Monday, October 9, 2017

a year in the life of pie

My Reesie-Pie just turned one year old. That's twelve months in baby years. I just turned five hundred sixty-nine months, in case you were wondering. I'll wait while ya'll get your calculators out.

She's growing so fast! Isn't she beautiful? Grandi thinks so, too.

Of course we had a smash cake, but more on that later. Can we have a year in review? Because I certainly don't know where the time has gone! 

The day she was born. Be still my heart.

Reese doing her best Calvin impression:

I'm pretty much going to share a ton of pictures now, because it's the best way to show how much she's changed. Plus, I never get tired of looking at pictures of her. Who could?! 

One beautiful month old (October 2016):

Two months (November 2016):

Three months (December 2016):

Christmas with Auntie Em!

Four months (January 2017):

Five months (February 2017) and more fun with Auntie Em!

Six months (March 2017):

Reese and Gracie and Pig's Ass! BFFs forever!

So beautiful it breaks my heart!

And awake!

This was a really awesome month for pictures! Can you believe those EYES???

I'm gonna git you sucka!

So much cuteness!

Seven months (April 2017):

This may be my favorite picture of her ever. I have captioned this one The Storm Reese-cedes. I've never seen anything so sad and so beautiful.

Of course, she was happy again soon thereafter:

Eight months (May 2017):

Girls' day with Grandi and Auntie Em! And a crinkle face!

Sweet kisses for Grandi.

Mother's Day 2017. Three generations!

Nine months (June 2017):

This look completely cracks me up!

And, you know, it's never too early for training:

Ten months (July 2017):

Eleven months (August 2017):

Introducing the many faces of Pie!

And crinkle face again!

One year old! (Sept 2017):

Now I have some pictures from her birthday party.

Introducing the smash cake!

She's checking it out...

She didn't love it hahahahaha!!!!

In fact, here's what she really thought of it.

But she loved the bear her Aunt Gina gave her!

And she's learned the subtle art of photobombing!

And how to do the chicken dance.

I could do this all day, so I'll just leave you with one more video.

P.S. Being a Grandi is the BEST!!!!!

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  1. Now you need to post a photo of yourself wearing a tutu and no top so we can see if the cutest child in the world resembles Grandi.


  2. Those eyes!!!! She is adorable-I know, you know that! Such fun to see Gracie sneaking in to investigate in that last video (showing that Pie knows the card comes first!)

  3. Oh Andi, she is precious! :) It's amazing to see, photo by photo, how much she has grown and changed. Love the Calvin shot, photobombing (and Gracie photobombing) along with all the family joy. Huge sigh. :)
    ~ Christina in FL

  4. What a beautiful little one! Being grandma is the best thing ever isn't it.

  5. Yes! Being Gramma is the best!! She is just precious!!!!
    Happy birthday little one--who won't be little for long! :)

  6. Those eyes! My daughter chose the tray of fruit over her cake. I guess they know what is best for them! Lol! Congrats on a beautiful grandchild, enjoy!

    1. She wanted NOTHING to do with that cake! It was so much fun tho anyway! And thank you!!

  7. Such a HAPPY BABY!! It's telling that she's LOVED!!!

  8. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Everything has been said, except BLESSED! Both of you!!!! Dona

  9. Andi the Grandi has had a wonderful year with sweet little Reesie Pie! She's adorable! So funny that she didn't love her cake...more for the rest of you. ;) Thx for sharing this peek into her first year. Keep it coming! xoxo, T.

  10. I just want you to know that I have NEVER bookmarked someone's blog . . . until today! I saw your bed skirt solution on Hometalk and clicked on the link and here I am! You are a hoot and I think I'm a little in love with you! I may even subscribe (gasp)!!!!

    1. I'm so happy you found me! I love to be in "loved" with! =D


  11. She's so cute and so grown up now, she really looks like a little girl in the last pictures!


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