh Gracie-you are regal indeed! You look incredible!

  8. Oh Andi, Gracie is so flipping adorable!!! No clue why I haven't been getting your updates in my email... not even in spam... so I'm not ignoring you. :) I just popped over to see if maybe you had been silent. :)
    Schnauzers are crazy cute and Gracie's linage is so clear. :) Now to get a Giant Schnauzer so she can be Mini-Me! :) ~ Christina in FL


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