Friday, November 18, 2016

reese lynn's quilt of many colors

Whoa. Thank goodness you're here.

I made two very important stops the other month. The purpose of those stops will reveal itself shortly.

Do you remember this?

And this?

Yeah, I'm way fatter than that now. What did you expect? My granddaughter was ready to come bursting forth from the womb at the moment I began typing this. And I've been gaining gran-pathy fat.

And then, of course, there was THIS. She's so squishy!!!

Back to the beginning. So, my first important stop was fabric, because I must make a lovely quilt for my granddaughter. And it must be completed before she bursts forth, because I don't want to be a Loser Grandma.

Actually, I'm officially going with Grandi. Now you know. Thanks Tina!

My second important stop was wine. Because grandmother.


We all cope with our gray hairs and grandmotherliness in our own way.

At some point, the acquisitions from my two stops Vulcan mind-melded. Because wine will do that.

If you've been with me a while, you know I can't read a pattern. Technically, I can read it; I just lack the ability to comprehend. Mom did not pass down the seamstress gene.

I do, however, like playing with my sewing machine, and I enjoy making the interesting things that pop into my head. Those things are mostly quilts, because I can make that up as I go. Here's a post containing a bunch of quilts I made. It didn't get very much attention, and it's not funny in the least, but there are some pretty cool pictures there. I have another quilt post HERE if you're interested.

I put together a sketch with the basic plan for Reese's quilt, but since I'm now a Grandi, I have a legitimate excuse for the fact I'm unable to find it.

I started with my pile of fabric. Ordinarily, piles are viewed as painful bumps in the road of life.

For the sake of our quilt, they're just fine.

I cut my piles into a bunch of squares with the quilting mat I stole from (and have no intention of returning to) my daughter.

I kept cutting and laying them out until I had what I thought looked right. Running out of room on my island may had influenced that decision as well.

I started putting the sections together, and I cut out the letters and flower appliqués I wanted to add:

And then I hoped like hell they were really having a girl, and they were sticking with the name they picked out. Because the odds of my finding someone else I knew with a baby girl named Reese Lynn were so far out of the realm of possibility, I'd have a better chance of sleeping with Thor, that beautiful hammer-wielding god of Asgard, about whom I absolutely never fantasize.

But that would be infinitely more desirable than having piles.

Did I mention my sewing machine is a cheap POS? Here's how I wind my bobbins, because my bobbin winder is broken. Thank you, Philly (my own, personal, drill-wielding Thor).

My bobbin-winders are broken. Mine are broken.

OMG my daughter and I reference this scene constantly.

I used fusible interfacing for my appliqués and adhered them to my quilt top. Then I used a zig-zag stitch around the edges.

And I added some ric-rac because ric-rac rocks.

Eventually, I put the whole mess together and successfully delivered my little quilt project mere moments after Reese's arrival.

I always put a signature on the back so I won't forget who I am.

For my sweet little Reese!!

I hope she has many snuggles in her quilt and that she doesn't barf on it a lot.


  1. If that isn't the cutest thing! You are a far better seamstress than I! My Mamaw made quilts for all my boys and they are treasures. Threadbare treasures, but still treasures. Reese will love this quilt for all eternity. It's really beautiful, Andi. Applause, applause!
    Is Gracie getting one, too? ;)
    P.S. Seriously genius idea on winding a bobbin. I hate bobbin winding, I don't know why. I use pre-wounds on my embroidery machine. Hate it. Y'all are having fun.
    xoxo, T.

  2. Very cool! I also am making a quilt for my grandson though it will be twin size or maybe full. I never use patterns. I always get in over my head and usually have to walk away for months to rethink! Maybe I need to take up drinking. Baby is gorgeous! New puppy a cutie pie. I cried when I read about Eddie.

    1. Drinking is always encouraged! =D Thanks for all your sweet words. Eddie is still missed, but Gracie Lou is certainly helping us a ton in that department!

  3. What a beautiful job you did on that quilt Andi! I am sure it will be cherished by your little bundle of joy!

  4. New reader here and just want to let you know, I think you are the wittiest, funniest, not your average every day boring blogger. And I appreciate that.
    PS gorgeous quilt
    PPS and that Baby is off the charts cutie patootie.

    Just saying,

    1. You have TOTALLY made my day! My week! My year! =D

  5. I think it's against the law not to also include a current photo of the princess in your post. But I have piles so what do I know. And by the way.... for someone who doesn't know how to sew, shut the front door!!!

  6. Ok, from someone who does sew, makes quilts and sells them or gives 'em away, and even teaches sewing, your quilts are awesome! So clever, each and every one of them! And before you think too badly of me, I'm not a PROFESSIONAL seamstress. I just know how to sew. I thought I was a sewer, but that's pronounced "s-eew-er" know, like where da poop goes. I tried sewist, but my daughter looked it up in the dictionary, and it's apparently not a word. So....I just know how to sew. And, obviously, so do you! Dona

    1. You crack me up! My mom is a genius with a sewing machine (and with patterns). She tried to teach me as a kid, but I was not receptive. How stupid was I??? I don't know if the old dog can learn new tricks at this point. I just wish I already KNEW how patterns work, ya know???

  7. That's the most beautiful quilt in the world, Grandi.


  8. Hey Andi... Grandi... winette. :) You DO know wine makes for making great quilts... right? :) Sometimes wine makes for some beautiful baby girls too. :)
    Reese Lynn is so adorable! Squishy, squeezable, kissable and huggable. :) Congrats to all. :)
    Love your industrial bobbin winder. :)
    You done good Grandi! Very, very good! On SO many levels.
    Rock on!!!
    ~ Christina in FL
    PS Now break out your dancin' shoes and show `em how it's done. :)

  9. Wow! This totally confirms your enthusiasm over becoming a Grandi!!! I may never quilt again now that I have seen your work-just incredible/adorable/fantabulous!

    1. That was a dumb comment! I never doubted your enthusiasm! I meant more like I could feel the enthusiasm...I obviously need wine!

  10. Wow! I hate sewing but if I could make a quilt like this I would be making one for everyone! (Whether they wanted it or not and even if their name wasn't Reese Lynn!). Congrats on your beautiful grand baby!

    1. Thank you! And why are you up in the middle of the night?! =D

  11. I do like the end product, you are better then this nanna I can't sew at all in any way shape or form

  12. Love your blog! Wonderful quilt! I reference "mine are broken" whenever applicable. That, and "slippery little suckers". Thanks for the smiles!

    1. Thank you!! My daughter and I constantly reference that movie! (And a bunch of other ones too!)

  13. Love that you didn't have a pattern. I love inventing quilts. That could explain why so many of mine end of a little wonkier than expected. I just need to squish that baby!!!

  14. I love it! I made quilts for both my kids after they were born, but they are twin-sized and the kids no longer are. I love the colors--so perfect!

  15. First of all...CONGRATULATIONS GRANDI!! She is just a beautiful little DOLLY! That quilt is just AMAZING. You have some pretty crazy talent girl!! Welcome to the world Reese Lynn.

  16. First of all...CONGRATULATIONS GRANDI!! She is just a beautiful little DOLLY! That quilt is just AMAZING. You have some pretty crazy talent girl!! Welcome to the world Reese Lynn.

  17. Oh yah...the bobbin winder idea is pure genius!...gotta love your teamwork!👍👍

  18. Oh yah...the bobbin winder idea is pure genius!...gotta love your teamwork!👍👍

  19. That quilt looks amazing! I'm sure your grand daughter will keep it all her life!


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